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Dowlands And The Soundtracks

Breakups C/w A Love Like Ours

One of the very sought after ad rare R.G.M. Sound recordings. For those avid followers of the fable workings of Joe Meek

Music was Joe Meek’s outlet for his tortured genius, and this non-hit Everley Brothers inspired uplifting session from 1963 underlines his studio talent for simplistic masterpieces.

This example showcasing smooth harmony supported by intricate guitar playing. This copy is in sparkling impeccable condition still snugly sitting inside it’s birth-sleeve.

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The winning bid was £ 33.00

Classics C/w Laurel Aitken

Worried Over Me C/w Rice And Peas

Unusual piano intro turns your head, then it suddenly drops into a down & dirty Reggae groove decorated with some perfectly timed hammond prompt.The group and lead vocal are heavily influenced by Soul music with the particularly fine falsetto harmony chorus adding it’s own brand of magic to the session.

UK soul collectors may well join the Skinhead Reggae fans to pursue ownership. Equally attractive on both fronts..

Flip it over and Reggae icon strolls through a mid=-paced stroller with a punchy background arrangement. Killer Billy Preston styled hammond work throughout.

This1969 neat clean copy snuggled inside the seldom seen original generic release sleeve, also used on other UK independent labels like Domain etc.

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The winning bid was £ 33.00

Fleetwood Mac

The Green Manalishi (with The Two Prong Crown)

an immaculate 1970 UK press complete with flawless picture sleeve.

Not only a memorable milestone in the swift development of Fleetwood Mac but an iconic 45, being Peter Green’s last writing contribution to the band he had recently fallen out with.

Regarded as a mirroring of Green’s troubled mind at the time and noted for it’s strong “drug” references. Thus becoming an underground Rock anthem in in some validating LSD as a recreational drug, which Judas Priest later covered.

Before you today is a most-beautiful example of the original UK release complete with the very seldom seen Picture Sleeve.

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The winning bid was £ 21.00

Big Mama Thornton

Let's Go Get Stoned C/w Don't Do Me This Way

When Willie Mae does it up - she does it up Right!

This record was at first recognized after featuring a year after her death on her “Stronger Than Dirt” album without collectors realizing it was first issued as a flipside on Los Angeles Blues Doyen Fats Washington’s label “Movin” circa 1967/68.

They went on wrongly crediting the writing to “Willie Mae Thornton”. It was of course a Nick Ashford, Valerie Simpson and Joshie Jo Armstead composition that started life with the Coasters, then Ray Charles with his hit rendition; then peaking to global appreciation when Joe Cocker did his monumental Woodstock stage performance - which encouraged so many cover versions it is now considered a Rock stage-statement.

But nobody does it like Big Mama who draws strongly from the Ray Charles take, but adding her own inimitable style

Incredibly RARE and offering a belting slab of Sister R&B on the other side also.

Condition could hardly be finer!

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The winning bid was £ 14.00


Believe Me (my Angel) C/w I

THE GIRL GROUP SOUND fans check this out!

Not many if any, can take on the vocal of Arlene Smith and hope to impress but under Chantels mentor Richie Barrett these two sets of cousins from Brooklyn and Manhattan fill the air with soaring vocals Ms. Smith would have approved of; with Annette Swinson giving up a spine tingling performance as lead.

Youngsters Barbara & Lorraine Joyner & Annete Swinson Smith & Valerie Swinson deliver two songs no Girl Group devotee should live without. Richie Barrett & Eddie Jones replicate The Chantels sound but a younger less experienced set vocals, shimmer with naivety actually making the record shine even more.

Let listen to these exceptional teenagers and what they achieve under a master of the Girl Group sound.

Annette Swinson of course went on to be a member of The Chantels, she also found cult Northern Soul fame as Annabelle Fox.

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The winning bid was £ 6.00

Toots & The Maytals

Louie Louie C/w Pressure Drop '72

One of the truly great songs that whoever covers it,sounds great. None of Richard Berry’s original attitude is lost as Freddie Hibbert transforms it into a fine Reggae dance session.

The unexpected stunted saxophone notes on the sax break are astonishing, the instrumental final curtain tops off what is a killer dismantling of the “classic”; putting it back together, nuts and bolts still left over on the floor. Just brilliant how the session takes on a life of it’s own ending up almost unrecognizable from the Richard Berry starting point..and all the better for it too.

Flip it over for “Pressure Drop” 1972 style - great side also..

Before you is a totally pristine 1972 UK PROMO copy!

You will not locate a finer copy..

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The winning bid was £ 21.00

Prince Buster

Old Lady C/w Dayo Ska

Jamaica’s most-prolific SKA artist with one of his most-wanted. A viral recording that immediately grabs your imagination. Strong horns, plodding piano and the compulsory skilled trumpet pouts embroider Cornelius Campbell searing wails.

One of his best and seldom seen for sale.

Flip it over ti be met by bongos that lead the way to one infectious hipshaker. With Mr,. Campbell lifting the session heavy chants of SKA SKA SKA killer clarinet break - leaves me wondering which side I actually am the most enthralled by.

Rare and captivating 1964 double helping of SKA - light surface marks but plays clean and true. Check out the impressive sound file lifted directly off this disc.

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The winning bid was £ 34.00

Derrick Morgan

Patricia My Dear C/w The Girl I Left Behind

This 45 a stepping stone for Derrick Morgan a glittering Jamaican Music career, is fully 51 years old and FLAWLESS!

From the early days of the SKA revolution Derrick struts his vocal prowess through a thoroughly infectious mid-tempo delight; like most-all West Indies recordings of the time, bristling with a studio full of instruments and enthusiasm.

