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Little Arthur Mathews

Bad Bad Bulldog / Hot Diggitty Dog

Relentless Los Angeles R&B shaker, such a powerful dance groove this tune could well cross-over the Jump-Blues fence and straight into the Northern Soul R&B camp.

Backed by Johnny Otis and his Orchestra the relentless backing arrangement rattles away as Little Arthur strolls through the lyrics with “Growling” Dog impersonations for company, then without warning a vibrant Sax break takes charge, lifting the recording to yet another level..

Flip it over and you’re treated to an even more energetic Rocker that some prefer.. but “Bad Bad Bulldog” is our choice as this would Rock-The-House of so many different genres…

Note: This 1956 original press is in spectacular condition, even retains its original birth-sleeve. You will not find a finer example - Mint minus grade but was most likely unplayed before we found it..

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The winning bid was £ 86.00

Elvis Presley

The Best Of

Oh what a sensational copy of this 10” trophy, never witnessed in this spectacular condition.

Maticulously check out those flawless scans - listen to the soundfiles lifted directly of the highly-fidelity vinyl that only reveals a few hairline blemishes in strong light.

TWO perfect gold text labels plus ORIGINAL polylined inner-sleeve.

The fully laminated cover is a beauty to behold. Tapered spine is near perfect. Front cover reveals a couple of light top-corner rubs (see scan) back cover is clean free of writing, stain or tears, note the light crease of the flipback bottom right, insignificant forgivable flaw; as is a puny speck of laminate flake very middle of the right-hand opening (see scan) there is also a pinhead flaw near the end of his guitar (to the left of 3rd tuning key)

We have got really picky with this description as condition is EVERYTHING whilst dealing with one of Elvis’s most-important artifacts..

If I live to be a 100 I doubt I’ll find a better copy..

Own now..or maybe live in regret ..

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The winning bid was £ 214.00

Tiny Fuller And His Combo

Shock / Cat Walk

Two rare Memphis Jump-Blues instrumentals that will have you up and out’cha seat, instantly inspiring mix of Blues and with a pinch of Cajun, all delivered with guitar skills that leave you in awe..

“Shock” a foot-twitcher of undeniable power, as the hammond beefs up the already unconquerable guitar..

“Cat Walk” has the exact same power but adding an Harmonica to the proceedings ..with Tiny Fuller adding a few morsels of a vocal, whilst he crazily picks away at the guitar..

Don’t know about you but listening to these two sides has electrified my morning…with BLUES-BRILLIANCE! twice over

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The winning bid was £ 90.00

Idle Race

The Skeleton And The Roundabout / Knocking Nails Into My House

The elusive original 1968 UK press in splendid condition. It was of course reissued by demand in 1976.

The “Demand” for this Birmingham gathering’s work grew on critical acclaim and belated airplay from John Peel etc. often after the vinyl release was deleted. Hence all this group’s albums & 45s are highly sought after and extremely hard to acquire.

The writer of both songs on this disc Jeff Lynne, was building a strong underground reputation with his extreme guitar talents and when in 1970 he went on to form “Electric Light Orchestra” with former band member Roy Wood, the vinyl demand for this pairs early work rocketed.

Before you today is an immaculate 1968 copy of The Idle Race’s third single, still sitting in its original birth sleeve, two perfect labels, both sides of the vinyl could hardly be finer - so fine in fact, we believe you could not feasibly better it.

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The winning bid was £ 21.00

Prince Buster

Seven Duppy / Shanty Town

One of this icons least seen Blue Beat releases..

As usual Cornel Campbell’s consistency for providing two winners on one disc is again underlined with this fabulous SKA instrumental. Nay, this recording is so much more than fabulous “Seven Duppy” underscores just how outrageously skilled Prince Buster was a writer/producer and how proficient his choice of musicians were.

This instrumental is an amazing piece of SKA with every band member showing extreme expertise with his instrument. Killer trumpeting, goosepimple inducing Sax, rattling precise rimshots on the drums, a burping trombone at the end just leaves you feeling so darn good…

I’m in love with this tune!

Flip and not far behind is another “Buster” creation to change your mood, as his expressive vocal rides an inspiriting horn backing…and again a trumpet solo from the top-drawer.

So good is the music it diverts your attention from the fact, the 60s practice of removing the “push-out” center has been rendered.. if matters not, this 45 gives it all …

SKA perfection, that has left me wondering how the hell did the “Liverpool Sound” of one drummer, and 3 inept guitarists with horrid voices ever catch on…?

