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Jr. Walker & The All Stars

Money ( That's What I Want ) Part 1 & 2

Junior attacks the Barrett Strong seminal Motown classic, wielding his tenor Saxophone and snarling voice to great effect; as Berry Gordy & Lawrence Horn deconstruct their first “Hit” and inject a Motown party atmosphere into the Hitsville studio as it seems the entire cast of Motown players gatecrash the proceedings.

Squealing, shouting, chants whip up into a vocal cacophony of fun. Synchronized hand-clapping, a “That’s What I Want” mantra from everyone there, sets the perfect “party” backdrop for that iconic squawking-Sax to to spear the air..

This recording above all others captures, the “high” sweeping Motown in 1966, the gang really shake the hell out of the song, that you will find yourself trying to recognize who’s vocals they may be..

So owning this testament to Berry Gordy’s team-building exercise had got to be in it’s most desirable and least seen clothes..

A flawless Green & White British Demo, reminding the owner of a “get Down” to end all “Get Downs” at Motown..

Current bid: £ 12.00

Time remaining: Approx. 4 days 1 hour

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
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£ 11.00
Minimum Bid
£ 23.00
Current Bid
£ 12.00

Bid on Money ( That's What I Want ) Part 1 & 2

High Powered Spirit Band

Be A Winner / I Know You Can

Highly sought after 80’s vocal group harmony dancer, seamlessly blending tight honey-coated vocals into a driving full-on dance arrangement.

Harmony Soul woven into a Jazz-load instrumentation, working so beautifully as it generates the urge to dance, as it ticks all the boxes for today’s European Soul clubs. Rarely do you hear such crystal clear messed together vocals riding a relentless dance rhythm.

Flip it over and as you’d expect, this gathering is gonna do a soaring Soulful Stepper as their accomplished teamwork suits the “downbeat” stroller so effortlessly.

Dead right for today, as Real-Soul is the demand of the day, at dedicated Soul events.. this hits the benchmark and beyond..

Current bid: £ 13.00

Time remaining: Approx. 4 days 1 hour

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 12.00
Minimum Bid
£ 25.00
Current Bid
£ 13.00

Bid on Be A Winner / I Know You Can

Billy ( Sugar Billy ) Garner

Your Wasting My Time Vocal / Instrumental

Real deal uncompromising, snarling Detroit Funker from the visionary desk of Dave Hamilton.

“Sugar Billy” collaborates with one of Motor City’s most productive producers, and lets rip into this mighty slab of funk. Wah Wah driven screamer on which he takes no prisoners.

Recently demand trigger a BGPS UK division reissue, which pleased many collectors as this disc is so hard to find in clean condition. This copy the label and the vinyl are immaculate, fidelity is crystal clear. No many Funk devotees own a copy not requiring an upgrade, from the defaced labels or crackly marked vinyl. This was however to be expect, it was a neighborhood project to be party’d with.

No upgrade ever required here, this is flawless throughout and we’re unlikely to find another in this unsullied state ever again..

One for the Funk DJ who cares greatly about CONDITION!

Current bid: £ 67.00

Time remaining: Approx. 4 days 1 hour

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 11.00
Minimum Bid
£ 78.00
Current Bid
£ 67.00

Bid on Your Wasting My Time Vocal / Instrumental

Bobby Hutton

Piece Of The Action

Still the only “cool” way to spin this TOP Northern Soul classic that simultaneously pleasured the faithful at the 3 major places of Northern Soul worship. (Blackpool Mecca, Cleethorpes Pier & Wigan Casino) all rocked to “Lend A Hand” during those halcyon days of 1974/76. The only way to play it back then, was to whip out your 12” to flaunt a LP everybody and his dog craved ownership of.

Brings back so many memories of the easy playing of Side One, Track One and playing 3.12 minutes of sheer Chicago joy to and ecstatic gyrating crowd all in unison on the perfectly timed hand-claps..

Still today one of the dancefloor “certs” but invariably played on the British reissue Anchor Records eventually released as a 45 fully 5 years after the birth of this LP.

To beat the OVO and be really cool, go back to the beginning, and play it from the elusive album, puff out your chet and whip out your “Big One”, all the better if it’s a Promo and autographed by Bobby Hutton himself.

Vinyl has some hairlines but plays flawless, White Promo labels are perfect, cover has WAFL Radio Station I.D. on the cover (see scan) but that thoughtless tarnish is counter balance by Bobby’s autograph from his unique appearance at Cleethorpes Weekend many years since..

Iconic tune, iconic LP, but you could always own and play the 1978 British reissue, if your not to fussy about Northern Soul history and it’s standout moments..

