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Debbie Dean

Stay My Love / Why Am I Loving You Baby

One of the hideously RARE Motown 45’s, that has eluded even the most complete Motown / Northern Soul collections.

You just never see this startling STOCK copy for sale.

What a stunning vinyl-vista this truly RARE 45 makes, but let us also consider other than it’s effect on the collectors eye. Let’s talk about quality of the music that lay in the grooves.

“”Stay My Love” has long been billed as, by Motown & Northern Soul scholars alike, a strong candidate as one of Motown’s least heard or seen flipsides that offers up total Northern Soul. The vast majority of the PROMO copies only carry the Simon Soussan 1973 rave “Why Am I Loving You Baby” with the same song each side. A few, and it is only a few PROMO copies do have “Stay My Love” on the flipside, that is mostly how the Northern Soul collectors became familiar with this stand-out tune.

But as the STOCK copy, which obviously always offers two both sides, it is a Northern Soul / Motown dance feast revealing Debbie Dean belying her roots, delivering Motown Soul at it’s most convincing, twice over.

Now here comes the real important part for this rare listing

This gorgeous thing is absolutely MINT!

We can say with total confidence, we will never encounter a more perfect copy of what is already a very hard 45 to find.

Beautiful perfection, offering TWO Killer girl dance cuts…with proud ownership awaiting the most discerning collectors.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 1,000.00

Gene Chandler

Mr. Big Shot / I Hate To Be The One To Say

The Boys from SHRINE give up not one but two stomping Northern Soul joys for “The Duke”.

As Washington D.C. collides with Chicago for 3rd time in successive releases the gifted pairing of the Enjoyables member Maxx Karl Kidd & Ciaros member Keni Lewis craft two Northern Soul killers for Windy City’s “Main-Man” to get his teeth into.

This gymnastic inducing Wigan Casino classic, is today presented in it’s most desirable format, a clean labelled WHITE PROMO.

Vinyl on the “Big Shot” side is visually Mint - and plays exactly that. The flip side play surface inspection reveals a few very mild blemishes but plays Mint minus also, visually a clean Ex.

So click away for soundfile lift-off, then find yourself a little space for a backdrop and a spin in the kitchen, whilst enjoying Northern Soul at it’s most convincing, conceived when two major USA City’s musical influences fuse!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 290.00


No Other Way / Poor Loser


But this time this SHRINE is MINT UNPLAYED still housed in the very sleeve the Shrine office staff popped it into after manually applying those iconic labels.

You will never witness a more precious copy!

Heart-stopping vocal group Northern Soul on once side - crucifying Swet Soul strroller on the other.

NOTE the double sound file is an old one lifted of a previous listing. Leaving this offering a staggering UNPLAYED VIRGIN copy.

How many times in a lifetime do you get the opportunity to “deflower” a Shrine 45?

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 589.00

Young Mods

To Say I Love Her / We Can Make It

The pinnacle Sweet Soul Harmony from the streets of Dayton Ohio.

Perhaps One of USA’s smaller cities, but one with an enviable reputation among Soul aficionados for some spectacular indie-Soul production and a wealth of seriously rare 45s.

We lead with a tight, rich harmony stroller drenched in flawless vocal knitting together immaculately. Every single voice projecting Soulful emotion.. a sweet Soul experience from the very top-drawer.

Flip it over for a slight quickening of pace and even more polished voices deliver a Soulful-Stepper with few rivals. It did leave me wondering why I’ve never heard this beauty played out at the venues that immerse themselves in this high standard of Soul.

Soul Essence, Carib Soul, Newark Feed Your Soul, etc. this disc would be a foolproof drop.. I can visualize the stumblings of enthusiasm to get to that turntable first to force a ….REWIND!

Top Quality Tune..which ever side you spin..

Very Rare of course..

but in impeccable hardly played condition..beyond RARE!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 97.00

Barbara Mcnair

You're Gonna Love My Baby

Some records are so pleasing to the eye, you could kiss them!

West Coast Map design PROMO copy of an all time Hall-Of-Famer!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 150.00

F. J. Jones

Put It On The Line Girl / Dirty Man, Dirty Ole Man

Certainly label art at most noticable, but this very rare Los Angeles Northern Soul recording is so much more than just a pretty face in perfect condition. It’s hard & gritty Northern Soul.