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The winning bid was £ 89.00

Uncle Sam & The War Machine

Spy Girl / Hold On

Impressive & rare 60s Cleveland, Ohio Garage with a cult-appreciation.

Top side is an explosive Hammond dominated session, delinquent vocals discharge the lyrics, whilst the instrumental arrangement in the background races to a finale of insane keyboard work prompting the group-vocals to savagely spit their last words.. wonderfully deranged independent production.

Flip it over and the same ingredients are injected into the session but in a much more refrained style, resulting in a fabulous example of 60s Psyche, as Steve Zoller’s production unfolds as a relaxing slightly psychotic mid-pacer..

This rare 60’s double-hitter is in gloriously clean condition with the light promo-plug rubber-stamping being its only flaw.

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The winning bid was £ 28.00

Bob Andy / Sonny Burke

I've Got To Go Back Home / Rudy Girl

Again the name Clement Dodd signals a Killer SKA experience, that is seldom seen for sale.

Bob Andy is fully backed up by an splendid but uncredited male-harmony vocal group. Quintessential SKA horns blast away as Bob Andy’s seamless vocal delivers silky lyrics…so easy, so smooth - a total KILLER!

Flip it over for a equally notable SKA production, this time a stronger dance rhythm is present, as Sonny Burke flexes his tonsils through a relentless downpour of brass. When the instrumental break arrives, you know your listening to one special 45 offering up not one but two top-end SKA grooves…

This rare disc has light surface marks and is visually VG but as you can hear both sides play clean and true, audibly an Excellent. A-side label is totally unflawed, flipside label has a tiny name on it “Rob”

Love these tunes to bits.. 

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The winning bid was £ 26.00

Robert Walker & The Night Riders

Keep On Runnin' / Everything's All Right

Uncompromising “Mitch Ryder” style Detroit MOD/Garage dance!!

A totally Barbaric take on Spencer Davis Group’s anthem featuring an intrusive “Fuzz”; relentless Hammond organ pumped-up backing is grasped by the young vocals of Robert Walker & team… check out the potent instrumental breaks, powered by a mighty-bass-guitar but quickly overwhelmed by an enraged Fuzz…

This is powerfully raw, naive and spontaneous.. all the requirements for stand-out Garage…

Flip it over, and it gets even more “Ryderesque” as “Walker” does his utmost to replicate “Breakout”. Crazed guitar break, lengthy handclapping bass guitar backed break with Robert Walker screaming out the lyrics Motor City style. This tune has seen some Northern Soul attention for the obvious reasons - but have the MODS caught on to this seldom seen disc.. I know not ..but if not, it is the ideal production to take the roof off a Scooter-run event… which ever side you drop the needle on..

RARE and in neat clean condition and shimmering with huge potential…

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The winning bid was £ 108.00

Don Cole

Lie Detector Machine / Born To Be With You

This 1961 Phoenix, Arizona Ramco production gives up two infectious Rockabilly strollers….

The lead side features a persistent twangy guitar rhythm and an equally twangy Don Cole vocal..a catchy novelty with clever lyrics enhancing the session.

Some prefer the flip side with it repetitive but contagious strumming guitar that dominates the session…as the impressive Don Cole “Hollyesque” vocal glides through the arrangement.

Which ever side you prefer BOTH are quality tune in their own right and only make this elusive 45 doubly-desirable.

One light surface mark on the A-side NOT audible or affecting play in any way.

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The winning bid was £ 21.00


Don't Be A Rude Boy / Be Good

An immaculate 1966 UK copy - with flawless vinyl & labels to match, seldom if ever encountered in this treasured state.

A Jamaican JJ recording giving up an exhilarating 1966 dance-session leaving the SKA sound behind and moving towards a early-days Reggae ambiance. Fabulous male harmonies grasp the infectious rhythms created by the JJ team, easy-going and utterly contagious stuff, as the gathering warn about the errors of becoming a neighborhood delinquent.

Flip it over for something “special” as the Rulers get down and Soulful as the influences from the USA infiltrate the production for an interesting fusion of the Island style and American Southern Deep Soul an haunting instrumental break nails it!

Two cool sides - in flawless condition. 

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The winning bid was £ 26.00

Sir Gibbs

People Grudgeful / Pan-ya Machete

Label owner Joe Gibbs cheekily christens himself Sir Gibbs, delivers a killer D.I.Y. production and a rattling good piece of “Skinhead” Reggae, apparently released in Jamaica credited to The Pioneers. Another off-the-wall invention featuring jolting drum-rhythms and Joe’s chants of Patois filling the air. Very convincing dance tune with bass-line instrumental breaks adding more dance power to the session..

