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Image for This Is My Story/ Preaching


This Is My Story / Preaching

Image for I Know You'll Be My Love/ Christopher Columbus


I Know You'll Be My Love / Christopher Columbus

Image for Stompin' Sh-boom/ Breakup


Stompin' Sh-boom / Breakup

Image for Just Because Of A Kiss/ Bacon Fat

Williams Andre

Just Because Of A Kiss / Bacon Fat

Image for I Just Got Lucky/ Happy 'till The Letter

Orioles Feat: Sonny Til

I Just Got Lucky / Happy 'till The Letter

Image for Trust In Me/ Round And Round


Trust In Me / Round And Round

Image for Kneel And Pray/ Just A Memory

Paragons Featuring Mack Starr

Kneel And Pray / Just A Memory

Image for Bells Ring/ Please Tell Me


Bells Ring / Please Tell Me

Image for Rip Van Winkle/ Crazy Bout You


Rip Van Winkle / Crazy Bout You

Image for Darla, My Darlin/ Ka-ding Dong


Darla, My Darlin / Ka-ding Dong

Image for King Of Fools/ The Whatchamacallit

Sam Hawkins

King Of Fools / The Whatchamacallit

Image for Queen Of The Angels/ Shouldn't I


Queen Of The Angels / Shouldn't I

Image for Bells Of St. Mary/ That's All Right Baby

Kell Osbourne

Bells Of St. Mary / That's All Right Baby

Image for Just Give Me A Ring/ Don't Dog Me

Clyde Mcphatter

Just Give Me A Ring / Don't Dog Me

Image for Please Give Me One Last Chance/ More Than You  Know

Gene Mumford

Please Give Me One Last Chance / More Than You Know

Image for Come Go With Me/ How Can I Find True Love

Dell Vikings

Come Go With Me / How Can I Find True Love

Image for The Submarine Race/ Maybe You


The Submarine Race / Maybe You

My Congratulations Baby/ This Can Be Love


My Congratulations Baby / This Can Be Love

Image for The Magic Touch/ Football Freddy

Johnny Olenn And The Blockbusters

The Magic Touch / Football Freddy

Image for Oh, How I Miss My Baby/ You're Never Satisfied


Oh, How I Miss My Baby / You're Never Satisfied

Image for Diamonds And Pearls/ I Want Love


Diamonds And Pearls / I Want Love

Image for To Keep Our Love/ I'm Betting My Heart

Cleve Duncan And The Radiants

To Keep Our Love / I'm Betting My Heart

Image for You Baby You/ See You Next Year


You Baby You / See You Next Year

Image for Shifting Sands/ Out Of My Heart


Shifting Sands / Out Of My Heart

Image for What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?/ (it's Gonna Be A) Lonely Xmas


What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? / (it's Gonna Be A) Lonely Xmas

Image for Now That Summer Is Here/ Same: 2.48 Version


Now That Summer Is Here / Same: 2.48 Version

Image for Jingle Bells/ My Juantia

Newports Featuring Paul

Jingle Bells / My Juantia

Image for Blue Moon/ How Strange


Blue Moon / How Strange

Image for Teenage Sweetheart/ Rockin Yodel


Teenage Sweetheart / Rockin Yodel

Image for Crying In The Chapel/ What Are You Doing New Years


Crying In The Chapel / What Are You Doing New Years

Image for Please Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely/ Gee I'm In Love

Dubs coupled with Elchords

Please Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely / Gee I'm In Love

Image for Ju-judy/ Don’t Pass Me By

Original Casuals Feat: Gary Mears

Ju-judy / Don’t Pass Me By

Image for School Bells/ Reading The Book Of Love

Nicky And The Nobles

School Bells / Reading The Book Of Love

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