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SOUL SOUNDS FULL SET 30 x 45'S + Box / all small hole center 45's

Soul Sounds : 30 x 45s

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  • Artist: Various Artists
  • A Side: SOUL SOUNDS FULL SET 30 x 45'S + Box
  • B Side: all small hole center 45's
  • Label: Soul Sounds
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E
  • Label Condition: E
  • Sleeve Condition: E

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If there is ever a Northern Soul museum; this Soul Sounds collection would certainly be a star attraction. As so few collectors own it in it’s entirety and even if they do, they are time-served collectors who openly admit it has took them a lifetime to complete and is now one of their proudest achievements. A jewel in their crown of Northern Soul challenges.

For the very first time in the history of Northern Soul collecting... a FULL SET of UK Soul Sounds 45's comes to auction. Every single 45 small hole center and in EX to Mint - condition.

The Soul Sounds series was a misguided enterprise by a young Leicester Soul Boy who bootlegged 30 of the most-wanted Soul dance 45's in 1968/69. Selling them at the Twisted Wheel, Nite Owl and other clubs to eager MODS. To Record Shops in Manchester, they appeared on Market Record Stalls in Leicester and they sold like hotcakes..

How else were you supposed to acquire Leon Haywood - Baby Reconsider, Alexander Patton - Lil Lovin' Sometimes, Dobie Gray - Out On The Floor, Gene Chandler - There Was A Time, Incredibles - There's Nothing Else To Say etc. All absolute monster of a burgeoning embryonic Northern Soul. In 1968 access to the USA for young Soul boys was just a distant dream. So this series, the very first Northern Soul bootlegs allowed collectors and provincial Soul DJ's entry to play and own all the most-wanted Northern Soul monsters of the time.

Pressed in top quality vinyl at President Records, the sound reproduction is impeccable. In fact "Baby Reconsider" Soul Sounds 1001 his first release the quality outstrips most of the styrene originals of tyoday. and certainly put that awful Fat Fish bootleg to shame.

Today to old-school collectors the Soul Sounds series is truly iconic, very few can boast of owning all 30 especially with the small hole center intact. An undinked Soul Sounds 45 is a thing of beauty. Some will not understand how a bootleg can cause such emotion. But for many like me as a 16 year old, digging on Leicester Market Stalls it was a rare but most exciting moment to find a Soul Sounds 45, as every one of the series is a winner.

The euphoric recall triggered by these little critters is warming, to find an whole complete set in one box... completely "toasted" me. Even the aged cardboard sleeves have that irresistible aroma, Chanel has been so desperately trying to replicate.. Cobwebs, musty plastic, vinyl and storage weary covers.. I had to put my nose in and take a deep sniff of Northern Soul History.

It's an old-school thing, a part of this most inspiring music world of Northern Soul - a retrospective high awaits the new owner.

Comes complete with 30 45's inside a vintage Red plastic finish 50 count handled record box. (see images)

Condition Report

All 45's are small hole original undinked copies, conditon on the vinyl is at least Ex to Mint -. Labels are clean

A Side

  • Title: SOUL SOUNDS FULL SET 30 x 45'S + Box

    B Side

  • Title: all small hole center 45's
  • Year: 1968 / 69
  • City: Leicester, UK