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Online at Rare Soulman, we stock a collection of books, guides and boxes to keep your rare vinyl safe and secure from any unintended damage. Our record boxes come in a range of interesting colors and prints, including teal, zebra and snakeskin designs.

We also sell a range of other additional items such as a selection of neon signs in a range of styles, as well as, gift vouchers and superb collectible posters.

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Image for Northern Soul Stores: Angst & Acetates/ Hardback Cover

Neil Rushton

Northern Soul Stores: Angst & Acetates / Hardback Cover

Image for Nellie Lutcher Stateside Emi Promo Photo/ Stateside Emi Promo Photo

Nellie Lutcher

Nellie Lutcher Stateside Emi Promo Photo / Stateside Emi Promo Photo

Image for New Arrivals Paper Sales List/ List May 2010

Sales Paper List

New Arrivals Paper Sales List / List May 2010

Image for New Arrivals Sales List/ Sales List June 2010

Sales Paper List

New Arrivals Sales List / Sales List June 2010

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