7 Dwarfs

Stop Girl / One By One

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  • Artist: 7 Dwarfs
  • A Side: Stop Girl
  • B Side: One By One
  • Label: Ideal
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: xol
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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The ORIGINAL first press of The 7 Dwarfs - Stop Girl - which sadly the owners of the blatant "heavy-weight" counterfeit are still trying to convince anybody who will listen, that their copy is an original by any means of misinformation they can lay their hands on. Over the years several collectors have been stung with a "fake" and it's still happening, as the unscrupulous still try and cash in on the lack of knowledge that flood this collecting scene.

The authentic thin flexible vinyl first press is RARE, the thick vinyl counterfeit are not rare by comparison. Below the matrix info to recognise the difference. Here are the correct matrix details, for future reference for collectors; as the counterfeit does turn up occasionally, whilst by comparison the authentic original is a rare piece indeed.

ORIGINAL copy has a 2 turn 10.90mm wide deadwax with an etched matrix 1168 A . The "8" is top-heavy and lopsided, much larger top circle to the bottom, resembling a "0" with a tiny rounded triangle attached. Holding the 1168 in the 6 o'clock position an upside down etched in F/W sits in the 11 o'clock position. The disc is pressed thin lightweight flexible vinyl. A-side labels can be pressed slightly off-center but that is not definitive. The writer credit text is crisp, clean and clear.

COUNTERFEIT x 2 different presses, repro'd twice in 2 different vinyls. 1. deadwax matrix reads 1168 A deadwax width is 10.21mm - look carefully at the run out 3 turn grooves, noting the deadwax run-off grooves have occasional pitting and tiny dimples. Vinyl is heavier than the flimsy vinyl original press. The label text the "e" at the end of the writer credit is "Dame" on the a-side is smudged slightly.

Killer Northern Soul is and equally sought after Garage flipside. We've lifted a double soundfile so you can hear both.

Condition Report

X X on a-side label, flipside label is clean, bright clean full gloss play mint minus vinyl, reveals some soft hairlines when angled in the light some soft hardly audible ticks along the way. Listen it a beauty!

A Side

  • Title: Stop Girl

    B Side

  • Title: One By One
  • Year: 1966
  • City: Lancaster, Pa.