Alexander Patton

A Lil Lovin' Sometimes / No More Dreams

Capitol : CL 15461 mint -

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  • Artist: Alexander Patton
  • A Side: A Lil Lovin' Sometimes
  • B Side: No More Dreams
  • Label: Capitol
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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An iconic Twisted Wheel Anthem.. a record that still moves the earth from beneath my feet!

Undisputedly one the greatest Northern Soul 45's ever committed to vinyl! and one that alwayhs triggers memories of my fledgling baptism to the British Soul Club Scene.

Who could ever forget the first time they heard Alexander's the spine-tingling throaty roar " True Love...!! ".

I remember like it was yesterday, even though it was over half a cenury ago. When my naïve college-boy ears, were offered this leviathan of Northern Soul in 1969 at the counter of a record shop in Leicester; with the £10 sales pitch "This 45 has been to the Twisted Wheel and back". I had only asked if they have any Soul 45's. Then they played me this growling bombardment of dance-soul. It was so far outside my comprehension of Soul music, I turned it down, and purchased some things I was familiar with.

What a mistake, my musical taste had yet to mature, not understanding the real-deal Northern Soul Sound at all. Some weeks later I heard "Alexander" at Nottingham's "Brit Club". Wow what a difference the insider experience was, when you witness a dancing frenzy take place in front of my naïve eyes. It was all blokes though, it was not a recording that enticed the girls onto the floor... this a mountainous machismo-mover!

On the Monday I was back to Belvoir Street, Leicester with what was then my life-savings... you guessed it.. it was sold weeks ago. My first traumatic experience of Record-regret haunted me, because it took me years to eventually get a USA press of it, only to find out later it was a counterfeit. It was a tough learning curve for this record collecting "pup" in the early 70's.

Today, I still relive that "Brit" experience every time I hear this timeless classic dropped... drums, bass guitar then that triumphant bellowing "True Love" takes to the air like a wild-beast calling for help. Insistent girls, brazen brass and a rumbling vocal that sweeps you onto your're powerless to resist its persuasive ways.

An all time GREAT!! that stands alone with it's stream-rollering muscle that sweeps everything out the way in its 2:22 minutes of dancefloor destruction.

In the presence of "A Lil Lovin' Sometimes" it would be easy to overlook, the almost as imposing flipside "No More Dreams " another snarling slab of Northern Soul ... two killer tunes presented here as very neat clean 12th. of August 1966 "DISCOTHEQUE '66 SERIES" EMI knew they had a potential "Club Anthem" their hands when they released this.

Condition Report

Two clean label, 4 prong centre intact, full gloss mint minus vinyl - A BEAUTY!

A Side

  • Title: A Lil Lovin' Sometimes

    B Side

  • Title: No More Dreams
  • Year: 12th August 1966
  • City: Hayes, Middlesex, England