It Really Hurts Me Girl / The Story Of Our Love

Red Coach : RC 802 DJ MANSHIP MINT

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  • Artist: Carstairs
  • A Side: It Really Hurts Me Girl
  • B Side: The Story Of Our Love
  • Label: Red Coach
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M
  • Label Condition: M
  • Sleeve Condition: M

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Giving up what most all collectors and DJs consider the GAME CHANGING NORTHERN SOUL.

It has surprised me over the decades, that a few unscrupulous Northern Soul collectors and dealers, have tried to rewrite the facts surrounding this Soul masterpiece. With some even declaring (after selling the counterfeits" as authentic originals, that the scratched in STERLING matrix can also be an original. Let's be clear, for the last time, the vinyl promo copies with an etched in STERLING matrix is a blatant counterfeit (although it maybe a convincing one) giving up lower sound fidelity and volume.

Before you today is the highly coveted authentic STERLING STAMPED original PROMO vinyl press. The scratched in STERLING matrix copies are counterfeits, which everybody and his dog by now, clearly understands. So why anybody would ever try and convince the NS collecting public otherwise; that there was two legitimate promo presses of this Blackpool Mecca anthem is beyond puzzling.. the STERLING STAMPED original promo copy is the ONLY original DJ copy. The other variation are unfortunately fakes.

Having said that, the power of this monumental 45 had such an impact when John Anderson of Soul Bowl imported it into England circa early 1974, allowing those legendary Blackpool Mecca DJ's to bathe in its Soulfulness.

It's exquisite qualities triggered many different but captivating tales on how it was found; a much more exciting adventures on how it was first discovered, actually deflecting the credit from that dedicated Scottish Soul vinyl-guru. But by a British DJ cruising the streets of The Big Apple or was it Miami? depending on which ever version you are told. But it is a great story; good enough in fact for a Northern Soul film-script, in the "Strange World Of Northern Soul" the sequel!

I'm not going to bore you with the self-congratulatory tale of this unparalleled soul group discovery; I'd like to think it was indeed the intrepid John Anderson of Soul Bowl who transported the 45 to our shores; like he had done a 1000 times before, driving the Northern Soul scene up in ever increasing peaks of goose-pimple inducing Northern Soul.

The stories triggered visions of this great song, transforming a British Bunter-esque figure into Warren Beatty as "Dick Tracey" trying to track down a 45 in a concrete jungle, avoiding the dangers of the Ghetto, frantically searching, with so little time to finish the hunt, before the plane for "Blighty" departed. I prefer the much more likely and feasible vision of John unpacking his recent deliveries from the USA playing through them one by one, accessing suitability for the NS DJ or would it go into one of Soul Bowl's legendary packs of 50 or 100 discarded 45's unsuitable for the current NS DJ trends.

We know it'll trigger controversy, but credit where I feel credit is due, John Anderson transported more great northern Soul to the United Kingdom than anyone, The Carstairs being one of his greatest "finds" as everything about this recording's makeup was alien to the Northern Soul scene at the time and I bow in homage to the DJs of The Blackpool Mecca who recognised its potential in mere twitch of an ear.

This is a record that polarized the Northern Soul scene for a few months, until those opposed to changed finally succumbed to its irresistible mesmeric charms.

On the other-hand John Anderson was undoubtedly for decades, the catalyst for the vast majority Northern Soul discoveries coming into the United Kingdom. I personally think, not as exciting but certainly more accurate, that John can add this 1973 masterpiece to his already unsurpassed list of Northern Soul finds. I do love the comic strip styled exploits "first heard on the radio" "Then The Chase Was On". "Hello Gentlemen where are The Carstairs" visions these vivid stories ignite.

In defense of our intrepid hero, he was the first DJ to champion this "outside the NS box" recording, at the legendary Blackpool Mecca and it became an absolute dancefloor monster, to be still heralded today as not only an all-time NS great; but also for many, a "litmus-test" validating who among us, had real-Soul running through their veins and heart.

After all, if this record does not catapult you to a place, where you might be tempted to dream up your own fantasies of discovery .... then Soul could only be only a thin lacquer on your being..

It was a trendsetter, a game-changer, a life affirming moment, a transporter of emotion.. a record totally worthy of differing fables, tales and ever-changing NS bar-stool recollections.

Today it is a Northern Soul anthem with few comparisons, ownership of a MINT copy we feel is something to cherish.

Condition Report

MANSHIP MINT just inspected that utterly pristine promo label and rest assure the vinyl is just as impressive.

A Side

  • Title: It Really Hurts Me Girl

    B Side

  • Title: The Story Of Our Love
  • Year: March 1973
  • City: Edgewater, New Jersey 07020