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Gonna Make A Change / Beside My Love

1958 UK rarity in dream condition!

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The winning bid was £ 198.00


The Ladder Of Love / Let's Make Up

One of THE most elusive of all those relentlessly hunted 50’s tri center British releases of the stand-out USA Doo-Woppers.

Of course at the time, this Sid Bass New York masterpiece sold nothing in the UK. Today it is a trophy that just never surfaces, especially in it’s birth-sleeve, tri-center fully intact, neat clean unblemished labels.

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The winning bid was £ 235.00

Bobby Sharp And The Impressions

Who Said A Boy Couldn't Cry / Southern Georgia

Rare 1963 Oklahoma teener clearly depicting a boy in deep distress..

Rejection and lost-love a strong theme for so many early 60’s Teen recordings. This local Oklahoma City D.I.Y. 45 drips with those elements, with a somber Bobby Sharp moaning and groaning all the way through this tale of love’s cancellation. It will most probably change your mood, so flip it over..

for a strong Teen-Rocker with a shrill girl group chorus. The record company went with the mood of the time and led with “cry-baby” ballad. But the side that the carriers the value for us,is certainly flip. Which after a bemoaning intro, flips itself on it’s head delivering a pacy dancer.

Not need for us, to reiterate it’s insane rarity - try Google..we came up amost BLANK!

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The winning bid was £ 21.00

Arthur Alexander

You Better Move On

The dilemma was, which auction do we drop this insanely rare album into.. because everybody loves Arthur Alexander, but most have likely given up on owning his first album, especially as the near impossible 1962 British press!

The dedicated Soul boys take a peek at the “discerning vinyl” auction. London collectors always do, and those chasing the seriously rare also hope to see records of this calibre. So the Rock, Pop & Ska auction we chose even though this Muscle Shoals student of Soul is essentially one of the most influential Black Artists of the last century.

To witness this iconic LP in flawless condition, is not only an unimaginable event for me. But for the collector to be able to carefully place this ultra-rarity on the turntable, listen to unblemished vinyl belt out this “Greats” voice; Spy those perfect labels, then carefully slide it back into it’s polylined inner birth-sleeve. Then carefully slid back into that lovely laminated flipback is a moment to savour…

that is the pure joy of record collecting. Listening and then lovingly returning it to the shelves for another moment of joy sometime in the future. Happy in the fact that you can repeat that cherished moment, absolutely any time you wish.

Apart from a few very light minuscule blemishes on side A surface, and some light browning on the back cover. this album in top-notch unbeatable condition.

Ownership is essential if you want to rest easy… whilst admiring you vinyl collection..

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The winning bid was £ 149.00

Lee Andrews & The Hearts

Try The Impossible / Nobody's Home

RARE 1958 UK Tri center London outing for Philadelphia’s Premier late 50’sd vocal-group gathering.

A beautiful copy, so seldom seen for samle

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The winning bid was £ 98.00

Mr Joe English

Lay Lady Lay / Two Minute Silence

An off the scale 1969 British rarity, with the highly regarded Paul Korda deconstructing the Bob Dylan classic “Lay Lady Lay” to impressive effect.

Atmospheric delivery with a simplistic arrangement

This Promo is totally flawless unblemished vinyls, totally clean labels, check out the double soundfile, that’s very much of it’s time; drenched in Progressive riffs complimented by a pleading vocal, and angelic echoing girls group choruses.

Flip it over for another recording, underlining that confused transitional period in Rock in Britain at the end of the 60s/ With Korda drawing from Jazz, Soul, Rock and Prog.

Another extremely rare British ONLY 45, we’ve never experienced as a STOCK copy.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 19.00


What Makes You / Decision For A Lost Soul Blue

RARE 1968 Detroit Garage promo in spectacular condition! First label before Atco, is Carl Cisco’s coveted vehicle that usually gives up highly-sought after Northern Soul, but this time Carl guides Joe Memmers creations through two impressively resentful recordings.

The thing that intrigues about these street-level independant productions is what actually happens to young aspiring Rock or Soul artists with the ability to write not one but two impressive songs, only to sink into obscurity without hardly a mention of their work..

Or maybe Joe moved on to become an actor, featuring in that unparalleled “Breaking Bad” TV smash hit, in series 5.

Well Joe if that is you, the very same “Joe Memmers” who carefully crafted two song that sneaked out on this respected Michigan label, let me say you had a strong talent for writing memorable lyrics.

We lead with the flipside that carries a tad more “attitude”, delivering a wild lengthy guitar break, before that expressive vocal, by the ending, rips right off the scale.

The side Carl Cisco chose to lead with, is every note as interesting, without quite reaching the vocal delinquency of the flipside, but displaying an even more insane guitar interlude..of Michigan-madness.

