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Earl Gains

You Belong To Me C/w Don't Takev My Kindness For A Weakness

The legendary rare “510 XX” mix; Promo miss-press that plays “YOU BELONG TO ME” instead of the credited “I Have Loved And I Have Lived”

Prepare yourself for a relentlessly surging stomper; a thumping, snarling slab of the real stuff! Acrobat inducing runaway truck of a tune; who’s reputation has built up over the years, as the frustration of playing the relatively common release that plays correctly, became entirely annoying.

I just love these quirky pressing plant cock-ups, that provide the collector and DJ with worthwhile challenges to pursue for ownership.

We know this “title” appears on his highly elusive HBR album, but this being it’s only form as a 7”, with the Deluxe 125 release being a slowed down and totally inferior dreary mix.

Only way to own this floor destroyer at it’s much-prize single is to find this “NS folklore” miss-press and boy, is that an expedition into hair-pulling irritation…

Current bid: £ 149.00

Time remaining: Approx. 1 day 3 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 12.00
Minimum Bid
£ 161.00
Current Bid
£ 149.00

Bid on You Belong To Me C/w Don't Takev My Kindness For A Weakness

International G.t.o.'s

I Love My Baby C/w It's Been Raining In My Heart

I first encountered this juggernaut in a pre-Wigan Casino era in the wilds of Lincolnshire circa 1971 ?. When informed a young Soul Sam was playing Northern Soul in Lincolnshire; a Morris Minor Van full of unkept Pork-Pie-ville teenagers made the long excursion of 25 miles. How exciting trading one dull market town for another on a Friday night.. but for us super-hip young-souls it was at the time, perhaps our longest trip ever…

One new recruit inquired after 6 miles “Why the Fcuk are we traveling so very far for a night out?” the answer was.. “Soul Sam is the DJ and he has the International G.T.O’s” “new recruit” from the back of the van… “Fcuk!! I Don’t Wanna Catch it..!”

Like a scene from Elaine Constantine’s excellent “Northern Soul” movie, if you didn’t understand Northern Soul, you could well be heard making unwittingly funny remarks that near 45 years later, will still be remembered as the highlight of the evening…

THIS IS NORTHERN SOUL from the inauguration of the scene spreading into the sticks.. tunes like this made teenager take epic journey’s into the unknown…and to just think only 18 months later we stood in amazement in the Highland Room, at Blackpool Mecca..

This copy of memories is immaculate! just a brief hairline brush detected after a lengthy inspection, otherwise Mint.

PS do not overlook the hauntingly gorgeous flipside.

Current bid: £ 122.00

Time remaining: Approx. 1 day 3 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 11.00
Minimum Bid
£ 133.00
Current Bid
£ 122.00

Bid on I Love My Baby C/w It's Been Raining In My Heart

Shorty Long

Out To Get You C/w It's A Crying Shame

One of the very hard to snare Red & White’s! Offering not one but two killer Northern Soul dance offerings..

Even as the USA release this William Mickey Stevenson project is very hard to find on the original Soul 35005, as this 1965 TMG 512 stock release is also a mighty challenge to secure, as this non-hit sold virtually nothing upon release.

Before you today is the rarest and most desirable of all it’s formats. So today before you are two lovely clean labels, original company sleeve. AS-side vinyl would receive a Mint - grade but for a light isolated scuff NOT affecting play (as you will hear as you click on the impressive soundfile)

Two great sides - one essential TMG to own..

Current bid: £ 86.00

Time remaining: Approx. 1 day 3 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 11.00
Minimum Bid
£ 97.00
Current Bid
£ 86.00

Bid on Out To Get You C/w It's A Crying Shame

Timeless Legend

(baby) Don't Do This To Me C/w Where There's Love There's A Way

Just as I thought I was out of superlatives - the needle drops of this Rare Soul awakening - propping my weary head up, pricking up my ears like a dead-of-night guard dog.


There you go a three letter ejaculation for a record that has changed my day! With a simplistic piano tinkle (you then know, not a commercial disco note is gonna be played). Enter the purring vocal chorus, then the lead voice steps up - the gate to Rare Soul Nirvana opens!