Flip it over your treated to the same atmospheric gladness this time Derrick is accompanied by a penny-whistle; only in a SKA recording could such an instrument be so convincing, with a timely Hammond break enriching the whole session.

Two irresistible sides - and we repeat condition is an unbelievable “LIKE NEW!”

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The winning bid was £ 29.00

Robuck Staples

Don't Drive Me Away C/w Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Want to hear one of the greatest voices of the last century?

Let “Pop” Staples unleash himself upon you..

Before you today is an immaculate 1960 promo copy with flawless previously unplayed vinyl, with an X each side of the glorious red & white “old” style promo label. Yes, both sides are as good as each other.

Stand back and listen to highly emotive Gospel featuring some earth-shattering vocals. Although “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” is a well known Staple Singes “Anthem” it is the unstoppable power discharged with gut-wrenching passion on the flipside that really startled me..

More convincing vocals I’ve perhaps never heard before..

Condition is of the “impossible” kind… 54 years on from it’s inception…PS it comes with it’s birth-sleeve

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The winning bid was £ 11.00

Baba Brooks C/w Billy & Bobby

Three Blind Mice C/w We Ain't Got Nothing

Trumpeter extraordinaire Oswald Brooks sashays his highly honed skills through this early 60s session, transforming a “nursery rhyme” into a compelling slab of SKA! No mean feat, but easier when you’re as truly gifted musician.

Flip it over for a SKA duet drifting through a strong punchy SKA arrangement which again features the easy talents of Baba on trumpet, leading up to a very impressive instrumental interlude.

1963 UK press - has two clean labels - vinyl has some very light surface marks but as you can hear the robust, high fidelity Island vinyl just plays loud, clear and true! Rare piece and mice to witness with the neat clean flaw-free red & white labels.

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The winning bid was £ 19.00

Winston Williams C/w Bobby James

The Peoples Choice C/w Let Me Go Girl

Flawless Bunnie Lee production classic style Skinhead Reggae from the golden year of 1970.

Echoing rap sets the scene, for the perfect dance rhythm as Bunny tighten up the arrangement. An inventive use The Temptations - “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” blends with the “rap” - giving an eerie atmosphere of “Hip Hop” a decade ahead of it’s time.

The flip is a down tempo groove showcasing Bobby James’s fine falsetto riding a persistent dance rhythm.

1970 UK press in super nice condition, two clean labels and vinyl thast only reveals some fine light hairline blemishes in strong light.

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The winning bid was £ 19.00

Darkest Our

Don't Bring Me Down C/w Don't Be Cruel

Totally obscure and ultimately rare 1967 Garage most-probably Connecticut/ Rhode Island origin doing an ear-pricking take on Eric Burdon’s and the Animals timeless classic.

The swirling hammond intro opens up to give way to wild fuzz guitar smacks, then a dismissive vocal attacks the session… deliciously primitive D.I.Y. garage session that ripples with anger and defiance.

Flip is over and the group deconstruct “Elvis’s” classic to an unrecognizable state as again the squealing keyboard and the insane guitar slug it out for prominence but that belligerent keeps pluggin’ away as combative as ever.

Totally Sasquatch-Rare and rippling with what all the right qualities. We doubt we’ll ever bump into another..

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The winning bid was £ 106.00


I Could Never Live Without Your Love C/w Roll Like The River

UK 1970 very RARE early Olivia Newton-John in truly pristine condition.

The group were spawned from the “turkey” of a musical Movie “TOOMORROW” about a band of youngsters who earn extra money from playing pop music using a specialized instrument. Sounds feasible enough, but the film went very badly wrong when the group were abducted by aliens - presumably because Olivia Newton-John was “Out of this world” (well I thought so..)

For ONJ fans this is one rare 45 that did as badly with the public as the movie did. The vinyl, labels are as new - still dressed in it’s birth-sleeve.

The beginning of a glittering career from what was a disastrous start up..for this much-loved singer/actress.

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The winning bid was £ 14.00

Les Fantomes

Big Sound Guitars

Rare 1964 French EP with a typically cleverly posed picture cover, evoking visions of swinging 60s guitars and the group wading around the stage plucking.

Cover is a fabulous time-capsule of the era, featuring the 4 man band wielding some rather tasty classic guitars - like the majority of French EP’s it sports a fabulous picture sleeve.

The music speaks fir itself (check soundfile)

4 tracks include: 1. Les Veux Noirs 2. Wlle Est Bien Bonne 3. Caravane 4. Stone City

A few light surface marks on the vinyl plays beautifully - cover back and front cover are immaculate.

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The winning bid was £ 5.00

Pink Floyd

See Emily Play C/w Scarecrow

Everything is CONDITION

This listing is quite easily the finest copy we’ve encountered in memory.

Just a whisker off MINT

Solid center variation in original birth sleeve; spindle hole forensics reveal little or no turntable activity in it’s past 47 years.

Ask yourself 48 years down the line, when, where and how are we ever expected to find another copy in this flawless condition.

Actually we don’t …

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The winning bid was £ 43.00

Dandy & Jackie

Could It Be True C/w B-side

Dandy Livingstone and Jackie Robinson perform a fine duet over a relentless Reggae dance arrangement. But we think the flipside is more interesting..

Backed with a mysterious recording by “The Conthos” who we know nothing of whatsover but features some fine Booker T. Jones inspired keyboard work spiked with an a echo effect rap serving up some great lines that make no sense put fit perfectly into the rhythm and the day.

1971 UK press in glorious clean condition - two clean labels & vinyl t  match.

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The winning bid was £ 1.00

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