Betty Wright

Mr. Lucky / Thank You Baby

Solid Soul: 3030

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  • Artist: Betty Wright
  • A Side: Mr. Lucky
  • B Side: Thank You Baby
  • Label: Solid Soul
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Here is Betty's rarest! and Betty's Most Wanted!

Already long schooled in singing and dynamic stage presence, from her time with the family siblings Gospel group "The Echoes Of Joy" who she sang with on their album at the age of three. By the age of 17 Bessie Regina Norris soul-child prodigy had her own album out on Atco Records.

So it was no surprise when at the tender age of 14 years Betty Wright was snapped up to record with two of Florida's most gifted soul/R&B writer/producers Clarence Reid and Willie Clarke, a pairing responsible for more of the state's soul hits than any other partnership.

After only 3 years together, this three-way partnership had achieved a 1million seller with "Clean Up Woman"

"Mr. Lucky" could be argued to have been a funky dry-run for "Clean Up Woman" a hard-edged hunk of funk with the strident Betty Wright brushing aside blitzing brass, potent booming bass guitar pulses, swirling Hammond organ rhythms, Gatlin Gun percussion; none of this instrumental avalanche could dampen Betty's relentless edgy Funk aggression, giving up a platform that influenced all future Florida Funk recordings. Eventually leading up to "Clean Up Woman" the ultimate girl to girl "advice" song.

Betty's tour of the UK , Wigan Casino had never seen anything remotely like her stage presence on April 26th 1975, not then or since; the near 22 year old tore the roof off the place. Those lucky enough to have seen her live, unanimously herald her as the most-impressive act to ever alight the Casino stage.

So now hear her Soulful beginnings with Clarke & Reid. One side is an ear piercing slab of destructive Funk! ...with Betty displaying her more sweet n' tender side with a killer sister-saturated mid-tempo cruiser bristling with guts, determination and honesty... a real-deal soulful "Northern" cruiser.

Two standout rarities. from a real deal Diva!

Proper rare-soul collecting, this is.

Condition Report

Two bright clean gold label, magnificent Mint minus full gloss unblemished vinyl - both sides.

A Side

  • Title: Mr. Lucky

    B Side

  • Title: Thank You Baby
  • Year: 1967
  • City: Miami, Florida