Notes reaching heights that only despair can trigger, this session drips with regret, as remorse triggers the change and his buddies smooth the way with precise sweet harmony.

Actually, I’m outta superlatives that do this 45 justice - click the soundfile and see how it makes you feel to come into contact with the insanely RARE and the ridiculously brilliant..

PS the flipside will delight the harmony ballad fans but I envisage a mad scramble for ownership the the Top Rare Soul jocks… that may be too strong to counter.

Current bid: £ 52.00

Time remaining: Approx. 1 day 3 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 17.00
Minimum Bid
£ 69.00
Current Bid
£ 52.00

Bid on (baby) Don't Do This To Me C/w Where There's Love There's A Way

Willie Amos Hunt

Would You Believe C/w My Baby Wants To Dance

The real beauty of the rare British Soul release 45 does not come more eye-catching than this listing.

The real beauty of the rare British Soul release 45 does not come more eye-catching than this listing. Complete with its birth-sleeve and sporting two flawless labels certainly one Britains most-gorgeous.

But there is so much more this 1967 British impossible than it’s striking good looks, it is after all a 7 second shorter but SUPERIOR MIX to it’s USA counterpart on Streamside.

From the very first note you know it’s gonna different as the UK copy drops the guitar intro goes straight into booming vocal from the first note. William Hunt steadily builds the atmosphere assisted by a simplistic piano rhythm, blaring horns, low-blow Sax and a gang of shrill girls ramping up the background.

By any standard this Bobby Hebb composition is Northern Soul Big City Sound at it’s blistering best!

Current bid: £ 25.00

Time remaining: Approx. 1 day 3 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 11.00
Minimum Bid
£ 36.00
Current Bid
£ 25.00

Bid on Would You Believe C/w My Baby Wants To Dance


I've Got Style Vocal / Instrumental

This attention grabbing and insanely rare Northern Soul on a most-beautifully designed label; Has been a huge tune for over a for World renowned DJ Michael Robinson at Manhattan’s “Dig Deeper” club - a Soul-Speak-Easy where the tunes have to rumble and shake to make a turntable appearence.

Else where in the world, it’s extreme rarity has prevented it becoming wider known.

This classic styled stomper starts with some angry drum-skin wraps colliding with blaring trumpet blows. Then the lead vocal group takes hold and belts out real-deal Northern Soul! A choking lead vocal goes all out to deliver substance & emotion, as his teammates back him with muscular “Daa Darrhh’s” choruses and those trumpets continue to punctuate the song with evermore adventurous note combinations.

This is from the streets of I’m not sure where, but it’s damn impressively noncommercial and richer for its defiant atmosphere.. like all the great stompers over the decades, no attempt has been made to refine or polish in any way, just raw, off-the-cuff and oh so powerful.

Jimmy Raye’s “Philly Do Around The World” would be a close comparable, all guts and blast, as a true Northern Soul stomper should be.

Rarity? Well it is our FIRST COPY in memory and condition of the vinyl and both labels is glorious! Bigger NS Potential is staring right at you…

Current bid: £ 157.00

Time remaining: Approx. 1 day 3 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 12.00
Minimum Bid
£ 169.00
Current Bid
£ 157.00

Bid on I've Got Style Vocal / Instrumental

Imperial C's

Someone Tell Her

My wearisome craving for a top-flight vocal-group Northern Soul Grail is finally quenched!

One of my all-time favourite tunes, epitomizing the power a record can have over you. So stand-out, it ignites hair-bristling goose-pimples down my neck as those “street-Corner” vocals fuse and ride over a intentionally sparse backing track.

The simplistic arrangement is perfectly pitched to allow those emotional harmonies to bleed. So very Soulful, unpretentious and emotional. Even if this 45 was not Unicorn-Rare it would still sit at the top of my treasured 45s list.

Hits every Northern Soul G-Spot.. making ownership imperative…

Well let’s be Frank…when exactly are we gonna witness another copy in Mint - condition?

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 2,518.00

Billy Keene

Wishing And Hoping C/w Cross My Heart

This week’s lower valued NS offering for those of you who have children to feed; is a listing that every time we add it to our website, it flies out the door within hours or days.