TWO great sides, one very elusive disc in this stand-out condition.. just with maybe more intrigue injected into it’s history.. this 45 is certainly not “Breaking Bad” but a flawless 45 with two tiny X’s being it’s only flaw..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 6.00

Derrick Morgan & Patsy / Roland Alphonso

I Feel So Fine / Mean To Me

The “Housewives Choice” pairing of Derrick Morgan & Millicent Todd again deliver a captivating duet as they drawn heavily from another girl/boy team; Shirley & Lee’s “Feel So Good” melody pops in and out of this pleasing session.

Flip it over to find the highly regarded Roland Alphonso in a laid-back Jazz mood ,throw some SKA notes into the mix. Classy,skillful and so chilled..

Not an easy 45 to acquire in collectible condition. 4 prong die-cut center is full intact. Vinyl has multiple tiny fine surface hairlines but do not affect play.Both labels are free of any flaws.

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The winning bid was £ 18.00

Bobby Aitken

Shame And Scandal / Coconut Woman

Oh yes, relentlessly pumping horns, strong lead vocal enrich by a chanting chorus. Strong saxophone intrusions, Prince Buster style woops and shouts, this has everything to invite you onto the dancefloor!

Flip it over and you’re treated again to the same “group” enthusiasm digging out a cool dance rhythm scattered with vocals chants, squeals and all manner vocal contortions… and again the saxophonist steals the show..

Two really great sides served from neat clean vinyl surfaces and two unblemished labels..

Do not pass by - 

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The winning bid was £ 16.00

Bim & Clover

I Am Disgusted / Fire In My Wire

Ed “Bim” Lewis serves up innuendos by the truckload..Filthy 1970 Reggae on a super-clean disc.

A casual vocal spits out those naughty lyrics on a raft of saxophone and guitar dance rhythms..

“She Has a New Rock To Hold In My Pocket”

..With the flipside being just as suggestive; how could anyone not want a own this cheeky Reggae session.

Especially as it is in fine clean, flawless condition. Vinyl and labels are a strong Excellent

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 11.00

Sir Lord Comic And His Cowboys / Maytals

Ska-ing West / If You Act This Way

Very sought after double-helping of classic style SKA 45, a rare # in this much-loved series, not overlooking The Maytals hidden away on the flip.

This copy as you can see has two clean labels - vinyl has some mild light blemishes but as you can hear it play loud clean & true.

Click the soundfile to unleash two strong examples of the genre, both saturated in those homegrown neighborhood characteristics that define SKA.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 26.00

Marianne Faithfull

Sister Morphine /something Better

The legendary 1969 Mick Jagger, Keith Richard & Marianne Faithful collaboration that Decca withdrew from circulation.

Whether you be a “Stones” completist or an investor into vinyl that will always remain rare; you will not locate a finer example of this “Rock-Siren’s” most compelling recording.

A tortured Progressive Rock floater ,with huge atmospheric impact for the listener; as the sultry”Girl On A The Motorcycle” pleads for the company of “Sister Morphine” and “Cousin Cocaine”.

It is little wonder then, London Decca withdrew this 45 portraying a young girls addiction to hard provide the dedicated stalker of significantly elusive 45s of British birth, another trophy to chase.

May we, reiterate this, noteable passing of “British Rock History” is in just sublime condition…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 60.00


Can I Have My Money Back / Fresh As A Daisy

One of those early 70’s wannabe bands who fells through the cracks of the British music industry leaving not a trace to follow up on. A listing for those many collectors of the seriously obscure Brit-bands.

For the top-side “Ragamuffin” borrow the 1971 Gerry Rafferty album track, as expected heavily influenced by Rafferty’s penchant for Celtic Folk music.

Flip it over, for great take on the 1970 Emmit Rhodes ABC Dunhill recording. Featuring strong guitar riff, and building drum rolls and tight vocals.

This is a seriously rare STOCK copy of which we have never had in stock before, and according to “Google” neither it seems, has anybody else.

Noting this copy is utterly FLAWLESS!

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The winning bid was £ 6.00


Musical Train / Lowdown Girl

Rare number in the RIO series.. oh how beautiful are those under-stated mid-60s “Yellows” with the knowledge that most every release gives-up something special, this 45 is no exception to the rule.

Top side gives up beautifully naive vocal group SKA with the occasional injection of a Doo-Wop riff or two. Simplistic piano drive the arrangement with a quirky organ break..some inspired rapping all coming together, begging for a second listen.

Flip it over for a beseeching harmony plea from this tight-boys.. soulful voices riding an enchanting rhythm. Love this side two, especially the lengthy instrumental break, hardening it dance-appeal.

small hole 4 prong die-cut center fully intact, both labels totally free of any flaws. Both vinyl have some mild surface marks, but as you can hear both sides play clean & true..

An impressive piece of SKA in very pleasing condition.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 10.00

Tommy Mccook / Duke Reid

More Love

A cocktail of Trumpet & Clarinet propel this SKA delight with a swirling Hammond thrown in for good measure, resulting in a mesmerizing instrumental; totally captivating from start to finish.