A whirling Hammond and blaring set up the backing for Frank Jones to attack with a curled up lip and convincing attitude. A snarling delivery on this D.I.Y. 60s session is soothed a little by a shrill girl-group gathering. But still resulting a hard hitting gravel based dancer, no matter how hard those girl try and make it smoother.

The flip side which Philospectrum led with is again and Northern Soul dance offering, with only the “Dirty Man” lyrics stopping that side being every note as good.

a RARE 45, in utterly perfect condition

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 235.00


It's Growing / What Love Has Joined Together

A lure of the TMG Red & White does not fade as the year roll by. In fact it only gets more tempting, especially if, like this offering the Promo is in flawless condition.

Not a mark, not a blemish as clear and clean as a Mint minus could ever be. No need to ever seek and upgrade if you become the lucky owner of this, the Temps 1st release for the then newly launched British Tamla Motown label.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 197.00

Patti Williams

I'm Doing The Best That I Can

A stand-out tune suffering from not being in the right hands at the right time. It’s own scarcity thus far, keeping it sadly underplayed.

Because this elusive disc ripples and shudders with everything a surefire Northern Soul hit requires; not just to take-off as a dancefloor igniter but also saturated in the obvious potential to grow into an expensive, vigorously hunted piece of vinyl.

Strong words?

Take a listen and prepare yourself for an uplifting George Semper experience as he guides this California production from one peak to another, with Patti riding the vibrant session, raising the tempo and pitch of her vocal as the song reaches it’s glorious crescendo.

This is better than good-stuff.. it’s a much-talked about sleeper, that for those who scratch below the surface, has been tipped for decades as a “monster-in-waiting”.

Well I think we’ve waited far too long.. so spy the label & sleeve display, click the soundfile and resist ownership if you can…


Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 234.00

Jerry Warren

I Really Love You

So very highly prized and only seldon-seen as the 12” rarity - but as a 7” it was thought NOT to exist, but here it is!

Collecting 80s Soulful dance does not get any more challenging than this. Here before you is a 7” 45 in a picture sleeve, dispelling any lingering doubts of it’s existence!

Relax and absorb a deliciously constructed Detroit Soulful dance, just dripping in Class. It’s all there, the aching, pleading, beseeching on-his-knees vocal, cradled by the velour of sweet girl choruses, swirling strings, subtle horns..reaching right into you emotional being. That would be enough to send you diving for the bid button…

but then as your completely overwhelmed by it’s subtlety, a trumpet solo takes to the air, leaving you lose-jawed and breathless..

So an utterly and decidedly-delicious-Soulful-Stepper from another league, carrying with it, an unparalleled rarity pedigree of NOT EXISTING!

This is the zenith of Modern Soul 45 collecting…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 616.00

Ronnie Forte

That Was Whiskey Talkin' / Nervous Breakdown

Northern Soul “Pier” Anthem, currently hard on the comeback trail..remembering the “Nervous Breakdown” side, never featured on that horrid quality bootleg and the “Whiskey Talkin’” sound reproduction suffering from “couldn’t give-a-shit” mastering, makes this original the only form a DJ could unashamedly spin it from.

It was in fact the “Nervous Breakdown” side I first dropped the needle on at Cleethorpes, but this two-for-the-price-of-one Northern Soul double-helping quickly emerged with “Whiskey Talklin’” being the dancers favourite.

I have been accused by those who never attended the East Coast Temple of Tunes as being “Cleethorpes” bias..

..guilty as charged M’Lord

When we all witnessed that hulk of a Pier, wobble under the vibration of 1000’s of dedicated to dance feet and the reverberating synchronised temperatures nearing 100 degrees.. “bias” sorta becomes ingrained..

Halcyon Nights and this thunderous discovery did for a while, set it apart from other All-Niters of the era…

A now, much-wanted, gratefully received classic.. making a powerful return..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 395.00

Bottom & Company

Gonna Find A True L I F E

In my humble opinion the best version of what is a truly heartstoppin’ tune!

