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Tommy Neal

Going To A Happening

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TOMMY NEAL revealed.

The puzzling evolution of a USA flop that went on to become a British 60’s Soul Club & MOD anthem…stayed available for almost 4 years in Decca’s catalog, as it’s dance-floor reputation reached fever pitch..

“Get Your Car Or Your Motorbike…..”

The mystery of why this instantly infectious 60’s Soul dance masterpiece was not a hit in the USA may never be 100% clear but we thought to document it’s timeline of different label releases in Richard Popcorn Wylie’s quest for the hit, may be interesting to our auction readers..

First release was pink labeled Pameline 200 with the Nashville Matrix and PAM 200 etched in deadwax - received poor sales

2nd. release was Palmer 2024 with P 5024 etched in the deadwax P 5024 Bell Sound & ARP stamped achieved even worse sales, underlined that many seasoned collectors thought it was never issued, as Promo copies were the only ones that ever seemed to surface.

3rd. Issue was the Yellow label Pameline using the Palmer master-stampers with the exact same P 5024 etched in the deadwax P 5024 Bell Sound & ARP stamped in the deadwax. Seems to have been triggered by Pittsburgh club plays from the trendsetting DJs like Mad Mike etc. This yellow label pressed fed that brief local demand…that never transferred back to the Motor City

4th. issue, when all failed in Michigan, but a spark of hope in Pittsburg, was a shot at California; In November 1967 Vault Records, 6430 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, California 90028 with a Delta # 69126 in the deadwax. This too failed to make few sales register even after being highlighted in Billboard.

One good thing came out of the Californian call, was Vault Records who also had faith in this infectious song leased the recording to UK Decca and the rest is history, A Twisted Wheel anthem that is still as popular with the dancefloor and the collectors as it was back in 1968..

Before you today is an elusive and pristine White PROMO of that 4th. and final endeavor to make this a nationwide hit.. it sadly never happened..

The final piece in the jigsaw is Tommy Neal’s real identity as the Tommy Mealy acetate on Bell Sound singer, is widely believed to be Thomas Mealy from Detroit group The Majestics who recorded on Chex.

Additional information by Jason Thornton, Dennis O’Brien, initial research from Richard Johnstone, many thanks to all who helped unravel the life story of one of Britain’s best loved Club Classics…

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