Almeta Lattimore

These Memories / Oh My Love

Mainstream: MRL 5575


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  • Artist: Almeta Lattimore
  • A Side: These Memories
  • B Side: Oh My Love
  • Label: Mainstream
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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The incredible rare and colourful STOCK copy, complete with the mostly unknown flipside "Oh My Love" that also highlights Almeta's imploring vocal style.

When you're a DJ of the Richard Searling, calibre it only takes a mere weekend to lift a record from an unknown into a Northern Soul most-wanted.

Right up until the 90’s this 45 was unknown to British rare-soul dance community. The first copy discovered in the basement of an “Island Carib Soul” DJ’s cast-offs in Brooklyn, New York. Brought back over to the UK just in time to taken the legendary Southport weekender. Where the seasoned ear of Richard Searling instantly recognised its potential to introduce possibly the weekend’s most discussed play.

On the Friday evening the much anticipated “Searling Set” received the usual crammed-tight dancefloor reception, I couldn’t wait to witness the crowd’s reaction to this new discovery of decidedly superior Sister-Soul.

Richard using all his experience from years at the helm of Wigan Casino, put his exquisite timing of presenting a new tune at just the right juncture. He was after-all the leading light for the “Crossover sound” after changing the face of the Northern Soul Sound with turntable choices at Parkers Club, Manchester; where only seriously soulful recordings passed the scrutiny of a DJ ingrained in highly selective taste. Parker’s of course became a “destination” Saturday night pulling in soul-fans from all over country.

After 20 minutes or so the now percolating crowd were introduced to the spectacular voice of Michigan songbird Almeta Lattimore…without pause or thought the bustling dancefloor exploded to the sound of soaring strings cradling Almeta’s beseeching memory flashbacks to a lost-love she just can’t erase.

The next day, at the compulsory lunchtime “pub across the road” meeting. “These Memories” was the hot-topic of enthusiastic chatter from both collectors and dancers alike, as I eavesdropped on the soul scholar’s analysis of the Friday night before. I was quizzed about where it was discovered, how much was it ? How rare is it? And most importantly did I have another copy, as a dancefloor monster had just been christened “The Pope of rare-soul”

The Saturday night Richard dropped Almeta very early in his DJ set, to a rapturous response. Richard then pulled the master stroke of spinning it again as his last record before exiting the stage. Leaving the crowd going home on the Sunday in no doubt whatsoever who the most memorable DJ and records of the weekend were.

The combination of masterclass DJing and the never heard before, blistering pain Almeta transmitted, igniting a packed Southport dancehall of motivated Soulies is a “memory” flashback I can’t erase. I’m of course in no doubt, Richard, yet again stole the show!

Condition Report

Two clean stock copy labels, full gloss mint minus vinyl plays perfect (listen)

A Side

  • Title: These Memories

    B Side

  • Title: Oh My Love
  • Year: 1975
  • City: Brooklyn, New York, N.Y.