But look closely not only you DJ & Collectors of truly remarkable 70s dance tunes.

Not only 70’s vocal group Northern Soul at it’s most compelling.

Please notice the offering is the RARE misspelled title

“Gonna Find A True “L I F E” instead of the correct title spelling of:#

“Gonna Find A True Love”

Motown completeists jump to attention and prepare to do battle with the “Rare Soul DJ & Collector” of Top, Top Tunes!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 264.00


Pick Up Your Feet

Into really obscure British release Northern Soul 45s?

If so, check out this extraordinarily Rare 1965 English creation for a rather pleasant encounter with girl-group Brit-Soul. From a gathering of ladies that gave the UK collector a number of discs to hunt down.

with a penchant for a Soul tune, it’s not surprising to hear this is were a young Katie Kissoon cut her teeth, on cover versions of “Under The Boardwalk” or the highly regarded take on “Like A Man”

But before you today is no cover version, or indeed a record that ever comes to market, it is by far the rarest of the group’s three non-hit 45s for Parlophone and ironically their best offering for the Brit-dedicated Northern Soul collector.

So take a listen to these British hopefuls once tutored by Marty Wilde and wonder why this accomplished team never made an impact with their recordings, that frankly epitomize the MOD era of the mid 60s.

This listing, we feel will a appeal to those lifelong British afficandos who thought they owned most 60s UK creations already…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 65.00

George Jackson

I Don't Need You No More / Talking About The Love I Have For You

I’m sitting here in a warm-pool of pure-satisfaction.

After immersing myself in one of the finest pieces of Soul Music I’ve ever experienced; now on my fifth drop of the stylus in a row, and I’m not ashamed to say, I’m emotionally drained.

Here’s a debut listing for Raresoulman Auctions, you’ve most probably you’ve not heard before, so click the sound-file to hear why I’m so loose-jawed and glowing inside this morning.

This song has just reaffirmed why I first fell in love with Soul Music, that so often in the past has ignited mood-changing moment, as this George Jackson masterpiece has just done..

An awestruck Manship signs off.. after just flipping this 45 over for an almost of compelling flipside..

Current bid: £ 123.00

Time remaining: Approx. 5 days 9 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 12.00
Minimum Bid
£ 135.00
Current Bid
£ 123.00

Bid on I Don't Need You No More / Talking About The Love I Have For You

Tobi Legend / Montclairs

Time Will Pass You By / Hung Up On Your Love

Record Day TEST PRESS one of only FIVE ever made with the other Four now safety tucked away in privileged in house executives.

One of only 5 test-pressings made originally for the Record Store Day release for the soundtrack to the iconic British film, “Northern Soul”. As the test-pressings arrived in the UK, so did the decline of the provisional licence from Sony Music for Tobi Legend’s “Time Will Pass You By” due to ‘contractual reasons’. Disaster was averted by Demon Music swiftly being able to licence James Fountain’s “Seven Day Lover” from William Bell’s Wilbe Productions for the eventual Record Store Day release which made the shops.

This NEVER make it past the record company and, in all likelihood, will probably never be available for auction again. After all, who wouldn’t want to own the rarest-ever pressing of such an iconic and historic Northern Soul anthem in 100% mint un-played condition still in the original factor. We know that 2 copies are certainly held in the private collections of the record execs involved at the time and that the other two are most likely still with the film-makers. This is the last of the 5 which was rescued in February 2015 as Demon were clearing their offices for a move and naturally it eventually made its way here, as most iconic pieces of history eventually do!

This item comes complete with the original pressing plant plastic sleeve and sticker documentation as pictured. Take a good look as this will probably be the last time you’ll ever see one”!


Current bid: £ 31.00

Time remaining: Approx. 5 days 9 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 7.00
Minimum Bid
£ 38.00
Current Bid
£ 31.00

Bid on Time Will Pass You By / Hung Up On Your Love

Barbara Mcnair

You're Gonna Love My Baby

Got The Record - Bought The Tee Shirt?

The ruling was clear when this exclusive Tee Shirt became available, the buy it you had to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that you did actually own TMG 544 Red & White DEMO!