Slight cover damage top left corner.. from being flaunted by proud owners we presume…

Current bid: £ 91.00

Time remaining: Approx. 4 days 1 hour

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 11.00
Minimum Bid
£ 102.00
Current Bid
£ 91.00

Bid on Piece Of The Action

Frankie Valli

You're Ready Now

Add some colour to you Club Classic sets, turntable rubberneckers and Deck-cams will light up when this 1970 Red & White Demo spins round.

Not the 1966 first press we know, but so very hard to find, and so attractive and in flawless condition. We are thinking not many can boast of owning the equivalent in their collection.

Twisted Wheel classic rejuvenated by Phonogram’s relaunch that went on to become a Youth Club, School Dance and local Soul DJ staple for the next 30 years..

Mat we repeat this gorgeous variation ain’t easy to find and will set you apart from the multitude of NS DJ’s still dropping the arm this classic taking his audience down memory lane at dead the right time in the night, to trigger mayhem…

Current bid: £ 36.00

Time remaining: Approx. 4 days 1 hour

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 11.00
Minimum Bid
£ 47.00
Current Bid
£ 36.00

Bid on You're Ready Now

Freddie Butler

Save Your Love For Me / All Is Well

A Detroit NS icon with his most-wanted 45.

An elusive Detroit Northern Soul trophy that few have ever owned. So maybe not too many know this is a killer TWO sider from the rich vein of Soul coming from Clara Bell & Mike Hanks. With the flipside yet to receive the deserving turntable attention it so obviously begs.

Current bid: £ 1,223.00

Time remaining: Approx. 4 days 1 hour

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 13.00
Minimum Bid
£ 1,236.00
Current Bid
£ 1,223.00

Bid on Save Your Love For Me / All Is Well


He's A Wild One / He's The Boy

Beyond rare - Greatstone, Manchester spin breaks surface.

A very obscure double-delight of 60’s girl-group Northern Soul we know very little about, even the writer of both sides is unknown to us, as is the make-up of this obviously adroit sister-gathering.

None of the label info takes us any nearer origin or identity. All we know at this time is that these ladies are damn good, with this debut-disc most likely being a springboard for a career under a different name. Such fluid harmonies we doubt could have been a single 45 deal. Girl-group scholars feel free to put me out of my misery, and unveil who these exquisite ladies are…

East Coast influenced unity, woven into a full orchestra arrangement with thumpin’ horns, insistent castanets, serves up every that 60s era gave up, for Girl-Group to clamber to the top of the “IN” sound of the era.

If you appreciate your Northern Soul records to be as mysterious as possible, this proven rarity needs netting soon as..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 761.00

Chico, Barbara & Junior

Don't Cry ( Ain't I Black Enough For You ) / I Used To Be A Bum

Utterly infectious Chicago blending of R&B & Northern Soul from that fertile office of Melvin London.

Mel London is somewhat an unsung hero of Chicago Blues & Soul he was responsible for a plethora of neighborhood small press delicacies, also writing for Chicago’s greatest Black artists of the 50’s &.

Over the years Northern Soul has benefited hugely from have become hugely wanted Northern Soul collectables. So check out what a lifetime at the cutting edge of Chicago Soul ca create.

A relentless brass prompted rhythm, galvanized by non-stop hand claps; vocals rebounding of all 4 walls of the studio, echoing a mix of female attitude and male chanting. So VERY different and it works perfectly into a backdrop of Northern Soul Dance. I’m imagining an nighter-dancefloor reacting instantly to this effective dancer, that underlines Mel London’s ingenuity to make a great dance-tune..

Flip it over and you’re treated to another NS groove that will leave wondering which side you prefer..

I like BOTH sand the potential is glaring on the rarity proven 45..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 166.00

Scott Free

Running Wild / Gotta Find A New Love

Fantastic Atlanta double helping of vocal-group Northern Sou from the desk of the gifted Tee Fletcher, a sought after original Georgia rarity that so seldom, if ever comes to market.

a wealth of searching vocals follow a simplistic dance arrangement, with engaging piano breaks delightful piano, then an inviting bass guitar solo which the lead vocal takes advantage of.. this eptomises the street-corner harmonies that Northern Soul so warmly embraces.

But the Scott Free are not done there, flip it over for a captivating Sweet Soul harmony stroller that picks up just enough pace, to suit “Low-Rider” demands or a “Diggin’ Deeper” conversation stopper. Top-drawer tune..

ON BOTH SIDES! and already treasured resident of only the very top DJ’s boxes, , Soul Sam Mick H. etc.

