Bobby O'Brown

I Can Feel My Love Growing / Searching For My Baby

Single B: 111

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  • Artist: Bobby O'Brown
  • A Side: I Can Feel My Love Growing
  • B Side: Searching For My Baby
  • Label: Single B
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: xol
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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A record that ticks all the "Rare Soul" boxes within two of the world's most vibrant scenes.

We start with the vocal-group decorated superior "Low-Rider" masterpiece. " I Can Feel My Love Growing " is a cautionary tale of a man resisting falling in love with a his girl, in case he gets hurt. But the feeling is too strong for him, and no help from his friends is at hand. He don't want to hurt no... and you can hear it in his tortured voice, hurt spilling onto the floor in its rawest form; As the pace falls, Bobby drops to his knees on the blanket of group harmony. The rattling bongos don't help, as Bobby's despairing vocal takes center-stage as he unashamedly spills out every ounce of his anguish when he discovers his girl has been untrue. which only makes his love stronger; the uncredited backing boys reach the top of their game, as seamless harmony swells from a trickle to a flood as there sympathies grow with Bobby desperation.

SUPER SOULFUL vocal-group ballad drenched in real pain - listen and weep!

To bring Bobby back to a better "place" Odell Bailey summons up those previously restrained bongos, into action rattling out dance pulse as Bobby now on an intense search for his baby. aided by the same insistent team of male vocals, this time chanting out their willingness to help locate his lost love. The session creates an utterly compelling Detroit-delight with those addictive rhythms so right for today's European dancefloor. Bobby's gravel-coated vocal, journeying through funky riffs, punctuated by backing chorus chants, give this dancer a real attention grabbing cutting edge. The style that scythes through all that the night has so far given up to dance to... one of those records that you unwittingly take home in your head.

Then chase around YouTube for a closer listen..

Two killer sides, both highly valued by Rare-Soul scenes 5,355 miles apart..

Two enormous tunes, "Searchin'" is perfect for today's Euro dance-floor, with the flip threatening to take venues like "Diggin' Deeper" in the UK by the throat and gently squeeze a few tears from the eyes of grown men...

Condition Report

strong light reveals only signs of play, but no marks whatsoever, strong clean visual Mint minus with audio to match. A-side label is free of flaws, just very mild face-rub, silver X on flipside label (see images)

A Side

  • Title: I Can Feel My Love Growing

    B Side

  • Title: Searching For My Baby
  • Year: 1971
  • City: Detroit, Michigan