Flip it over for a feelgood vocal group journey with he lead vocal, salted with a rough edge of experience. As the backing group enrich the session..

Both sides of this original give up, inspiring examples of it’s genre..

Multiple mild surface marks, but plays really clean. Flipside label has some previous ownership monikers (see scan)

Then listen to not one but two, impressive tunes.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 14.00


Kwyet Kinks

Eye-popping condition!! of the like I’ve never seen before.

This heralded 1965 British EP just never turns up at this level of perfection.

Both labels and vinyls are astonishly Mint minus, forensic spindle center-hole inspection suggest maybe 2 or 3 plays in it’s lifetime..

“As Good As It Gets” This 51 year old label & vinyls are truly sopectacular.

Laminated front cover is clean, a few very mild whispy scuff (scrutinize san). Back cover is free of writing or stains. Mild ring rub over the “K” see scan. Top edge of the left hand opening has a tiny tear, tiny indeed and it is this fabulous offerings ONLY flaw to consider!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 55.00

Music Machine

Talk Talk /come On In

Los Angeles 5 man Garage band, with a huge underground appreciation built on their disaffected-youth image, and recording style.

This 1966 recording was the band’s first on a Hollywood based label with an impressive roster of giving “unknown” bands their start. A large proportion of the desirability of this listing lies in the flawless rarely seen unblemished “Face” picture cover.

Label has a tiny bb drill, vinyl is super clean, with just a very few mild blemishes, as you can hear both sides play without flaw.

Take a listen to Sean Bonniwells snarling lead vocal, inviting attitude and angst from the other 4 members… Bad Boys who for three years released some undeniably provocative music..

Here’s their first - complete with the picture cover!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 49.00

Roy Orbison

God Love You / Changes

The British “Orbison” 45 nobody purchased when it was released by Decca through their “London” vehicle in 1972.

Maybe the vision of the scan, this early 70s failure, does no send the blood-pressure into overdrive. But to a British stalker of rare vinyl by those all time “greats” will fully appreciate this is “Orbison’s” as a seldom seen British single; and those “London” addicts will also confirm HLU 10358 is a tough # to file into place on the shelf.

This copy is flawless, still in it’s birth sleeve..

A record for the collection of Record collectors who can’t live with an 1/2 completed LOndon run, or a Roy Orbison 45 that completes the Big “O’s” 7” catalogue.. on both counts collecting in these genre. This disc is annoyingly elusive!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 23.00


Baha-ree-ba! Part 1 & 2

Did they meet in the studio that day, for a showdown. Maybe a bar-wager on who could be the most delinquent with their instrument..?

The result being this insane 1963 California instrumental Surfer in the tradition set by Dick Dale & the like. A kitchen-sink production throwing everything at hand, into the mix. Whilst the guitarist dominates the session with relentless plectrum attacks, beating off an insistent saxophonist, and a swirling “Giant Bee” as it cuts the air.

Mad chants of “Baha-Ree-Ba!” confirm their Beach-Bum status.. of nonsensical jive..

An off-the-scale “Tittyshaker” evoking visions of studio-mayhem as the musicians agitate each other for “position” on the recording. What a rumpus! What brilliance! as spontaneity wins the day! Smacking you, square between the eyes with menacing “Surf-senselessness” that morphs into one of the most-exciting early 60s instrumentals, I’ve ever had the pleasure… eer.. being awoken by!

LOVE IT!!! to death!!

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The winning bid was £ 16.00


Hypnotized / Elana

Rare Dallas Texas 60’s Psyche garage.

Easy vocals absorbed by a Psychedelic arrangement of guitars, cymbal and sympathetic drumming, crafting an arrangement that slowly creeps up on you, as the band ramp up the atmosphere. The crescendo squeal from the lead vocalist followed by an enthusiastically delivered guitar break.

Some elements of this “trippy” production are inspired; I particularly like the unique ending, with a unexpected drum-roll preceding a single smack of the guitar strings.. so cool!!

The flipside the group go down a softer route, but again flaunt their talent with a wispy ballad with the Hammond organ & the guitar rolling out a carpet for the sultry vocal to saunter on… again an impressive guitar solo is delivered, adding another pleasing dimension.

Rare ad is fine clean condition! 

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The winning bid was £ 41.00


Substitute (usa Mix) / Waltz For A Pig

WHO fans - will already be aware, this 1966 USA 45 seldom turns up for sale - in any condition… But as a 1966 USA PROMO copy in MINT condition - only leaving it’s birth-sleeve for us to lift it perfect sound from it’s surface, is a seriously rare occurrence fully 50 years after it’s conception.

Iconic WHO recording as they almost invariably “opened” their live recording instantly stirring performance. This USA PROMO, as yo can hear is a “Different” mix to the UK Brunswick release. With tailor lyrics and an edit to avoid USA radio station indignation as a lines was rewritten and verse cut, to avoid offense.

Not only RARE but in this astonishing condition, dare we say near impossible! 

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