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Ready Steady Who

The seldom seen original 1966 press.

On 29th Of January 1965 The Who ignited hysteria as their debut TV performance on “Ready Steady Go” of their current hit “I Can’t Explain” raised the bar for on stage “outrageous antics”. Viewers had never witnessed such brazen disrespect for convention and TV etiquette.

But such was the lasting effect of that performance near two years later, The Who were honored with a “Ready Steady Go” exclusive - entitled “Ready Steady WHO!” which made for a revolutionary performance with a climax of destroying their own guitars, letting off smoke-bomb, unrehearsed pandemonium that still talked about today.. with “The Who” instantly elevated to “THE WHO!!!” status.

Here is the original release of that event..

Vinyl has only the mildest detectable under strong light blemishes, a strong EX+ that is so very close to a Mint minus. Both labels are, as you can see, unblemished by any flaws whatsoever. The laminated cover is free of stains, writing, tears or splits. A few very light laminate storage veins (see scan) on the front (Ex+) back cover is also perfect clean and free of any discernible flaws. Just mild age-browning to that iconic “story” back on the white area (see scan) 

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Joe Turner

Lipstick, Powder And Paint / Rock A While

A classic Black-Rocker an infectious R&B shouter from Big Joe Turner another in a long line of “Greats” from Kansas City, saturated in all the characteristics that small City’s music scene seems to shower it’s sons with.

This uplifting Rocker, as a Kansas City collaboration with friend Jesse Stone writing the lyrics, coming up with that timeless hookline “Lipstick, Powder And Paint - Is You Is? Orr Is You Ain’t?”

Here is the gorgeous rarely seen 1956 GOLD London British press in close to Mint minus condition. A recording that gave Atlantic a a two in a row Top 10 R&B hit for Joe Turner to sit him at the pinnacle of his career.

Of course it sold virtually nothing in the UK; as records of this style seldom received airplay or any significant promotion. Even though there was a simmering appreciation of American black music amongst British Youth of the time.

Noting this rare disc is no one trick pony, flip it over and you’re again treated to vibrant 50’s R&B dance from K.C..

Condition is sublime just a very few tiny sleeve contact hairlines, none of which affect fidelity as Big Joe rocks his way into your collection.

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Prince Buster And The All Stars

Shaking Up Orange Street / Back Girl

It is purely by coincidence this listing coincides with the very sad passing of arguably the best loved of all the SKA/Reggae creators of all time.

His bountiful contribution to Jamaican music is immeasurable, his consistent ability to bring mood-elevating atmosphere to every recording was in the end a “given”. The name Prince Buster on a label, was a message of get ready “to dance” Cornelius Campbell was about to perform.

This 45 again underlines the man’s gift to bring joy to all within earshot. 1967 contagious, Good-time SKA in fine clean condition. Two flawless labels, and two vinyl with only the merest hairline blemish.

It is a real rarity to encounter a “Buster” 45 in better condition than this, after-all they were made to play and dance to.. a skill that he and his band did better not only than anyone but more times than anyone.

Long live the undisputed Prince of SKA

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Lloyd Clarke

Fellow Jamaican / My Love

Another near perfect example of

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The winning bid was £ 16.00

Derrick Morgan

Tears On My Pillow / You Should Have Know

53 years old - and PERFECT!

Blue Beat rarities just don’t surface in Mint minus condition..

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The winning bid was £ 25.00


Never Let Me Go / Lees Special

Apart from a light indecipherable rubber-stamping on the A-side label right-hand side (see scan)

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The winning bid was £ 75.00


Substitute (usa Mix) / Waltz For A Pig

WHO fans - will already be aware, this 1966 USA 45 seldom turns up for sale - in any condition… But as a 1966 USA PROMO copy in MINT condition - only leaving it’s birth-sleeve for us to lift it perfect sound from it’s surface, is a seriously rare occurrence fully 50 years after it’s conception.

Iconic WHO recording as they almost invariably “opened” their live recording instantly stirring performance. This USA PROMO, as yo can hear is a “Different” mix to the UK Brunswick release. With tailor lyrics and an edit to avoid USA radio station indignation as a lines was rewritten and verse cut, to avoid offense.

Not only RARE but in this astonishing condition, dare we say near impossible! 

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The winning bid was £ 32.00

P. J. Proby

The Day That Lorraine Came Down / Mery Hopkins Never Had Days Like These

How ironic to be lucky enough to partner some of Britain’s most revered muasicians, playing on your session and produced your biggest 45 flop. Which upon release sold, nothing.

Before you today is the very elusive LED ZEPPLIN sessions with P. J. fronting the vocals, as it’s 1968 UK press, in just spectacular flawless condition.

As “Family Dog” front man Steve Rowlands, invites the Led Zep gang to play on the session, documented are John Paul Jones strumming the Bass, John Bonham smashing the drums, plectrum pluck from Jimmy Page on guitar and finally Robert Plant suckin’ and blowin’ a harmonica..

A dream team almost as dreamy of the pristine condition of this disc in birth-sleeve so neat perfection, it hurts.

We’ll certainly never bump into a finer example, of a now mythical day this illustrious gathering made a record that soul.. zero!

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Jackson 5

Doctor My Eyes / My Little Baby

Michael Jackson collectors suffering from that “Jacko” collecting “Brick-Wall” we can absolutely guarantee, very few people on Planet Earth own a copy of this 1973 British Green and White DEMO 7”, complete with it’s EMI Picture promo info sheet pasted to the reverse of the sleeve.

Only a few “specially” chosen mailshot hierarchy had the info sheet attached. Radio DJ’s who may have required a refresher course on the “Famous 5” or music-reviewers EMI wanted to persuade that The Jackson Five were so much more than, quote “A Weeny-Bopper-Scream-Machine” EMI’s words, not mine.