Before you today is that most highly sought of all British Tamla Motown Red & White along with the Tee Shirt the owner so proudly pulled over his head at a “Soul Essence” weekender, so many years ago. It did that weekend cause quite a stir, sparking a brief trend for copy-cat shirts for other rare records “owners club” but none ever compared with this Red & White vision.

The original, the first and still the most-authentic tongue-in-cheek way of vinyl-swanking.

The 45 itself, requires no introduction whatsoever, it is after-all a Northern Soul anthem and has been for literally decades.

Both labels, as you can see are clean, both vinyl reveal only the mildest signs of handling and plays flawless.

It’s time to join this exclusive club, remembering it’s not gonna cost you £350,000,000 million a day.. and you will be able to make all your own decisions about your future…

a good time to invest in vinyl…especially beautiful and timeless vinyl..

Current bid: £ 513.00

Time remaining: Approx. 5 days 9 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 13.00
Minimum Bid
£ 526.00
Current Bid
£ 513.00

Bid on You're Gonna Love My Baby

Gregg Jackson

One For The Road

One of the most wished-for Private press Soul albums on the Planet Earth. The sublime Gregg Jackson D.I.Y. Rhode Island project that gave the discerning Modern Soul DJ a last record anthem for what seems to be decades… and gave the serious Soul collector anxiety attacks trying to locate a copy.

oh such a so very delicious Modern Soul Massage of the ears. The quality belies it’s roots from small-town Rhode Island, sounding much more like a no expense spared major label creation, with the “Strike Force Band” backing Gregg Jackson’s well-oaked Chardonnay vocal with a tasting of sexy-sax subtly stroked synth and a divine girl-vocal-group backing adding another exquisite layer to this dreamy Soul-Stepper.

Click away and reveal the depth of quality those DJ’s who dig past the obvious offerings, to pleasured their audience with down sarf..


Current bid: £ 200.00

Time remaining: Approx. 5 days 9 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 11.00
Minimum Bid
£ 211.00
Current Bid
£ 200.00

Bid on One For The Road

Freddie Williams

I've Got To Live While I Can / Heart Can You Hear Me

An high-octane version Jimmy Holiday’s LP only composition.

The very essence of the Northern Soul stomper definition!

One of three highly regarded releases Freddie had through “King” distributed Hollywood label, this one being by far and way the most-wanted.

As the very first drum roll collides with the blasting brass, you know you’re in for an out-of-control journey to the dancefloor as it’s potent defiance nearly knock you over, as every person in the room pitches into this relentless juggernaut.

A crazed drummer smashes out the beat, whilst a full male-group harmony assistance to carry Freddie’s growling vocal, honkin’ Horn and a wrist-weary bass guitar player slaps out the rhythm.

TOTAL NORTHERN SOUL that has never been bootlegged or re-issued, and quite frankly I find that surprising as this is one of the most compelling NS Stompers ever committed to vinyl!

Condition could not be finer!

Not forgetting in the midst of stomping perfection - do not overlook the Deep Soul vocal-group masterpiece hidden on the flipside!

Current bid: £ 250.00

Time remaining: Approx. 5 days 9 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 12.00
Minimum Bid
£ 262.00
Current Bid
£ 250.00

Bid on I've Got To Live While I Can / Heart Can You Hear Me

Ron Holden

I'll Forgive And Forget / I Tried

A whisker from appearing at Christmas in the “Manship Mints” auction, just a couple too many mild sleeve brush blemishes from it’s life-sentence to the Challenge sleeve, just tipped it towards Mint minus. With those perfect labels, inside that eye-popping cover, so very nearly dragging back into our festive season display of MInts!

Besides it’s obvious alluring beauty, this only occasionally seen Northern Soul dancer was a simultaneous Wigan Casino, Cleethorpes Pier & Yate dancefloor crammer. That has to be over-ready for a NS rival, as when I just dropped the needle on it, I was catapulted back on a wave of euphoric-recall of it thumping Big production ringing in my ears, as the North Sea waves tested the sound-system.

But what really surprised me, was the fact we all overlooked the Jerry Fuller artistry on the flipside as Ron Holden glides through a big n’ bold production with out pause.. a hidden BEAST BALLAD HEAVEN candidate, crying out for attention.

