Brenda Holloway

Tell Me Your Story / blank

Hitsville Sound Studios : CBMN - 0633-NH1 OXV-126124

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  • Artist: Brenda Holloway
  • A Side: Tell Me Your Story
  • B Side: blank
  • Label: Hitsville Sound Studios
  • Format: 10"



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: wol
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Unique part of Motown History.

Prepared Thursday 17th March 1965, in good time for the regular Friday Motown executive review meeting that rejected this song, label noted for it to be recoated in new acetate lacquer. Expensive things these 10" acetates were. Motown and other record companies would save costs by having them recoated, a form of recycling, that leave the mind boggling, with what recordings were lost forever when this recoating procedure was actioned.

Fortunately for Motown and Northern Soul collectors, this example of Brenda Holloway excellence, escaped that fate. Allowing us today to hear this standout piece of pure Motown as the OXV-126124 CBMN - 0633-NH1 version. It took nearly 30 years before "Tell Me Your Story" in any commercial was made available. An unofficial 28 track CD from Belgium "Brenda Holloway ‎– Hits And Rarities" using her iconic French EP cover as the artwork featured it as the last track.

Before you today is the ultimate way of owning this sublime Northern Soul dancer as a unique authentic Motown artefact, a direct cut 10" studio acetate. Written and produced by the two "Roberts"; Robert Walker and Robert Staunton the backbone of the short-lived Motown group "The Hit Pack" who the same year cut "Never Say No To Your Baby".

A calculated fanfare of gentle horns open proceedings, almost immediately the deceiving calm is shattered by thumping drums, with signature Motown aerial girl-group choruses, cradling throughout Brenda's
ever-reaching vocal as she flexes her impressive range and pitch to total soulful perfection.

Without any fear of contradiction Brenda was one of Motown's most impressive voices, on this rejected song her exemplary style seamlessly flows from soft and gentle into beseeching urgency.

A truly dazzling representation of this Motown Diva's vocal capacity to capture your complete admiration.

One of the "Motown Greats" with her Rarest Of The Rare...

Condition Report

Handwritten in house notes "Recoat" in marker with a ballpoint note "Reject" initialed as NW "Norman Whitfield" perhaps? The playing surface a a clean unblemished Mint minus. Sound quality is exceptional direct-cut crisp, loud and clean.

A Side

  • Title: Tell Me Your Story

    B Side

  • Title: blank
  • Year: 17th March 1965
  • City: Detroit, Michigan