Flip it over for more local-speak with the flowing groove “Pan-Ya Machete”. I have no idea of it’s meaning but what a convincing production it makes complete with “Little-Dog” yelps, punctuating the driving rhythm.

Not an easy 45 to find - offering up not one but two dancehall candidates..

Condition of the seldom seen disc is a strong clean EX with only brief blemish NOT affecting play and two labels free of any distracting flaws..

Listen, enjoy and inspect those labels - nice copy is this.

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The winning bid was £ 72.00

Norma Frazer / Bumps

The First Cut Is The Deepest / Rag Doll

What most consider the genius that is Cat Stevens, greatest ever song.

When the unsurpassed version by P. P. Arnold hit the airways in 1967, Clement Dodd never one to pass a great song by, produced his Jamaican interpretation with Norma Frazer.

Clement Dodd lost none of the songs poignancy, as he guides Norma pleading version, staying true to the original with a simplistic arrangement allowing the Sister vocal to softly deliver the “pain”

Fabulous take, on what is just a timeless masterpiece…

This copy has a few light surface marks, but as you can hear from the soundfile it plays totally clean and true.. DJ Friendly push-out center has been removed.

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The winning bid was £ 13.00

Lynn Tait With Tommy Mccook

Spanish Eyes / Loving Wine

The ability for Jamaican musicians to take a mundane tune and transform it into a constant needle-drop never ceases to astound me. We did comment on the extreme musicianship demonstrated in “Seven Duppy” this is a different atmosphere but again the talent expressed in the playing is astonishing… who’d have ever thought Bert Kaempfert’s Moms & Pops classic could ever become this riveting..checkout that Clarinet solo..awesome.

The flipside is Boy / Girl vocal duet with Stranger Cole & Hortense Ellis doing a verbal-volleyball session, bouncing off each others vocals in convincing manner..

Two cool sides..vinyl as some light surface marks but as you can hear both sides play really clear….

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The winning bid was £ 13.00

Boy Wonder

All On The House / Cold Blood

an immaculate 1974 UK press from the desk of the prolific Sidney Crooks.

Both sides of this flaw 45 validate one again the immense talent Jamaica holds for the musician who just pushes the envelope..

Check out the musicianship in this session, as the gravel coated Boy-Wonder voice strides through a relentless arrangement..

Flip it over for something really off the wall as the intro piano gives no warning of the fabulous Mike Terryesque burping sax taking control of the day..he’s joined by a wailing trumpet and the instrumental takes flight…

We repeat this 45 is FLAWLESS!

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The winning bid was £ 10.00

Wee Willie Harris

I Go Ape / Trouble In Mind

So desirable, as there is No UK 45 release for this killer version of Neil Sedaka’s rocker, from the Bermondsey Boy who carved himself a huge on stage reputation as the Smoke’s wild-child of the 50s..

Noted for his insanely frenzied stage presence and his vocal growls, snarls punctuating the lyrics - this guy could really burn it up!! As one listen to this savage interpretation of “Sedaka’s” classic will confirm.

Flip is over to enjoy Wee Willie take in down to funeral pace as his gnarl vocal churns out “the Blues”

Two stunning examples of his work - and we repeat no British release as a 45.

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The winning bid was £ 6.00

Phase 4

What Do You Say About That / I'm Gonna Sit Down And Cry

Attention all 60s British “Beat” & “Freak” fans here is one silly-rare 1965 indie press, that seems to have been used as a “Promo” mail shot as London/Decca immediately picked it up for a brief release on Decca F.12327 in 1966.

Tis is the first 45 on a label that made a name for releasing Jamaican artists work. But this is no Ska recording. The lead side is pure 60’s Brit-Beat capturing the Liverpool Sound perfectly; but the relegated to a flipside is a treasure - “I’m Gonna Sit Down And Cry” - echoes the beginnings of 60s Psyche.

Check it out, we feel this is an overlooked “Jewel” with dreamy vocal harmonies decorated with Psychedelic guitar picking, evoking visions of Caftans, meditation and cloudy-haze filled flats and a gathering of budding musicians… drawing on a shared spliff…

Hidden gem indeed…one I never knew about before today… the mysterious Norman Nossiter seems to have been “Phase 4’s” driving force, he may too have had involvement with Daryl Quist and The Breakaways… perhaps our army of music-sleuths can enlighten us, how such talent only did two recordings for release… ?

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The winning bid was £ 16.00

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