The Los Angeles summer of 1968, again witnessed the incredibly hard working Mr. Arthur Wright in the studio, his expertise yet again crafting, not one, but two sides of delicious Northern Soul.

Typical “Wright-Horns” and “Whacking Piano Notes” produce another compelling NS dancer that is currently very-wanted, but flipping it over brings a real-treat as the pace drops but the potency doesn’t. Billy Keene serving up a pleading mid-paced wall-of-soul enriched by cooing girls turning up the volume answering Billy Keene’s ever increasingly pleas of despair.

This copy is flawless - instead of the “not being quick enough” disappointment of missing a copy - this relative “cheapie” can be yours in a few weeks time.. just make sure you attend Wednesday 15th.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 212.00

Lil Major Williams

Girl (you're So Sweet You're So Fine) C/w Girl Don't Leave Me

The very pinnacle of 80s Soulful Dance - they just don’t come any better than this! Not matter which side you drop the needle on…

I’m sitting here in dazed trance somewhere between wanting to embarrass myself by doing the around the desk “Office Dance” or chilling in the bath with a New World Red!

The coercive arrangement triggers the you straight into “dance” mode but in contrast the sexy Saxophone and silky trumpet solo, lulls you into rare soul “Dreamsville” - what a combination - this is genius at work..

Flip it over..and we are treated to NS Nirvana yet again; as the “Texas” in Mr. Williams seeps out, his beseeching vocal pleads and begs his girl not to go..the instrumental break gives you pause from his pain…but not for long

“Dear Major I’m Gone” “And I’m Gone For Good” Love Katherine a vision of Major sinking to his knees ..imploring “Girl, Don’t Leave Me - I Love You So…..

If you are not driven to pawning all the wife’s jewellery for have no business calling yourself a “Soul Collector”…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 2,017.00

West Wing

West Wing

This highly sought after 1975 Barry White Sweet Soul experiment that sold virtually nothing is on offer today - STILL SEALED!

Cocooned for 40 years unopened and perfect.

A group with huge experience behind them as The Remarkables of Audio Arts fame revamp their image but stay true to the harmonizing vocals that made Mickey Vance Wilson, Thomas Anderson & Horace Coleman’s reputation.

Please note: as this rare album is sealed, the sparse soundfile has been lifted from a file of a 2008 opened copy we sold - we advise a browse for “West Wing” material through YouTube to fully appreciate this 1 x 45 1 x album only group’s talent.

Note; Absolutely NONE of the 8 tracks ever reached 45 release! Soul as Sweet as it gets - guided by of of the “Greats” of music…Barry White.. and the only way to hear this music in full is to own the very elusive album… 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 152.00

Sisters Love

I'm Learning To Trust My Man

UK ONLY! and starting to receive a robust Northern Soul renaissance.

1973 100% Los Angeles conceived Soul-dance tune, that Motown in their wisdom never issued in the USA. British Mowest EMI executives on the other hand were constantly experimenting outside the box with their choices for 7” release, British Mowest 3009 was it’s birth.

Sheffield visionary DJ John Vincent started featuring this slice of Soul Sister defiance almost as a “new”release at the legendary Friday nights “Samantha’s Club”. Sparking instant lift off, that spread through to Cleethorpes Pier,. Wigan Casino, Blackppol Mecca such was the demand for this now deleted 45, prompted UK EMI to re-issued it, on UK Tamla Motown TMG1002 two years later.

Today to be able to offer a truly impeccable original 1973 original inside it’s birth sleeve and looking unplayed - is a small triumph, as NS demand is bubblin’ up and no doubt you TMG perfectionists will have their interest piqued also.

Click the soundfile and get a taste of early 70s L.A. and what happens when the likes of Pam Sawyer, Gloria Jones, Gene Page & Hal Davis hook up together….

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 133.00

Lonzine Cannon

Quit While I'm Ahead C/w Cold At Night

Underlining the saying “The Good Die Young” Van McCoy gave the USA Soul Music more contributions than almost anyone during his all too brief life.

Songs that varied from love song, Northern Soul Stompers and memorable disco. This 1962 New York creation panders to “Girl Attitude” as Luchi De Jesus picks the perfect vocal to smash out those defiant lyrics.