This copy does have some surface marks but plays as you can hear, clean & clear.


Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 1,055.00

Miss Lavell

Everybody's Got Somebody / The Best Part Of Me

Rare British Demo of a highly rated “Duke” recording, sees the Queen Of Houston Soul release her one and only British 45 offering two sides the encapsulate her extreme talent for not only her powerful voice but also for her writing prowess as she performs two Soulful sessions with Deadric Malone, Gil Caple & Wilmer Shakesnider and performing that she wrote herself.

British 45 aficionados will confirm Vocalion is a lusted after label, an arm of UK Decca that concentrated on USA recording particularly R&B and Soul. With a license for Duke/Peacock they release some inspired choices. Bobby Bland, Al TNT Braggs Buddy Ace, Bud Harper etc. But only one Miss Lavell, even though this she was the leading-lady of Duke.

So what better way to own this rare disc, than an attractive 1965 DEMO in fine clean condition.

Click the soundfile, you will be hoping to perhaps catch her on a European tour, by all accounts she tears the house down with her potent-pipes.

Top side a strong Northern Soul dancer, dripping with all the qualities we expect from a Duke recording. Flip it over for a lost-jewel of Soul. A beautiful stroller featuring muted-trumpets to accompany her consummate voice.

Two great sides, one very rare disc

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 67.00

Reggie Saddler Combo

Hear My Song

A relentless honkin’-horn dancer, featuring tight vocal-group harmonies, beautifully timed key changes for the dancers a top drawer Carolina Northern Soul rarity, giving up everything the dancefloor can get their teeth into, including a squealing trumpet break, an uncompromising bridge, elevating the song to yet another level.

Reggie Saddler and team did for many years sit at the pinnacle of North Carolina neighborhood Soul, before in the early 70s, their extreme talent took them further North, coming under the guidance of such East Coast producers as Richie Rome & Bob “Glories” Yorey where they crafted some mighty fine NS Crossover.

An highly regarded outfit who’s every 45 is coveted. This local “Panther” release being their rarest, rawest offering to Northern Soul.

Click the soundfile, and prepare yourself for a quality NS Roller-Coaster ride, for the accomplished dancers to strut their stuff to…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 323.00

Mighty Lovers

Mighty Lover

If the record-sickness has got you so bad, that the sight of the raised “ARCHER” quickens your pulse? Join the club, I just adore first presses, yellow labels and in-your-face matrix stamps in the deadwax.

The predecessor to the Wylie / Hester Northern Soul 1968 anthem “Cool Off” this full vocal original, is superior by quite some way, showcasing vocal-group understanding of harmonies at it’s most acute..

Glorious vocals glide from one peak to the next with the “bass-man’s” interventions adding brilliance to an already brilliant recording; another 45 rubber-stamping the pairing of Richard Popcorn Wylie and Anthony Hester as one of the ultimate creative partnerships, which sadly came to an abrupt end with Hester’s passing at tender age of 34.

Listen and reflect on those magnificent Detroit Soul voices, and the couple of geniuses that just kept on adding to an addiction for superior Soul Music, with their spectacular music..

but not forgetting ownership of another rare “Yellow Label” and a big fat matrix stamp…ain’t never gonna help you kick the habit..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 332.00

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

Good Lovin' Ain't Easy To Come By

The darlings of Tamla Motown, the photogenic coupling that brought another dimension to place duets in the word of “hits”. These guys could do no wrong, every song now considered a timeless classic, the amalgamation of this pairings looks & vocals gave Motown their most effective partnership.

Here is one of this dynamic-deuces very best sessions, 100% guided by Nick Ashford & Valerie Simpson, they give us those unforgettable lyrics, from those iconic but now sadly passed voices.

So it you like classic Motown in its rarest form, in the finest condition possible. Here is Marvin & Tammi captured on an immaculate 1969 DEMO that you’ll never have to upgrade…

A record almost as attractive as the singers..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 60.00

Little Dooley

You Twine So Fine / Look Over Your Shoulder

In Loving Memory of Mick Howard who very sadly passed away this week. All round great guy and standout DJ, will b greatly missed by all who knew him

Seriously RARE 1966 New York collaboration brings together Chicago influenced saxophonist/writer/producer the prolific Eddie Silvers, with future KoKo Records owner Johnny Baylor.

On this earlier street-level recording Johnny Baylor displays the talent that progressed through to running one of Soul’s most prolific labels through 1968 to the early 70’s. Koko provided the Soul fan with many standout recordings.