Memorable, motivational Northern Soul in Tip-Top condition.

Current bid: £ 99.00

Time remaining: Approx. 5 days 9 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 11.00
Minimum Bid
£ 110.00
Current Bid
£ 99.00

Bid on I'll Forgive And Forget / I Tried

Danny Monday

Baby, Without You / Good Taste Of Love

3 years earlier than when that truly explosive “Lolly Vasquez” who in the late 60’s formed “Redbone” along with JIm Ford wrote one of the timeless Northern Soul anthems, that so very few collectors own as an authentic original!

So insanely elusive is this 1966 Los Angeles creation, we can honestly state we have only encountered 3 examples this Promo this century two of which had stained labels. and as an authentic STOCK original press, we have never seen, ever.

One reason why today “Danny Monday” still fires the imagination, firstly catapulting you back to 1976 when this stomper was at it very peak, and then reigniting those urges for ownership.

Most everyone reading this will have a vivid memory of when they first heard it played. My memory could well be different from most, as it was a rare visiting to Cleethorpes Winter Gardens turntables that gave me “vinyl whiplash” with an unforgettable “debut guest session” by West Midland DJ legend “Pep”.

What a drop that was too, no other North Sea Jock had a copy at the time, but the floor immediately erupted on this instants driving notes of the intro.

THIS IS NORTHERN SOUL from the very first drum-roll and horn-blow, it takes off on a relentless course of dance-floor destruction to the very last Danny Monday groan…

….it is also worth checking out the flipside, a growling mid-tempo with all right NS ingredients.

For those of you who’ve guessed, wondered, surmised at the true identity of this single release artists real identity..

may my guess be, the brothers written “Pat Vasquez” ..?

This is Northern Soul Classic vinyl collecting at it’s most satisfying 

Current bid: £ 834.00

Time remaining: Approx. 5 days 9 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 14.00
Minimum Bid
£ 848.00
Current Bid
£ 834.00

Bid on Baby, Without You / Good Taste Of Love

Bill Wright

You Got A Spell On Me /you're The Only Thing I've Got Going For Me

TRAGAR now here’s a label to reckon with, right up there with the Thelma’s, Shrine’s, Delphi’s of the Northern soul collecting world as being consistent in providing the collectors of Rare Soul with a sequence of stand-out rarities.

Jesse Jones’s Atlanta, Georgia based dedicated to Soul label again gives us an essential Rare-Soul treasure to chase.

Stand back, deep breath and prepare yourself for relentless kicking by a snarling session reminiscent of the great Herman Hitson recording. Bill Wright emulates Herman H. serving you with exhilarating Northern Soul driven but powerful enthusiasm from the lead vocal and the just as involved backing team.

VERY RARE Northern Soul with the added bonus of an exquisitely tortured Deep Soul flipside.

Then you check out the contributors to this double-serving of Soul and Richard Marks, Bill Wright & Hoseau Burch feature in the writing credit of both sides. All is explained, top-drawer Georgia street-level neighborhood Soul that does what I thought impossible - to match up to a Herman Hitson mike-attack, you just don’t encounter to often.


Current bid: £ 14.00

Time remaining: Approx. 5 days 9 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 12.00
Minimum Bid
£ 26.00
Current Bid
£ 14.00

Bid on You Got A Spell On Me /you're The Only Thing I've Got Going For Me

S. T. Man & The New Clear Reaction

We Gotta Social Problem

A record so very rare…this 45 is “Ungooglable”

Unknown San Francisco “Boogie” dancer from saxophonist Stan Frank and team, who serve up a most unusual Funk-peppered 80s dancer. That will surely catch the attention of those European “Boogie” DJ’s seeking an exclusive spin.

Meaty, synth-driven production, enriched by girl-group choruses and deep male vocal interruptions as the lead vocal twists and turns through a jerking arrangement, as the tunes dives headlong towards the talented Stan Frank’s saxophone injection.

Very strong “Boogie” dancer and just totally so RARE, we can find out little or nothing about it!

It don’t get no obscurer than this over 30 year old new kid on the block.

