Case Of Tyme

Manifesto / Some call It Love

Legend : L-1001

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  • Artist: Case Of Tyme
  • A Side: Manifesto
  • B Side: Some call It Love
  • Label: Legend
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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The greatest saxophone insanity ever committed to vinyl, inspiring Northern Soul with wonder-years flashbacks fully guaranteed.

When it comes to acquiring the real-deal Northern Soul originals wearing their rarest original clothes, this very first press of a timeless Wigan Casino anthem seldom surfaces for air.
But a true collectors-piece surrounded by much confusion, having been reissued, bootlegged, counterfeited in so many forms.

first press - is the styrene green label Legend L-1001 - before you here today.
counterfeit is the vinyl green label Legend L-1001 black vinyl
counterfeit is the vinyl green label Legend L-1001 blue vinyl
counterfeit is the vinyl green label Legend L-1001 red vinyl
counterfeit is the vinyl green label Legend L-1001 multi-coloured vinyl
Bootleg vinyl press red label

Then there's the genuine 2nd press - pressed in vinyl, YELLOW label crediting James Lewis and The Case Of Tyme. When purchasing this affordable genuine reissue "original" Ensure the deadwax matrix reads L1014 A - flipside matrix reads L10 14 B the bottom of the "B" is scratched twice giving an transposed effect.
But BEWARE of Yellow label, Red logo, black text COUNTERFEITS with a scratched ZTSC matrix in the deadwax they are counterfeits of the 2nd. issue.
The bewilderment goes on and on; as there's a Yellow label black text bootleg; a white label, styrene bootleg also .. phew! This record over the years has attracted more illicit activity than most all other Northern Soul classics..

When I said confusing, it was an understatement...Today in the sweltering climate of OVO only events, this listing is the ONLY TRUE first press original. It turns up for sale vey rarely, especially in this exceptional condition..

So if you agree with and adhere to OVO guidelines and want to own the finest Northern Soul classics in the best possible condition .. do not pass this NS tsunami by..

Condition Report

Two perfect inviting green labels, utterly unblemished. The playing surfaces are likewise, only the merest surface blemish under close scrutiny, angled under direct light. Plays flawless, NO previous DJ ownership.
This is as "fresh" as you could ever hope to own.

A Side

  • Title: Manifesto

    B Side

  • Title: Some call It Love
  • Year: 1969
  • City: Chicago, il