Blues & Soul

No. 20 / June 1969

Contempo Publications Ltd. : 20

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  • Artist: Blues & Soul
  • A Side: No. 20
  • B Side: June 1969
  • Label: Contempo Publications Ltd.
  • Format: MAG



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: E+

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20 editions in, Blues & Soul now have distribution throughout the UK with Swift Fleet of London and now extended their sales arm into Germany with Klaus Ehlers handing the world's most ambitious Soul magazine.

The edition from the month I was preparing to leave school, covers all the minuscule knowledge I had of Soul music as an aspiring wannabe Mod.

J. J. Jackson feature reminds me of J.J.'s love performance at Melton Mowbray's Drill Hall concert where he performed a legendary near 15 minute version of his most-wanted 45 "But It's Alright". I bnever wirtnessit because my paper round money never extended as far as the entrance fee. near I git, was when me and my school mates were leaving the town park football under my arms, gave directions to the Drill Hal to a recycled Post Office van crammed full of out-of-town Mods wanting to witness "The Greatest Little Soul Band In The Land". I need to pass my driving test ASAP and I needed to become one of those cool guys thast were inside...

A Bob & Earl feature and bio, was a given in June 1969. "Harlem Shuffle" was on it's 2nd. time round after the Sue 45 had illuminated the all-night Soul clubs of the UK for the last 4 years and had just received a pink Island reissue that allowed every local mobile disco DJ to play one of the country's previously most-wanted 45's; it had already featured at our local Kirby Lane, Youth club Friday nights...No. 20 Bob & Earl are honoured with a full centrefold and biography. plus an advert for their new release budget album on B&C that featured "My Little Girl" which was immediately active on Soul Club turntables.

Then there's the regular Drifters story & bio..

Dave Godin covers the spectacle of B. B. King live at the Royal Albert Hall. Mentions his delight of Doris Troy back in town recently signing for the Beatles Apple label. Also pleased with the news that Radio Caroline DJ Johnnie Walker is back on the airways after two years absence, he got a job with BBC radio one, promising Dave he'd play as much R&B Soul as he could. That task admirably played by Mike Raven, now Mike had a partner with the same taste. But Dave cannot overlook an opportunity of having a "pop" at the establishment; the BBC always a subject of disappoint to Dave. A small plug for his Soul City and Deep Soul labels.. but as ever Dave two page viewpoint is a riveting window into the times when Soul was really rushing through the veins of the British Youth.

Fabulous black & white poses from Staple Singers, James Carr, Tony Clarke, Jamo Thomas all having new release 45's on the go that month. As did Edwin Hawkins Singers who reciece a full page review as their "Oh Happy Day" jetted up the charts..

Oh happy days indeed, 1969 was my personal stepping stone into the word of Soul music, with a debut trip the Brit club, Nottingham by catching the bus. And weekly trip to W.H. Smith's to buy my Tamla Motown and Soul 45's. But I wasn't informed enough to purchase Billy Butler's - The Right Track - that Dave had just issued on his Soul City label. I had to pay £10 for that just in 1971 from a nice guy called Brian a local boutique owner with a passion for Soul!

For many of us these early Blues & Soul's are a window into our past, for others they are essential a historical reference point for the phenomenal interest 60's Soul music generated in the UK.

Essential reading and collecting for anyone wanting the real story of how it all developed into the "Strange World Of Northern Soul" and beyond...

Condition Report

All pages intact, no flaws, no splits, tears, lose pages, creases. Just a light storage wear and age browning to the outer white areas.

A Side

  • Title: No. 20

    B Side

  • Title: June 1969
  • Year: June 1969
  • City: 7 Trinity Close, Bishop Stortford, Herts, UK