Bobby Garrett

My Little Girl / Big Brother

Mirwood : 5511 vinyl

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  • Artist: Bobby Garrett
  • A Side: My Little Girl
  • B Side: Big Brother
  • Label: Mirwood
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: VG+
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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The magic of real-deal Northern Soul never diminishes as the years roll by.

The most hallowed of all West Coast soul labels. Who's quest to emulate Motown's success in Detroit, recruited the most talented black musicians and artists Los Angeles could provide. In the process producing some of the greatest Northern Soul recordings ever committed to vinyl

Can you believe "My Little Girl" started life as a B-side to a male vocal -group harmony ballad. All that energy lay hidden away until the embryonic Northern Soul discovered its power in 1969/70.

Shirlie Mathews, James Anthony Carmichael and Fred Smith the same innovative trio, who six releases earlier created Mirwood's greatest Northern Soul girl-group recording by The Belles - Don't Pretend - the three mirror that magnificent session by crafting this blinding record.

For me this recording outstrips Motown, giving up distilled energy, panache with an authentic no frills approach; born of the spontaneous enthusiasm for the moment, that was unfolding before them whilst not seeking commercialism in any way.

Shirley Matthews guiding her group "The Belles" to support Bob Relf's soaring vocal, with shrill heavenly choruses. James Anthony Carmichael conjuring up a vortex of swirling strings driving the song from one crescendo to another. With Fred Smith gluing the whole this together with potent bassline dance pulses and bringing in the male-group vocal choruses at the end, to cap it all off.

A record that has in recent times earned a very welcome renaissance to new Northern Soul recruits, whilst welcomed back by old-school hearts that were set alight by this sound back in the golden years of Northern Soul infancy in 1969/70, then featuring at all the iconic dancehall's throughout the 70's and beyond.

THIS IS NORTHERN SOUL - at its most vibrant! a record that changed the life of 1000's of youngsters nearly 50 years ago - exciting, exhilarating real-deal 60's Soul dance, willful indoctrination to a lifetime of NS dedication.

This listing of course is the original February 1966 press; beware of counterfeits or worn out styrene copies that have ran the gauntlet of the notorious Northern Soul worn-out styli, penny-weighted cartridges, clumsy DJ cueing for over 5 decades. This copy is the durable VINYL press. Sit tight and resist the around-the-kitchen euphoric recall dance session, it will most likely ignite!

Condition Report

Two clean labels, good gloss on vinyl does reeal light surface marks, as you can hear it plays crisp, loud ad clean.

A Side

  • Title: My Little Girl

    B Side

  • Title: Big Brother
  • Year: February 1966
  • City: Los Angeles, California