Bobby Taylor

Taylor Made Soul / inc: Don't Be Afraid

Gordy : GS922 DJ

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  • Artist: Bobby Taylor
  • A Side: Taylor Made Soul
  • B Side: inc: Don't Be Afraid
  • Label: Gordy
  • Format: LP



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: VG+

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For those of you already familiar with the Motown masterpieces this album gives up, will agree it is one of HItsville's finest works, especially the standout track " Don't Be Afraid " which has long-been a candidate for Motown finest album track that never got released as a 45. For that track alone, it is a crucial album to have as part of your collection, perhaps more importantly your DJ box.

Presented here is the coveted PROMO copy with clean white promo labels and gloriously unblemished vinyl.

Noting that this album for Northern Soul DJ's carries much more than just the sublime " Don't Be Afraid " there are at least 4 other tracks worthy of your complete attention, not forgetting the other track are also slick Motown productions, some silky ballads.

Below is a sample of the tracks that we think make this 1969 album essential, soundfiled are:

from Side One.
1. Out In The Country - a mostly overlooked Motown / Northern Soul dance cut.
2. Oh I've Been Blessed - his finest Northern Soul single release.
3. How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone - another neglected Motown / Northern Soul dance cut, so smooth, so slick, saturated in potential.

from Side Two
3. Don't Be Afraid - perhaps one of the greatest ever Motown / Northern Soul offerings EVER and album ONLY
4. Little Miss Sweetness - a killer version of the Isley Brothers dancer.

plus 7 other top-drawer recordings. See cover images for listing.

How cool to own it as the white promo copy - give those weekender deck-cams something gorgeous to focus on.

Condition Report

Two clean promo labels, housed in original "Motown Fan" merchandising inner sleeve , soft storage wear to front cover (see images) top seam ru,

A Side

  • Title: Taylor Made Soul

    B Side

  • Title: inc: Don't Be Afraid
  • Year: 1969
  • City: Detroit, Michigan