Her previous memories of the guy who wants her back - forces Lonzine to ignore her heart and “Quit While I’m Ahead”

Of yes, this thumping mid-range flawless WHITE PROMO offers up Northern Soul rattling with attitude and self assurance! Leaving you wondering how a man could write such vivid lyrics portraying a girl’s scars. Van McCoy could do it.. So now imagine what Mr. McCoy’s contribution would have been, if in 1979 he wasn’t taken by an unexpected heart attack at the tender age of 39.

Now we can only wonder at this man’s gifts…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 224.00

Step By Step

I Always Wanted To Be In The Band

10 killer tracks from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin from an 11 member Soul band, that incredibly never received full American distribution from Brunswick and astonishingly not one of these great tracks ever pressed as a 45 or 12” in the USA (can this be true ?)

Utterly astounding, as you’re about to hear SOUL GROUP DYNAMITE from our short selection of tracks, ranging from fabulous non-Disco influenced Soulful dance tracks to punchy Funk-spiced dancers. All benefiting from a potent horn arrangement and skillful male vocal harmonizing.

So without further delay - click the very impressive sound sample and be in wonder why Brunswick never issued any of the tracks as 45s..

If you are especially a rare 45 collector this Brewtown party can be found of Wisconsin’s most sought after label Cuca with an impressive 7” “Give It Away (do It Again) c/w Eloise but just like this album - so darn hard to find!

Current bid: £ 91.00

Time remaining: Approx. 1 day 3 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 11.00
Minimum Bid
£ 102.00
Current Bid
£ 91.00

Bid on I Always Wanted To Be In The Band

Kim Weston

I'm Still Loving You

We were getting a little concerned at the TMG drought - it’s been what seems an age since we’ve been able to list a TMG tantalizer in a condition level that pulls all the TMG upgraders into the game.

Before you today is a totally flawless 1965 Northern Soul classic that is particularly problematic to secure in near new condition. One of the obvious reasons being a lifetime of NS requests, after all it’s recognized as one of Motown’s leading Northern Soul contributions.

Immaculate labels, vinyl only reveals the slightest sleeve contact blemish or two in strong light..snugly hugging the wavy-top original Tamla Motown orange jacket.

It’s a beauty folks..and I can’t remember when I met a cleaner copy..

Fastidious TMG trawlers - look no further.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 396.00

Little Willie Littlefield

Baby Shame C/w Mistreated

This weeks R&B enticer is a 1957 San Francisco R&B rarity on the legendary RHYTHM Records label.

Mr. Littlefield’s notably gnarled vocal whips up a storm through an energetic “jump” production. Rattling piano thumps out the beat, wild guitar picking drives through the bridges to an almighty sax-break that elevates this already impressive shaker into greatness.

That saxophonist is crazed as he blows up a storm, then Little Willie glides back in the session.


Flip it over - for a somber slab of Bay Area Blues.. same backing musicians add to melancholy atmosphere, even to Sax-man keeps to his funeral march instructions to allow a clearly gifted guitarist to go it solo…

Two stand-out examples of late 50s Blues from this highly regarded indie label that Bob Geddins and Don Barksdale did so much to establish as one of the world’s most respected street-level “Black Music” labels.

Listening evokes visions of dimly lit, smoke cloud enveloped Clubs and a good time add by all - today I envisage a Northern Soul R&B crowd emulating those times nearly 60 years since..  

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 74.00

Richard Temple

That Beatin' Rhythm C/w Could It Be

If I was asked, what was this highly regarded labels rarest PROMO copy, I’d have to guess.. in fact it’s not something I’ve ever given any serious thought to, until now.

Thank heavens for our 15 year old database that tracks every listing and sale we have ever done. So imagine my surprise to find we have only ever had this one copy in that time. Surely an anomaly, maybe copies just haven’t come our way?

So we did a little search; No “Discogs” listing for a PROMO, no copies on GEMM or Musicstack. Only one copy revealed on CollectorsFrenzy in far less than Mint - condition. A good old faithful “Popsike” revealing fully 11 Mirwood WHITE DEMO’s to only 4 Jay Boy 31 DEMO’s.