Within the huge spectrum of Michael Jackson collecting, this offering is an ultimate rarity. So you can also expect stiff competition from the masses of British TMG collectors determined to own every conceivable variation with the TMG series..

This variation being so very, very rare! and astonishingly flawless!

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The winning bid was £ 30.00

Jamie Foster

Julie Anne / It's Two O'clock

Teen recordings do NOT get any rarer than this!

The young Nashville man who presented the Teen collector with the challenge of finding his very sought after Teen Rocker on Wuff. But this colourful GLO Records 45 is infinitely rarer, giving up not one but two fabulous Teener’s on one disc.

A rare find in our stock that may have been hidden for decades, as it appeared unplayed as we retrieved it from brown paper birth-sleeve. I most probably purchased it “blind” in my younger days, as the startling label attracted my curiosity.

We are currently diggin’ into areas of stock we haven’t touched since purchase through the decades, this single alone has sparked my enthusiasm to dig-deeper, to see what else may emerge.

Superior adolescent Teen with a unparalleled Rarity status, in just PERFECT condition.

Not a listing to pass by..

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The winning bid was £ 6.00

Rolling Stones

Ruby Tuesday / Let's Spend The Night Together

One of the inevitable pitfalls of dedicating you collecting spectrum to your favourite artist, group, label or genre. Is your collection becomes more and more complete, those “extra” special rarities become more elusive.

I call it the “vinyl-brick-wall” you end up staring at, as your need for a weekly vinyl fix, is left unsatisfied as everything you’re chasing is so damn elusive, and when a “want” does come to market, your rivals on it it in a moment. Also on a quest to fill those annoyingly challenging gaps, the void that stares back at you everytime proudly browse your chosen assemblage. . Long standing Beatles Collectors, TMG Collectors, Elvis hoarders will know exactly what I mean, about their hobby becoming more difficult as the collection grows.

So we do love it, when a real-oddity in an area of high vinyl-competition surfaces.

This starkly-attractive 7” ITALIAN JUKE-BOX promo 45 of two Rolling Stones anthems underlines the statement above, There will be many, many dedicated “Stones” scholars without this PROMO variation of two vintage “Stones” songs.

Both Promo labels are flawl-free, vinyl inspection reveals only the mildest of sparse hairlines, none of which affect play..

Seldom seen, so do not let another barren week go by without adding to your already impressive Stones collection.

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Ewan & Devner

I Want You So Bad / I'm Gonna Love You

Flawless, just flawless! As close to perfection as you could ever possible dream of acquiring.

“Big Cat” Ewan McDermott’s vocal leads this delicious mid-paced duet, with the mysterious “Devner” adding a richness with his background high-pitched answers and calls. This is all punctuated by an infectious but simplistic piano rhythm. Simple is genius and the results is a delightful Reggae feel-good journey.

But we do have to mention once again the stand-out condition - you do not need us to emphasize just how hard Mint minus imd-60s Jamaica recordings are to find. With two utterly clean adding to it’s desirability.

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The winning bid was £ 11.00

Little Walter & His Jukes

My Babe, Thunderbird,i Got To Go + Roller Coaster

Let’s get serious, 1956 GOLD London 4 track EP from one of R&B’s great’s; that sold zero upon release and is now rightly considered by London Collectors, R&B Blues Collectors, Rock & Roll Collectors and indeed Soul collectors as an EP Grail.

Especially at this level of condition. To be in it’s presence, I must admit quicken my pulse and gave me a warming glow inside. Holding classic Chicago Blues in it’s most beautiful of form. So seldom played, the center-hole is still hanging on to a few freckles of the chard left behind from the hole-punch process of 60 years ago..

This is the absolutely the upper-tier of collecting British vinyl; The heady cocktail of the music, the beauty of the “Gold” text laid onto rich burgundy label and moreover the iconic 50’s art-sleeve design, will leave the owner momentarily riveted, looking forward to the rest of his life to be able to call on such gorgeousness, at will.

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The winning bid was £ 234.00

Fitz Roy Sterling

That's My Life / Queen Of My Heart

Classic 1970 Reggae in the finest possible condition.

Swirling “Skinhead” pleasing hammond incessantly drive that compelling 1970 style dance rhythms that drove a whole youth-movement from 1968 to 1971 that spawned a whole new fashion, attitude and defiance. A difiance heightened by the “Skinhead” hair style, cut their hair impossibly short, for that intimidating look of fearless rebellion tough.

The culture’s penchant for Jamaica dance music has never faded, today these hammond driven sessions still ignite dancefloor europhoria. Tale a listen to the two self-penned dancers in just the cleanest possible condition.

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Sharon Whitbread

Take Me To My Garden / Lady Girl

Some years before Kate Bush phenomenon, EMI had the irresistible “weirdness” of the totally individualistic Sharon Whitbread! A progressive Folk/Rock girl with the strange warbling vocal that made her rare D.I.Y. private press1972 album on RA such a sought-after platter, sparking an underground cult following that has steadily strengthen over the decades as more and more collectors discover Sharon Whitbread and her enigmatic partner “Fred”

Although Sharon was one extremely eye-catching lady, unlike Kate Bush EMI never put their huge promotional muscle behind Sharon Whitbread machine.

This listing is for those who dig way below the surface of what te records companies decide to feed us, and have an eye for a future piece of vinyl that can only rise in in awareness and value.

Take a listen to one very singular recording, presented here as a flawless 1973 UK promo copy - still inside birth-sleeve.

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Clancy All Stars

Be Faithful Darling / Version

Most like this 1973 British press remained unplayed until we lifted the soundfile from it, condition is utterly mirror-like

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