Current bid: £ 12.00

Time remaining: Approx. 5 days 9 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 11.00
Minimum Bid
£ 23.00
Current Bid
£ 12.00

Bid on We Gotta Social Problem

Peter Elliott

The Devil's Workshop

Beyond RARE is this Mark Murphy styled 1961 British MOD Jazz groove from the crossover period from Jazz to R&B of the UK MOD scene.

Listen to this “impossible” UK first label, to the infectious rhythm and the compelling vocal that will hit you immediately as a classy diversion from the very inauguration of the All-Night Club scene, that would evolve slowly but surely into Northern Soul beginnings. As the larger City Clubs blended the Jazz, R&B and Soul into their music play lists.

This label is as obscure and rare as a British 45’s can be. But caught Fontana’s attention, as the company released it the same year on Fontana H325. The Honey Hit 45 being so much harder to find, and neither obviously were a hit or even sold in meagre amounts.

Teen 45 fans will particularly enjoy the flip side which was the “A” on release as Peter Elliott records a fine version of the Carl Dobkins hit, with quirky shrill girl-group “Teen” choruses constantly ringing out.

This offering is completely flawless, underlining British 45 collecting does not get much more exhausting than this disc.

Current bid: £ 1.00

Time remaining: Approx. 5 days 9 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 9.00
Minimum Bid
£ 0.00
Current Bid
£ 1.00

Bid on The Devil's Workshop

Al Garner

I'll Get Along / All I Need Is You

A listing for Detroit scholar as the seldom encountered disc, gives up some very engaging history on the development Motor City Soul.

Northern Soul, Motown, Detroit collectors as well as vocal-group harmony addicts, they will all be interested in this 45.

Both sides written by Richard “Please Let Me In” Morris prior to his groundbreaking Ric-Tic days wrote the lyrics to both sides. With the feelgood upbeat “I’ll Get Along” side offering early Northern Soul dance with a fabulous vocal-group “Shhoo-wop” adornment and soft squealings from a young threesome “The Supremes”

Flip it over again Richard Morris put down a feel-good session, on which The supremes are much more evident as Mary Wilson, Flo Ballad & Diana Ross relentless deliver the chorus.

Saturated in reasons to own this rarity, if you collect Detroit, Northern Soul, Motown or indeed have a penchant to own all “The Supremes” work.

Condition is beautiful one mild surface blemish, NOT affecting play, whatsoever. Both labels are flawless.

This recording is of course by Soul artist Al Gardner spelled as “Gartner” not the gruff-vocaled R&B Bluesman Al Garner on Excello. 

Current bid: £ 1.00

Time remaining: Approx. 5 days 9 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 11.00
Minimum Bid
£ 0.00
Current Bid
£ 1.00

Bid on I'll Get Along / All I Need Is You

Pete Hartfield

Love Me / Darling Tonight

A listing for the “Manic about Motown” here is in our opinion the Miracle labels hardest to acquire 45. Certainly in this condition, this 1961 Detroit Deep Soul ballad is near impossible to find.

Why Pete Hartfield only ever recorded one 45 for Motown is rather surprising; as his muscular vocal is acutely impressive, plus he wrote both sides of this double release of sad songs himself. The accomplished William “Mickey” Stevenson took charge of the production, injecting a forceful girl-group presence into both songs, with shrill girl choruses embellishing Hartfield’s pain.

The girl-group aspect is rather interesting as it is most-probably the beginnings of The Marvelettes or Velvelettes studio careers, any more definite info of the identity of these songbirds would be most welcome. As these two recordings, even though Motown never release Pete Hartfield again, are just quintessential early 60’s Motown Sound.

Two perfect labels, strong unblemished Mint minus vinyl, we doubt we’ll ever encounter a cleaner copy, seeing as this copy took us 25 years to corner. If you’re dedicated to Detroit, amassing Motown all your life..? this 45 is essential, not to mention if you appreciate and collect Rare Deep Soul this is one a 45, we doubt you’ll own. 

Current bid: £ 1.00

Time remaining: Approx. 5 days 9 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 11.00
Minimum Bid
£ 0.00
Current Bid
£ 1.00

Bid on Love Me / Darling Tonight

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