Bobby Bland

How Does A Cheating Woman / Don't Cry No More - MANSHIP MINT

Duke : 336

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  • Artist: Bobby Bland
  • A Side: How Does A Cheating Woman
  • B Side: Don't Cry No More - MANSHIP MINT
  • Label: Duke
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M
  • Label Condition: M
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Serious Rare Soul collectors, run and check over your carefully compiled run of Duke 45's, perhaps one of the most treasured areas of your collection.

We are pretty certain you will discover Duke #336 is missing. Due to it being withdrawn from sale, during an undocumented riff between Bobby Bland and Duke boss Don Robey (Deadric Malone) over the release. Sir Shambling (the world's leading expert on Deep Soul), told a story of Don not liking this release one bit and only an alleged few ever left the building. Don even went to the lengths of putting an advert in Music Magazines, that someone had bootlegged his product and all distributors were asked return the 45 and all shops must stop selling this disc. It of course wasn't a bootleg, this was the only way to convince distributors and stores to return any stock they may have.

Nobody seems to know exactly why Don Robey was so determined this release was taken out of circulation and went to such painstaking lengths to ensure it was. Some opinions think it may have been a short-term private dispute between Bobby "Blue" and himself. Some have even suggested the title "How Does A Cheating Woman Feel" was too close to events happening at the time (for someone) but we don't know who. No matter what the reason, this 45 is certainly no bootleg and today stands proud as Bobby Bland's rarest 45 in his extensive DUKE catalog. And two truly superb examples of Bobby's early 60's recordings..

This 1961 withdrawn 45 is utterly flawless - a record for those of you serious about label runs, iconic artists, and the fascinating history surrounding them.

Bobby Bland's rarest 45 is waiting to complete you Bobby "Blue" collection...

Condition Report

Label and vinyl were mint unplayed until we lifted the double sound file for your pleasure.

A Side

  • Title: How Does A Cheating Woman

    B Side

  • Title: Don't Cry No More - MANSHIP MINT
  • Year: 1961
  • City: Houston, Texas