Bob Relf

Blowing My Mind To Pieces / Girl, You're My Kind Of Wonderful

Trans-American : TA 0010

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  • Artist: Bob Relf
  • A Side: Blowing My Mind To Pieces
  • B Side: Girl, You're My Kind Of Wonderful
  • Label: Trans-American
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: M
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Northern Soul folklore has it that the first time this anthem was the played on the Northern Soul scene by a DJ at the "Torch". Who was hijacked into spinning this "unknown" 45. Encouraged by the owners enthusiastic guarantee it was truly awesome... so on the turntable it went..

Wow what a intro, killer Northern Soul was the first impression. Then the slow bit in the middle came through, a bemused dancefloor stood still, not quite knowing how to react. The DJ quickly faded it out, and kick-started a stomper on the other deck, to restoring normality.

Was this 45 the steppingstone to a more tolerant Northern Soul dancefloor audience? Because within a matter of weeks it was the most wanted record in the country, the dancefloor had adopted a never seen before raised arms, tight circular stroll when it came to the spoken interlude in the middle of the song. After the irresistible intro, a swirling torrent of strings pull you onto the dancefloor. Shrill girl group choruses ring through.. The lead male piercing vocal penetrates your senses..

Bob Relf's now iconic reflection on his girlfriend's apathy, charter you back though the waters of your youth..

Girl I'm Gonna Have To Put You Down...
I'm So Tired Of Being Messed Around ...
Baby I Told You A Long, Long Time Ago...
You keep blowing my mind...
I'm Gonna Have To Let You Go ...
Baby You Just Wouldn't Let Me Be Your Man ...

Then Boom! Lift off! the those pulsating dance rhythms crash straight back into your face..

PS the flipside is awesome also..

I don't mind admitting today that rejected "spoken interlude has just brought tears to my eyes..."

So memorable it hurts...leaving everyone in the building longing for more..

Condition Report

Two clean orange labels, vinyl reveals sleeve storage hairlines only.. plays perfectly clean and true.

A Side

  • Title: Blowing My Mind To Pieces

    B Side

  • Title: Girl, You're My Kind Of Wonderful
  • Year: 1968
  • City: Los Angeles, Cal