I’m as surprised as you - you just gotta love the internet and the evidence it supplies…

This our solitary DEMO is Mint - and the data from the Record-Selling-World suggests it is much rarer than I first imagined; and we would certainly auction the extremely elusive Mirwood White Demo in MINT - condition, for sure.

A guess built on this evidence would suggest the many of you who collect this highly-respected label, will most likely not have the DEMO filed in their run, especially in flawless vinyl & label condition!

The Legendary CATACOMBS CLUB of WOLVERHAMPTON # 1 anthem! in it’s rarest format?….surely not!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 109.00

Jesse Thomas

Bases Are Loaded C/w Should I Pay Dues

New Orleans finest come together to craft PROPER NORTHERN SOUL.

Earl King Johnson writes, Wardell Querergue arranges and Theus Braden produces what can only be described as “Bangin” Northern Soul. From the very first note this ruthless production thumps out honkin’ horns, squealing girls all marry to carry a matured by life vocal.

All the potential for a 4 figure price tag, if more than just the hierarchy of “Lifeline” All Nighters and the like, were behind it..

Another immense dancer - suffering a little from it’s own rarity - an ideal candidate for the aspiring NS Jock who wants to spin tunes very few others own.

Deep Soul collectors will adore the heavyhearted flipside..which showcases Jesse’s vocal in it’s true light.

Vinyl is immaculate, as is the a-side label - minuscule water tinge on flipside label (see scan)

For those of you wondering about rarity - this is our FIRST copy in 25 years..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 265.00

Sam & Kitty

I've Got Something Good

A listing for the many of you who collect the Top 500 Northern Soul classics in their very rarest format - here’s one that you rarely witness.

West Coast PROMO press of Prestatyn Weekender’s most-requested spin. I guess on first hearing Sam & Kitty had the same effect as it had on me…total disbelief as the needle dropped on it as I exited the “Selct-A-Disc” cellar. Nearly broke my neck scrambling back down the precipitous stairs to find out what the hell had just hit my 18 year old ears.

I imagine it’s unprecedented Weekender exposure was caused by the punters wanting to experience their initial euphoria of the first hearing..

Anyhow, IT’S A MONSTER CLASSIC in a form that cannot be confused with any of the vinyl counterfeits, in a label design that stands out above all other variations.

You want the classics, you want them rare and looking gorgeous.. do not pass by - this variation you just don’t see - especially in flawless condition.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 311.00

Little Tommy

Baby Can't You See

Oh Mr. Wiggles you gave Northern Soul some beauties to consider didn’t you!

This extremely sought-after Richmond, Virginia stopmper has never ever “bootlegged”, one of those rare examples of Northern Soul that has spent it’s whole life in a USA collection side-stepping any Northern Soul Jock or collector wear and tear.

The vinyl is in blinding condition, as you’s expect from a filed copy, you could not imagine finer, mirror finish vinyl. Only the 2 Radio Station guidance X’s on the label are it’s only flaw.

We feel no need to describe the effect it has on the Northern Soul club crowd…we’ve all been caught in that avalanche of bodies dashing for a little dance-floor elbowroom, as Tommy takes off..

It’s all about - Condition, Condition, Condition!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 957.00


I've Got To Tell You About It Part 1 & 2

As good as it gets! As Rare As It Can Be!! As Sweet Of Honey!!

Total Soul Excellence!!

Take a listen to this exquisite harmony ballad from the streets of Washington, D.C. and prepare to be very, very impressed.

Sung with all the expertise you’d expect from a Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff guided session or a Marvin Gaye commanded “Originals” Motown recording. This production shimmers with precisely conducted vocals and subtle instrumentation finally decorated with a thoroughly seductive sax break.

CLASS! real CLASS! and so freaking RARE!

act accordingly.. if your a collector of real-soul!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 107.00


Gotta Have Your Love C/w Gee I'm Sorry Baby

In 2014 to find a British STOCK copy of this Northern Soul anthem in eye-popping condition is an inescapable pulse quickening experience.

All old school Soul Boys would kill for a Red & White promo, most of us will die with touching one. But with the as elusive STOCK copy, it is all about condition. Even a lightly used and treasured copy is very rare. But a coming to the market of a lifetime filed and coveted copy is beyond-rare.

