Manship’s Memories: The World Column Vinyl Record

Manships Memories of World Column Vinyl | Rare Soulman

Time for a throwback. This post is about John Manship’s memory of the late 60’s Gary, Indiana R&B band World Column and their Chicago production of “So Is The Sun”. Learn about John’s personal experience of the World Column vinyl record; from the first time he heard it, to its long-lasting impact on Northern Soul.

Before hearing John Manship’s thoughts on the World Column vinyl, here are the important details of the record itself.

The Record Details

  • Artist: World Column
  • A Side: So Is The Sun
  • B Side: It’s Not Right
  • Label: Tower
  • Format: 45
  • Year: 1969
  • City: Chicago, Illinois


Flawless mint minus vinyl both sides, housed in birth sleeve. Perfect a-side label, check flipside label for minuscule printing flaw.

  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

John Manship’s reflections on World Column Vinyl

World Column guided by the prolific Brainstorm production team of Chicago, together crafting Northern Soul with a difference.

The record surfaced in the UK in an era when Colin Curtis and others made some groundbreaking, turntable choices. The likes of Prince George – Wrong Crowd, Frankie Crocker’s – A Ton Of Dynamite and so on, triggering a turning point in the Northern Soul landscape, opening the way for harder edged Rare Soul Dance music and away from the Motown-barometer that had guided Northern Soul preferences for so long.

Picture the scene when I first heard this roaring, instant NS Hit…

I was part of the throng that frequented Nottingham Palais Sunday all-dayers in the early 70’s, a hugely impressive ballroom, that when full, rivalled the atmosphere of Wigan Casino or Cleethorpes Pier. I’d just heard Kev Roberts drop Jimmy Mack – My World is on Fire – every note quintessential Detroit Northern Soul. Then, maybe even the very next record, the “World Column” gong struck. All-hell thundered through the building.

I’d personally never heard the like of it before, so darn intrusive, so powerful and the place was rocking. The Horns from Hell had been unleashed, matched by the Lucifer-like lead vocal, sending out a snarling, spitting, Devilish growl. Whilst the incessant horns-howled, his backing disciples screamed a nonsensical “A Pa Papa Pa Pappa Pappa Pow Pow”. Boy, it whipped up a dancefloor frenzy and the rest is history.

Such a prominent Cleethorpes Pier play; proprietor the legendary Mary Chapman purchased 100’s of copies of the newly issued UK release in 1975 and gave away especially “commemorated stickered” copies on the door of the club’s 1976 anniversary.

World Column has, over the decades, been woven into the very fabric of British Northern Soul. The song never fails to point to moments in time, for everybody who experienced its presence and its spontaneous effects it had on the dancefloor…

This is Northern Soul!

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