Art Freeman

Slipping Around / Can't Get You Out Of My Mind

Atlantic : 584053

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  • Artist: Art Freeman
  • A Side: Slipping Around
  • B Side: Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
  • Label: Atlantic
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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A Twisted Wheel anthem from the desk of Dan Penn & Andrew Spooner Oldham, most-wanted least seen British red Atlantic of them all.

Funny how records generate memories that lay best dormant. I was lucky enough the find a copy of this "unknown" to me at the time, red Atlantic on Jim's record stall on Leicester market. His lunchtime record stall watering hole, as usual was surrounded by young vinyl junkies jostling to drink. There was a voluptuous young Leicester girl slightly older than me, who was a regular at the stall; she took my eye, when she beat me to a Billy Butler - Right Track on Soul City a few weeks before. The hurt inflicted by that, strangely attracted me to her. When arriving late at Jim's this time, she asked what she had missed, had I found anything good?

Proudly I showed her my couple of blue Stax's, a Stateside Martha Reeves - Dancing In The Street - (I was really pleased with that one) and this red Atlantic that was new to me.

Keeping a poker-face, she said "Oh, I collect Atlantic, I don't have that one". I admitted I didn't know it until today but I thought it was very good. With rather gorgeous beckoning face and a warm hug she asked "Can I buy it off you for my Atlantic collection". That's when "willie" made yet another disastrous decision for me. I let her have it for exactly the few pence I paid for it. She did seem very happy at my kind gesture. Which had been totally driven by my lusting 16 year old motivations, thinking I need to get a closer relationship with this vision of beauty.

She wasn't there the next week, but what I did hear was one of the older Leicester soul boys asking Jim, "Which dickhead sold Art Freeman - Slipping Around - to Samantha last week?"

Fortunately my embarrassment was rescued when Jim said he hadn't seen the deal go down but had heard about it, and he didn't even remember having the record for sale. I found out later Samantha had been a regular at the Nite Owl Leicester, The Dungeon and The Beachcomber Nottingham and for a girl apparently, had a reputation for great knowledge of Soul records.


It has been a grave failing of mine being far too kind to luscious smiling ladies, who freely hand out warming hugs. I only saw Samantha once after that, as Southfields college broke up for the summer and she faded away from the Thursday record stall gathering. She did however, on our last encounter offer one more enchanting smile, but she wasn't gonna look in my records in the closely clenched paper bag way Jose!

Swapping Art Freeman for a hug and few pennies, should have been a lesson well learned, but it wasn't. It wasn't until I was entering my 60's, with my libido now slowing coming under control, that horny girls asking for vinyl deals, got exactly the same deal as burly bearded miners from Barnsley. The thought that stays with me, is from those apprentice days of 1970 I have never found an Art Freeman - Slipping Around - in the wild ever again. Still only Samantha knows who the dickhead was, who let her have, perhaps the biggest bargain of her collecting career. A record that was easily worth two weeks of my wages in early summer 1970.

Condition Report

Two clean label, tiny near invisible blemish right hand middle, otherwise totally clean. 3 prong centre intact. Full gloss vinyl reveal only the softest of surface hairlines. Strong Ex+

A Side

  • Title: Slipping Around

    B Side

  • Title: Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
  • Year: 4th November 1966
  • City: United Kingdom