We all know and love this masterclass in Philadelphia Girl Group Northern Soul it is after all a cornerstone of our scene, that in this astonishing flawless condition, is universally considered a British Grail.

Please excuse my condition fetish but vinyl and labels this standard just turns me on…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 334.00

Bobby Guitar Bennett

You Did It Again C/w Evol (love Spelled Backwards)

We were going to set sale this outstanding piece of 60s Philly but a few factors stopped us -..

  1. Only available as the STOCK copy (and so seldom seen)
  2. Never ever received a re-issue of any denomination
  3. So similar to Harold Melvin’s “Get Out” only this discs elusivity has prevented it rising to the ranks of “Timeless Classic”

Even though the vinyl has a minuscule very-edge run-in wobble NOT AFFECTING PLAY playing surface is Mint - and the label has a couple of h2o droplet stains (see scan) we felt it turns up so infrequently, “Auction” was still the only route.

So, take a listen to the consistency of the Philadelphia doyen of the studios Robert L. Martin, as he captures that “Get Out” atmosphere and betters it with a real-deal slab of Northern Soul. Bobby growls his way through a storm of horns and guitar slaps… serving you with an irresistible dancer.

Potent, relentless and oh so memorable..

Put “Get Out” away - play ‘em this piece of Philadelphia - so very much better.. and so hard to acquire..

Just assessed the tiny edge-lift again ..I think, I’m being a little OED.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 273.00

Big Mama Thornton

Wade In The Water

The undisputed Queen Of The Blues!

Here is her most-wanted Northern Soul / MOD 45 which has been a best seller for us and all other dealers for fully 3 decades now - list it and it’s gone.

We have just located a MINT unplayed (until the sound file was lifted). This is this weeks listing for the Vinyl OCD afflicted perfectionists, who accept nothing less than perfection, still sitting in it’s near 50 year old birth-sleeve.

If we list it on the site - it will leave here in a flash…

This listing gives everyone a 3 week window to consider, whether perfection is worth the extra pennies..

Current bid: £ 111.00

Time remaining: Approx. 1 day 3 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 11.00
Minimum Bid
£ 122.00
Current Bid
£ 111.00

Bid on Wade In The Water

Levon And The Hawks

He Don't Love You

Issued twice in the USA and not easy to find, on the ATCO release on either number… issued once in the UK and so darn difficult to find, especially in this 50 year state of perfectness.

MINT - in every way.

Click the sound-file and unleash a most unusual slab of mid-paced Northern Soul. A foot-stomping stroller decorated by a relentless and decidedly jazzy piano, ever present blaring horns, full on echo-chamber harmony chorus support an extremely confident vocal, just telling the lady exactly how it is.

“He’ll Break Your Heart”

So very positive - so damn infectious - one for the very discerning UK collector…condition can only be described as “mirror-like”

Current bid: £ 62.00

Time remaining: Approx. 1 day 3 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 11.00
Minimum Bid
£ 73.00
Current Bid
£ 62.00

Bid on He Don't Love You

Sam Dees

Soul Sister C/w Easier Said Than Done

Almost without exception on the rare occasions this 45 turns up - it is the double sided PROMO offering you only the excruciatingly Deep ballad A-side.

So very pleasing today, to be able to offer up this seldom seen STOCK copy with the mighty currently-breaking “SOUL SISTER” dancer on the flip.

Gritty gravel-coated blending of Southern Soul with FUNK. The result being a forceful NS dancerfloor persuader, that is currently very firmly on the way up.

For the DJ the time is now to claim ownership. For the old-school Soul Collector the time has always been now - as every recording Sam Dees has ever made are fundamental building blocks towards an enviable record collection.

Take time to listen to the flipside which encapsulates EVERYTHING about what made this man one of the greatest exponents of Soul Music to ever pick up a microphone or indeed a pen…

PS Condition is perfect btw.

Current bid: £ 167.00

Time remaining: Approx. 1 day 3 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 12.00
Minimum Bid
£ 179.00
Current Bid
£ 167.00

Bid on Soul Sister C/w Easier Said Than Done

The Brothers, Curtis

You Make Everything Better

Crazy About Crossover?

I am .. really crazy..or should I say stupid because I’ve never really listened to this song in the past. Boy is this my type-of-tune..a very classy jazzy, choppy dance enticement that has me currently hooked.