Potent Northern Soul dancer that has just started to reappear on Northern Soul playlists after a period turntable hibernation that its extreme rarity was bound to trigger, as few DJ’s can boast this killer in their “box”

Hats off to Mick Howard for reactivating a slab of real-deal Northern Soul, with the bonus of “Over Looked” Big City slice of Beat Ballad Heaven that I personally love just as much.

Truly hard to acquire and dripping with huge potential for the “Bigger Ticket”. Two great sides that will win the Northern Soul dancers hearts, no matter which side you drop the needle on.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 596.00

Tina And The Mexicans

Just Hang On

We acknowledge that once you’ve been foraging for British made Soul 45’s all your adult live it becomes increasingly difficult, almost impossible to find some you don’t already own; in that condition standard you set yourself decades ago.

Well here’s a very rare 1967 “Northern Soul styled” dancer that just never pops up. We doubt many already own it or indeed have heard it; it’s a B-side of 60’s recording originating in Ireland. With the gorgeous blonde Tina backed by 7 energetic Irish “Mexicans” who gather quite a reputation on the “Show Band” circuit of the 60s.

So how strange the flip side ticks all the requirements for the Northern Soul dancefloor. Dana Valery, Joanie Sommers, Tammy St. John style Northern Soul with strong male vocal-group chorus, enriching the arrangement. Squealing Trumpets, rattling drums, honkin’ horns.. and that abrupt ending, make this one standout British will fall in love with.

Click the sound-file and prepare to be surprised at the quality of this tune that has escaped the notice of many for 50 years!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 66.00

The Capitols

Dance The Cool Jerk

very RARE 1966 British in immaculate condition.

Uk Polydor changing the Capitols name to the “Three Caps” to avoid confusion with the beginning to be established “Lee Grant and the Capitols” “Butch Moore And The Capitols” Decca.

Condition of this so seldom encountered platter could NOT be’s spanker of the like we shall never meet again.

a 67 on the back cover it’s unbelievably it’s only pimple on the face of Pop-Arrt excellence!!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 44.00

Roy Smith

Very Strong On You / It Happens To The Best Of Us


Before is the RARE original version of the Cortez Greer song on Violet, that was craftily counterfeited; not on the back of demand, but on the back of being such a great find, perfect Northern Soul that was sure to take off BIG.

The bootlegger never achieved his expectations as the “fake” was spotted early on in it’s NS turntable life, and the original Cortez Greer 45 never became the Northern Soul monster it promised to be.

That was all before may were aware of the original take on that mysterious, highly collectable Albany, Georgia answer to “Shrine”, Delphi is a label that has always held great interest to me. I have found a few 45s over the years from Roy Smith’s venture, all of them good, all of them rare and intriguing. Even more enthralling as the release numbers suggest as many as 19 or more Delphi 45s. I’ve only ever seen 9, leaving fully 10 numbers begging for a Northern Soul enigma to be solved.

This is # 008 and ridiculously rare 45, showcasing Roy Smith’s rich vocal making a mockery the premise of inferior “blue-eyed” vocals. This guy can sing, he can write, he can produced and has given Northern Soul so many titles “I Got The Fever” being his best loved.

The recording was picked up by Liberty and released on #55975 but on Delphi real label and Northern Soul collectors know very few over the decades have come to market.

Delphi, you’ve been in my head for 40 year, since I found a copy of The Prophet - Talk Don’t Bother Me - # 007 in 1976 what else in your catalog is there to discover?

Two great sides from an highly talented man, who like so many others, has sadly only received recognition from the Northern Soul Scene.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 221.00

Fantastic Four

( I'm Gonna ) Live Up To What She Thinks

You don’t have spend your kids inheritance on vinyl, in the quest to elevate your collection and turntable time into a memorable compilation. This crowd-pleaser ticks both those desires in one hit.

Vinyl & Label perfect on a Ric Tic White DEMO is one thing, but what George Clinton achieves shortly before changing direction into ground-breaking Funk, is truly phenomenal Detroit vocal-group Northern Soul, that will hook you for life on the very first listen. IMHO one of the greatest recordings ever to emerge from the Motor City, intricate vocal arrangements seamlessly knit together into an inviting quintessential Ric Tic production benefiting from a exquisitely executed Mike Terry arrangement.

Drips with class, shimmering with flawless collectability and the crowd LOVE IT!!!

Current bid: £ 120.00

Time remaining: Approx. 4 days 1 hour

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 11.00
Minimum Bid
£ 131.00
Current Bid
£ 120.00

Bid on ( I'm Gonna ) Live Up To What She Thinks

Romance Watson

Where Does That Leave Me

The highly desirable, rarely seen Black issue of New York Beat Ballad Heaven from the desk Van McCoy and Henry Jerome.

