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Image for Promise/ Little Boy Blue

Johnny October

Promise / Little Boy Blue

Image for The Girl In The Black Bikini/ The Surfer Jerk

In Crowd

The Girl In The Black Bikini / The Surfer Jerk

Image for What Is Surfin' All About/ Salt Water Taffy

Jerry Norell And The Beach Girls

What Is Surfin' All About / Salt Water Taffy

Image for Bring Back You Love/ The Power Of Love

Chuck Clark

Bring Back You Love / The Power Of Love

Image for Rockin' Pneumonia/ Reeling & Rocking

Neal And The Newcomers

Rockin' Pneumonia / Reeling & Rocking

Image for Please Give Me One Last Chance/ More Than You Know

Gene Mumford

Please Give Me One Last Chance / More Than You Know

Image for I Can Beat Him Up/ Playin' Games


I Can Beat Him Up / Playin' Games

Image for Ladder Of Love/ In A Little Spanish Town

Lee Talboys

Ladder Of Love / In A Little Spanish Town

Image for I Cried Long Enough/ Making Believe

Mirriam Johnson

I Cried Long Enough / Making Believe

Image for Hey Scooter/ Hooty Sapperticker

Rose Andy And The Thorns

Hey Scooter / Hooty Sapperticker

Image for Yes I'm Lonesome Tonight/ Standng On A Mountain Top

Ricky Page

Yes I'm Lonesome Tonight / Standng On A Mountain Top

Image for Don't Throw Away All Those Teardrops/ Talk Talk Talk

Frankie Avalon

Don't Throw Away All Those Teardrops / Talk Talk Talk

Image for Plaything/ Unlucky Me

Ted Newman

Plaything / Unlucky Me

Image for Young And In Love/ Growin' Prettier

Johnny October

Young And In Love / Growin' Prettier

Image for I'll Do My Crying Tomorrow/ Nowhere To Go


I'll Do My Crying Tomorrow / Nowhere To Go

Image for Donna/ Patti Ann

Johnny Crawford

Donna / Patti Ann

Image for My Lucky Love/ Drizzlin' Rain

Doug Franklin coupled with The Bluenotes

My Lucky Love / Drizzlin' Rain

Image for I'm Available/ If You Were

Margie Rayburn

I'm Available / If You Were

18 Item(s)

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