Check out those buoyant vocals slicing through searing strings, banging bongo raps to deliver a lush-Latin flavoured Northern Soul Crossover masterpiece! It’s relentlessness is contagious, as the sandpapered lead never drops his enthusiasm, even for a second.

I must be crazy.. not to have this in my DJ box .. it’s awesome.. make a note to yourself. Manship next time you must pay attention in the face of brilliance.

Current bid: £ 12.00

Time remaining: Approx. 1 day 3 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 11.00
Minimum Bid
£ 23.00
Current Bid
£ 12.00

Bid on You Make Everything Better

Hayes Cotton

Black Wings Have My Angel C/w I'll Be Waiting

This guy has a unique way of delivering SOUL that leaves you aching for more…raw and untamed power totally captivating! But perhaps not as captivating as its certified “Rarest Of The Rare” status.

All dealers and collectors can without fail tell you when and where they secured a rare dream-record. Like fisherman can tell you of their most-prized-fish catches in great detail.

The one and ONLY time I’ve ever found this trophy in the wild, was way back in the 80s when my regular visits to Rip Lays California shop/warehouse eventually led to me finish looking at his immense stock in Corncord, California. Having a few days left before my fight home and sleeping on Rip’s settee. He suggested after dinner I should check out the tin-shed in his backyard, as the temperature had fallen below the 90s.

Next day crack of dawn, like a ferret I was in that still steaming hot shed ripping into sealed boxes of 45s.. Choking dust, searing heat but I kept up the pace as a box of Diamond’s had just thrown me Kurt Harris, Joan Baker later a Celeste Hardie or two and tons of mid-range 70s grooves. Then my prize of the trip, a gleaming yellow beacon half way down an 100 count, lay Hayes Cotton staring back at me..

Damn pleasing day, as I sat at Rip’s kitchen table and to my disappointment after 12 hours craft. The Hayes Cotton, Kurt Harris & the next 5 records in my great find I inspected were warped… I said ..”Shit Rip my best finds are sodding warped…” Rip bemusingly replied “Of Course They Are’s gets over 90 degrees in that yard and like an oven in that shed…I won’t go in there… Spiders the size of mice”

From totally rippled to light storage, Rip was right every 45 had some form of buckling

This offering I can unequivocally tell you, must be the finest example on Planet Earth - totally flat and totally flawless.. after that not so euphoric trip down “Memory Lane” we’ll let Hayes Cotton do the rest of the selling….

Click and unleash a Northern Soul BEAST with very few equals…


Current bid: £ 717.00

Time remaining: Approx. 1 day 3 hours

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 17.00
Minimum Bid
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Freddie Houston

If I Had Known C/w Only The Lonely One

Strap yourself in!! Freddie’s booming vocal has the power to traumatize your soul.

The former Herb Ward cover up has proved over the years to be Freddie’s most difficult 45 to find. Typical Big City full orchestra backing supported an astonishing vocal, that smashes through like a rampaging wounded-beast.

An incomparable voice - totally out there on it’s own, in terms of power, delivery and presence. This man coveys emotion, you just cannot ignore..

Flip it over, the pace drops but that mighty vocal doesn’t..

Wanna add a record to your collection that offers up the very pinnacle of that “Lost Art” of the Big City sound..



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Bid on If I Had Known C/w Only The Lonely One

Irma Thomas

Time Is On My Side + 3

Girl defiance at it’s most impressive!!

A record that the Rolling Stones recorded as an album track, but impressed so much, it achievea a 45 release in the USA. No offense Mr. Jagger but you didn’t think that Irma’s on-her-knees performance was never ever gonna be improved on..?

“Time Is On My Side” stands today as Irma’s most-memorable recording as she injects sister-audacity into every word. But this is no “one cu”t EP the other three tracks deliver all the aspects that New Orleans Soul has to offer.

Even with no front-cover picture of the “Soul Queen Of New Orleans”, there is something completely irresistible about the sleek laminated 60s British EP jacket.. especially with cover, front and back, both labels and the two playing surfaces in neat, clean condition flawless condition!


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Bid on Time Is On My Side + 3

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