Aaron Neville

Tell It Like It Is / Why Worry

Stateside : SS 584 DJ


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  • Artist: Aaron Neville
  • A Side: Tell It Like It Is
  • B Side: Why Worry
  • Label: Stateside
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: E+

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A double helping of New Orleans Northern Soul from the productive desk of George Davis & Lee Diamond.

Whilst "Tell It Like It Is" is universally considered one of the finest "Last Record" Soul spins, it's superior character has somewhat obscured the Northern Soul qualities of the sizzling b-side "Why Worry".

The Beat Ballad is a session sodden in "Truth" an advisory recording on the virtues of "being straight" the no "bullshit" approach is so eloquently portrayed by that goose-pimple raising vocal of a the 25 year old singer making a record of a lifetime. The beauty being the simplistic genius of the arrangement's intro, of just a guitar, cymbal and the caressing of the piano keys. Allowing the hypnotic lone voice of Aaron Neville to seep into your consciousness, to stay there forever, as hanging horns kick in to cradle the imploring vocal. An unforgettable experience the first and last time you hear this poignant session, such a classy a "last song".

In total contrast the flipside Aaron's unique voice is joined by an uncredited vocal group, as George & Lee mimic the sound of Chicago, with a thumping Carl Davis styled Northern Soul dancer, that today is receiving lots of Northern Soul turntable action; and rightly so, it doesn't have to be an expensive disc, to serve up top-drawer Northern Soul.

So here's a 45, that as a green & white UK Demo is very elusive indeed, giving up not one but two real winners of two differing but equally compelling genres...

May I dedicate this 45 to one of my greatest friends Pete Wright who died suddenly at the tender age of 48, "Tell It Like It Is" was his no. 1 favourite Soul 45. You're a long time gone now Pete, but I don't think I ever drink a pint of Guinness without you entering my thoughts, you were a giant with impeccable taste in music.

Condition Report

Two bright clean green & white labels

A Side

  • Title: Tell It Like It Is

    B Side

  • Title: Why Worry
  • Year: 1966
  • City: United Kingdom