Bobby "Guitar" Bennett

You Did It Again / EVOL (Love Spelled Backwards)

Junior: Junior 1009

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  • Artist: Bobby "Guitar" Bennett
  • A Side: You Did It Again
  • B Side: EVOL (Love Spelled Backwards)
  • Label: Junior
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Stonkin' Northern Soul with a familiar Philadelphia style "Get Out" rap intro lulls you into a false sense a serenity. Then the genius of Bobby Martin explodes on a wave of horns, delivered hard and long, to match up to that growling Bobby Bennett vocal, as this uncompromising R&B man bursts into action.

Don't we just adore these deceptive intros, that keeps the dancefloor, entranced in gentle sway, everyone in accord awaiting blast-off!

Bobby B. does not disappoint as he angrily attacks the lyrics; his girl once again has taken him for a fool, but he can't break away as his love-addiction allows her to "wrap him round her finger". You can feel his frustration filling the room, as Bobby Martin backs him up with uncompromising honkin' horns and a driving rhythms.

Fabulous Northern Soul that would have easily become just as prominent Northern Soul classic as "Get Out" if only there'd ever been enough copies to go round... This 45 has always been difficult to find.. another top tune suffering exposure through it's own rarity - just poise for the right DJ to give it the turntable time it so deserves.

Noting this tune is only available as the STOCK copy with the promo being same EVOL on both sides, adding to it’s frustrating rarity…but don't forget flipside is a killer R&B dancer in it's own right

Surely it's time to hold a prolonged Northern Soul renaissance for this former Harold Melvin - I Did It Again - cover-up..

Condition Report

Two unblemished labels, vinyl is so close to Mint!

A Side

  • Title: You Did It Again

    B Side

  • Title: EVOL (Love Spelled Backwards)
  • Year: 1965
  • City: Philadelphia, pa