Baby Huey and the Baby Sitters

Just Being Careful / Messin' With The Kid

U.S.A. : 801 DJ

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  • Artist: Baby Huey and the Baby Sitters
  • A Side: Just Being Careful
  • B Side: Messin' With The Kid
  • Label: U.S.A.
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: wol
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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An irresistible, magnificently potent Chicago Northern Soul rarity from an artist who in his very short life, recorded some memorable Northern Soul dancers.

Before moving on with funkier cutting-edge material with Curtom Records under the guidance of Donny Hathaway & Curtis Mayfield. His posthumous album for Curtom heralded as a true soul classic, that has earned him a cult following ever since his untimely death at 26 years of age from heroin. His work with Curtom considered an essential source of inspiration for Hip Hop/Rap artists ad producers. Lyrically Baby Huey was way ahead of his time portraying sentiments that still ring true today. .

Before you today though, is his very first 45; That U.S.A. Records picked up from "Shann" of Chicago, a street-level one release label. A J.B. Kargman project delivering instantaneous Northern Soul on a wave of hanging mournful horns, echo chamber girls, with Baby Huey's gravel-coated vocal racing through Johnny "I Can't Help Myself" Ross' lyrics. Johnny the creative "Baby Sitter" wrote this muscular Chicago Northern Soul dancer for the larger-than-life Baby Huey supported by two saxophone's and a trumpet, two guitars and a drummer, a six man backing band that would grow into a 10 men as Baby's career grew. Unfortunately Baby "James Ramey" Huey grew at the same time, to an incredible 350 lbs putting his health in danger.

"Just Being Careful" is proper foot-the-floor high-octane Northern Soul - a real-deal allniter tune, encapsulating everything 60's Chicago Soul is all about!

Don't forget the killer R&B thumper on the flipside with James Ramey's reworking of Junior Well's Mel London song "Messin' With The Kid ". Relentless, aggressive, sustain R&B attack on the senses.

Condition Report

Clean a-side label, flipside label has a name "Joe Reney" too close to "Ramey" to be coincidental? (see images) Strong gloss on the vinyl, revealing just a few insignificant surfase blemishes. As you can hear both sides play clean.

A Side

  • Title: Just Being Careful

    B Side

  • Title: Messin' With The Kid
  • Year: 1965
  • City: Chicago, Illinois