Buster & Eddie

I Can't Be Still / There I Was

Class : C-1518

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  • Artist: Buster & Eddie
  • A Side: I Can't Be Still
  • B Side: There I Was
  • Label: Class
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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"I'm Like A Man With Ants In His Pants!"

what a great line for the Spring of 1966.. This is proper real-deal Northern Soul that set the dancefloors of Wigan Casino & Cleethorpes Pier on fire; with it's irresistible beat, growling double vocal, burping Sax, squealing girls, relentless male group chorus... then that anticipated LIFT! Twice the request "Do You Wanna Dance" reaches a crescendo with an almighty "Whoop" that not only the backing singers hit wit gusto.. but the dancers of those clubs also joined in with a shrill "WHOOP!"

Just like The Vel-Vets "I'm Gonna Find Me Somebody" this was not only a floorpacker, it was also an interactive 3 minute event with the crowd.. high accolade indeed.. A Northern Soul Anthem that is ridiculously hard to acquire as a PROMO but come to think of it, nobody is selling the Pink stock copy either, as it value rises year on year...

In the beginning, circa 1974/75 it was thought that this Northern Soul classic had never been issued at all. With just 3 copies of the DJ copy known; during those halcyon days of Wigan Casino & Cleethorpes Pier. Although it was and still is incredibly rare as a promo, the dearth of copies never prevented it becoming a Nationwide dancefloor monster.

Long before that 4 decades ago, 100 count box was unearthed of the sexy Pink stock copies (nobody had seen a stock copy before that discovery) Buster & Eddie's - Can't Be Still - was a most difficult original to obtain, far rarer than most any other 45 back in the heady days of 1974/5. Today it is unclear how many exist, as the original promo copies have changed hands more than a few times over the years, but hardly any have ever been found in the wild. Likewise with this "pinky" other than the original box, I don't know of any other find of the earth-shattering tune..

But what we do know is that the original 100 stock copies found at Dore's Los Angeles warehouse 40 years ago; have long since been swallowed up by the Northern Soul collectors. Now almost as hard to acquire as the coveted 30 times rarer PROMO. It is after all, a NS classic, that nobody wants to part with...

there is a thumpin' Northern Soul trophy-piece in jus immaculate condition.

Condition Report

Two perfect labels and vinyl to match. Complete mint minus throughout..

A Side

  • Title: I Can't Be Still

    B Side

  • Title: There I Was
  • Year: March 1966
  • City: Los Angeles, ca