Oh the power, I’d actually forgotten just how good this mighty production was.

Current bid: £ 44.00

Time remaining: Approx. 4 days 1 hour

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 11.00
Minimum Bid
£ 55.00
Current Bid
£ 44.00

Bid on Where Does That Leave Me

The Grey Imprint

Do You Get The Message / The Other Side


Without doubt one the the biggest tunes on the Northern Soul scene at the moment as the Top European DJ’s agree it has to be part of their rare-sets, as “Grey Imprint’s” qualities trigger that elusive instant dancefloor euphoria and you’re turntable time is up and running..

Few records actually guarantee ecstatic crowd response but this potent honkin’ horn intro, and the rasping vocal have placed this 45 right at the summit of the current dancefloor dash candidates.

This is real-deal NS delivered by the blend of hard-line horns and a lead vocal displaying that always attractive trait of a battle weary, nicotine & whiskey worn tonsils overworked with enthusiasm and a terrace of horns, battling each other, to who pull of the most outrageous notes (we think the trumpet at the finale, wins that game by a whisker)

May we repeat.. THIS IS NORTHERN SOUL at it’s most motivating!

Current bid: £ 1,023.00

Time remaining: Approx. 4 days 1 hour

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 14.00
Minimum Bid
£ 1,037.00
Current Bid
£ 1,023.00

Bid on Do You Get The Message / The Other Side

Andrea Henry

I Need You Like A Baby / The Grass Is Greener

Ja Neen Henry under the wing of one of Detroit most creative producers, Herman Griffin. Who crafts the very essence of 1968 Detroit with a goose-bump inducing full orchestra support for this lady’s decidedly delicious voice gliding over a subtle horn, string and piano surround. With a the compulsory Motor City male and female vocal group enriching the chorus.. then a masterstroke from Herman as he adds a purring single male vocal to answer Ms Henry’s needs.

It all adds up to utter brilliance as this sultry Northern Soul stepper can’t help but creep under your skin.. and into your heart.

Not forgetting the equally good flipside that has never received the turntable action it has so deserved; so check out the flip “The Grass Is Always Greener” after your shivering spine has subsided..

Two for the price of one with this immaculate, flawless PROMO

Current bid: £ 88.00

Time remaining: Approx. 4 days 1 hour

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 11.00
Minimum Bid
£ 99.00
Current Bid
£ 88.00

Bid on I Need You Like A Baby / The Grass Is Greener

Ike & Tina Turner


So rare! So Good! that two decades ago when we sold this Grail for an unheard of sum, it caused mutterings of Ike & Tina 45 can’t be rare. 20 years later not such murmurs are heard, as this 45 is now firmly establish as the dynamic duo’s rarest of best Northern Soul 45 by quite some way.

In fact it is the first time we have had a mint minus copy, since those days of convincing a top DJ this 45 will tear the place up, and no other DJ will have it! He took our advice and the rest is history! With the likes of Ted Massey in ownership this 45 is getting more and more in-demand.

Now consider as the ultimate drop, in the quest for dancefloor mayhem. Explosive in so many ways, as this pairs vocals are at last matched with a production that isn’t engulfed by Tina & Ike monumental singing.

Utterly unforgiving Northern Soul, that drives with the power to drive you to the precipice of dance-endurance..!

This dog-rare 45 is flawless, may we repeat MINT minus!!!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 694.00

Jimmy Ruffin

I've Gotta Let You Go / Since I Lost You - Edited To 1:29 Secs


One of the greatest ever Northern Soul unreleased Motown recordings, presented here as the authentic Jobete Music 7” acetate.

From the collection of a long term dedicated Motown collector. We never thought this would be let go, by anyone.

It is after all one of the most fantastic Northern Soul dance recordings ever made, shelved and later released by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas. Although Martha’s take is fabulous, this the original take of just out-of-this-world.

Click the soundfile, and dance wherever you are standing Motown or Northern Soul does not get any more inspiring or RARER than this!

Current bid: £ 514.00

Time remaining: Approx. 4 days 1 hour

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 14.00
Minimum Bid
£ 528.00
Current Bid
£ 514.00

Bid on I've Gotta Let You Go / Since I Lost You - Edited To 1:29 Secs

Barbara Kay

That's What Angels Are For

Brit Girl with an under the radar Big Production girl delight

Current bid: £ 1.00

Time remaining: Approx. 4 days 1 hour

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 11.00
Minimum Bid
£ 0.00
Current Bid
£ 1.00

Bid on That's What Angels Are For

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