Dance, Dance, Dance / There's Something About This Girl

Roulette: R-4722

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  • Artist: Casualeers
  • A Side: Dance, Dance, Dance
  • B Side: There's Something About This Girl
  • Label: Roulette
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: E+

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The unroadworthy white transit van is leaving for WIGAN CASINO !! ... get on board.

After 4 hours navigating northwards through wet country roads, the then slow as hell A50. morphed into M6 congestion, we eventually pull into the car park opposite the imposing sight of Wigan Casino.
Sigh...even though its a filthy cold wet winter evening; a 4 person wide queue trails to the right of the door, was string out all the way along the side of the dancehall.
It's gonna take some time to get in, but the impatient line is babbling with banter, chattering accents from right across the country. Manc, Geordie, Brummy, Welsh, Scotch, Norfolk, Cockney and more make up a cocktail of jabbering amphetamine fuelled nonsense. As the music seeped through those thick walls, the chilly Lancashire wind and drizzle blew through your hair..

"No Pushing At The Back" was now the all too familiar doorman mantra, no bugger ever took any notice, the queue swayed backward and forward, side to side. At Last! you were through the door, the music now louder, the crush was still happening at the counter, you throw the entrance fee down, and you scurry through the last obstacle and you're IN. you know you're inside because the heat and steam hits you simultaneously; as The Casualeers - Dance, Dance, Dance - assaults your senses.

The buzz is immense, the atmosphere is goose-bump inducing, the music is loud and frantic and the charge of human energy takes your breath away. It was the nationwide camaraderie, the single common cause that herded all these young-guns together in one place. Truly inspiring music that only 6 years earlier the whole world had overlooked, these discarded 45's had been resuscitated, bringing a new life, a fresh sense of being to British kids.

This 45 and 100's more like it, treated the Wigan congregation to indelible wonder-years, we shall never forget. Click the soundfile to be catapulted back 46 years to the best of times and the best of friends.

FOOTNOTE. Talking of discarded records, the flipside "There's Something About This Girl" is one of the finest "overlooked" Big City Beaters you could possibly want to hear...

Condition Report

Two clean labels, vinyl only reveals light surface hairlines

A Side

  • Title: Dance, Dance, Dance

    B Side

  • Title: There's Something About This Girl
  • Year: 1967
  • City: New York, N.Y.