Bessie Banks

Go Now / It Sounds Like My Baby

Red Bird : BC 106

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  • Artist: Bessie Banks
  • A Side: Go Now
  • B Side: It Sounds Like My Baby
  • Label: Red Bird
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Most-all Soul fans consider this 45, as one of the many injustices metered out by British music industry and uK radio stations.. as a truly talented New York team constructed not only an all time classic; but also one of the greatest Soul Sister recordings of all time.

Only to witness all their skills and genius evaporate as parasitical "cuckoo-esque" version overtook the momentum of Bessie Banks "Go Now" that was almost instantly adopted by the MODS as the nationwide Soul Club "last record".

In 1964 when Moody Blues band member Denny Laine heard this powerful statement of Bessie's, he allegedly told the rest of the Moody Blues "We Need To Record That Song"

Soul fans of course would have preferred him to say "We need to record records of this calibre" we need to be inspired by the likes of "Brill Building" students like Milton Bennett, Larry Banks, Garry Sherman, Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller... Let's write our own songs to rival this absolute masterpiece..of course the later wasn't said...and they they just sang a copy-cat..

That scenario would have been in an ideal world. But in the real word they decided on a note for note, bar for bar, word for word replica. Wisely deciding, it was a song, that could not be improved upon. The Moody Blues even chose to copy Lulu Reed's "It's Easy Child" for the flipside..

When the powerful machine of Decca records released and film promoted the record, one of the saddest events in Soul music history took place. The sales of Bessie's original collapsed, both sides of the Atlantic and Bessie a blossoming standout Diva became disillusioned. Quite rightly so, you gather up an talented team, you demo your work, Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller with Garry Sherman rerecord it utilizing the extreme talents of Dee Dee Warwick and Cissy Houston as the girl-choruses, it turns out to be an absolute masterpiece ......

then a bunch of "Brummies" plagiarize your work and change their whole career into a huge success on the back of it.. whilst unfortunately "Stateside" Leiber & Stoller abandoned the intended label upgrade to Blue Cat and a more nationwide promotion as The Moody Blues stole a march on Bessie's superior original.. by early 1965 "The Moody Blues" version simultaneously rocketed up the Pop Charts both sides of the Atlantic..

For Soul music these were sad, sad events of 1964, written with as much bias as I can muster, as corporate plagiarism and marketing wins, against sheer genius and immense talent..

We were, after all robbed of the expected raw material, that surely would have flooded from successful Bessie & her family.. surely she would have rivaled Linda Jones in our never ending adulation..

There are other versions, by Wings with Denny Laine, Paul & Linda McCartney on vocals, Ozzy Osbourne, Simply Red and David Cassidy. I'm in no rush to hear anybody else try and emulate the brilliance or the muscular prowess the original is saturated in.a Jones as one of the greatest Divas of all time!

The moody, girl group enriched flipside "It Sounds Like My Baby" is also well worth listening to.

Condition Report

Two clean labels.. full gloss vinyl revealing hardly a blemish, strong Ex + clean .. Dave off course being a champion of Soul music not a copyist, chose to release Bessie Banks "Go Now" very early in Soul City series at # 105 1968. When more people began to release the massive hit for the Moody Blues was only mimicking the original, and happily for Dave was one of his best selling discs.

A Side

  • Title: Go Now

    B Side

  • Title: It Sounds Like My Baby
  • Year: 8th October 1965
  • City: United Kingdom