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All That I Really Want / Termite

Seriously Rare and very sought after 1966 small-town Kentucky 60’s Garage.

Vocal group D.I.Y. session rippling with imagination and attitude. Endowed with a persistent blistering Fuzz guitar supporting the whiny vocal, blessed with some homemade guitar breaks that lift the bad-attitude to yet another level.

Flip it over the defiant vocal disappears and the obviously skilled guitarists take the reigns. A Hybrid of Surf & Garage peppered with weird squeals & screams, hard-hitting drums solo’s and we have a Titty-shaking stroller for a flipside.

A real cool double header from the backwoods Daviess County, Ky. You can understand why this impressive 45 is in short-supply and long-demand.

Both vinyls play with light flaw, with the mild surface blemishes not affecting play in any way, at all. Both labels are flawless, unlikely to appear on these pages ever again… act accordingly

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The winning bid was £ 325.00

Led Zeppelin


Original 1969 FIRST press, as you can see from the label scans provided with LEMON SONG track listing credit inside the clean & tidy gatefold sleeve.

The vinyls are exquisite with only a few ultra mild blemishes steering off the coveted MINT grading. Both labels are MINT - with hardly a sign of center-spindle penetration.

the immaculate Gatefold cover’s only flaw, is the unavoidable and absolutely minuscule file wear to the very tips of the 4 corners. (see scan)

WE don’t ever expect to acquire a finer copy - this is a really fine example of te FIRST PRESS # I I

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The winning bid was £ 61.00

Rolling Stones

2,000 Light Years From Home / She's A Rainbow

One of the “impossible” Stones 45s to acquire, and this listing is the insanely rare 1967 “Export Only” PROMO copy F 226706 45 in truly flawless condition.

The Singapore Radio Station notes are written in wax pencil, which we can easily remove for the winner, leaving a Mint - label. Or of course we do acknowledge that many collectors prefer to leave a 45’s historic journey, displaying all it’s provenance totally alone. I’m certainly in agreement that it’s looks really cool with it’s “received” at a foreign destination date, there for all to see.

Allegedly written by Mick Jagger whilst serving his brief prison sentence at Her Majesty’s Pleasure in Brixton. Lifted for export air play from the highly acclaimed “Their Satanic Majesty’s Request” album, now enjoying cult-status not only for the then innovative 3-D plastic picture on the front cover, but mostly for being the Stones deepest venture into Psychedelic Rock. Which this 45 displays, just perfectly.

Super-tough to acquire, as a PROMO in this level of condition, this is not an opportunity for ownership any serious collector can afford to ponder upon.

A 45 7” collectors-piece of immense importance…

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The winning bid was £ 204.00

Three's Company

Three's Company

Arguably Britain’s rarest 60s Beat Group album in MINT previously unplayed condition, before the soundfiles were lifted.

Possibly Britain’s RAREST 60’s LP a private press by PRO Entertainments, 200 Gloucester Terrace, London W. 2. This mysterious 3 man gathering of of Peter, Ross & Oliver who fail to mention their surname but have kindly autographed the back cover. Perform a deconstruction of cover versions and put them back together, as you will hear in a most impressive individualistic manner.

No easily apparent documented previous sales, NO LISTING in the latest Record Collector 2016 Price Guide indicates unprecedented obscurity. THe trio did have cut an unissued 2 song acetate for the fabled Surrey based OAK RECORDS but other than that I can not at this moment uncover the 3 artist’s fill names or career path. They are obviously vocally accomplished as is the impressive guitar work through this LP.

We repeat the insanely rare LP is MINT previously unplayed, and offers up 10 tracks unissued as 45’s or on any compilations we can find.

Obviously a once in a lifetime opportunity for those of you on a quest to own those edecidedly RARE vinyls.

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The winning bid was £ 114.00

Billy Gentle C/w Schoolboys

Long Life / O Tell Me

Other than being a huge fan of Label-art for which the Palmer Brothers group of British labels supplied the most-inspirational labels the mid-century British Record buying could ever have hoped to have encountered…Knock those boring black & silver straight-laced labels out the park.

I actually also appreciate the Brothers productions that invariably are full of life, emotion and flair.

This 1969 high-regarded 45 is no exceptional with both sides delivering on-the-money Reggae up to their usual very high standard.

Both of the eye-catching labels are Mint perfect. As would the vinyls be if not for a very mild small surface scuff NOT affecting play on either side.

This is a nice copy, treating you no matter which side you drop the stylus on..

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The winning bid was £ 47.00

Lavern Baker

The Best Of

A flawless 1965 UK 4 track EP showcasing Lavern Baker at her best! Seldom if ever encountered so neat, tidy and unblemished in ever department.

featuring 4 tracks from this uncompromising lady, with the unforgettable voice.

  1. Saved

  2. I Cried A Tear

  3. Manana

  4. See See Rider

Present on immaculate vinyls - flawless front and back laminated cover sporting just the most fabulous head & shoulders shot of this delectable artist.

Rare British press and looking essential for all UK dedicated collections.

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The winning bid was £ 108.00

Bonnie Lou

Teen Age Wedding / Runnin' Away

How old did you say you were?

My God! You look like you were born yesterday.

1957 British press still in birth-sleeve and looking like it has never been taken-out. Which is surprising as this this Doris Day style mid-tempo exudes the late 50s era on both sides.

The litmus-test for rarity, is when searching “World Of Records Collectors” who input into sites like 45cat or discogs; and you key in Parlophone R 4350 and your searches come up blank, you know not too many vinyl-addicts actualy own this elusive disc.

Then the question has got to be, how many own a copy in shop-fresh condition..?

Perhaps nobody…

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The winning bid was £ 22.00

Gene Vincent And The Blue Caps

Record Date

1958 British 4 track EP complete with original flipback laminated cover. 4 track EP from a Rock & Roll idol, Rockabilly Giant with few rivals for the crown of most raucous-rocker.

Gene Vincent epitomized everything about British UK Teddy Boy movement, dripping with a defiant delinquent approach which fitted the Teddy Boy style perfectly.

His reputation and fan-base were to be enhanced even further, when after turning his back on the USA for being TAX purposes, he appeared for the first time of British TV in 1959 .

Dressed to shock clad in black leather, hands in gloved, the original medallion man became a Rock & Rock icon strengthen by his stage attitude and audacious posture.

The Teds loved it, Gene Vincent was their man. This transferred to his music, most everything Gene recorded was drenched in energy, relentlessly delivered at breakneck pace.

This is a fine example of his & the Blue Caps work. Neat clean condition throughout with only a few mild signs of turntable time and light handling.

Tracks are: Five Feet Of Lovin’

The Wayward Wind

Somebody Help Me

Keep It A Secret

Check out the play perfect soundfile..and catch that cheeky face full of devilment…irresistible

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The winning bid was £ 50.00


Get On The Line / Mr. Mcgallagher

Well, before the band found success with RCA with some dreadful Glam-Rock recordings. This talented 4 year old club-circuit group, were just as comfortable with Tamla Motown, as they were in the emergence of Prog Rock.

The 1970 British promo did get a brief issue in a few European countries again with very little success, and none of those releases can compare to the startling beauty or the obvious rarity of the UK green & white EMI DEMO.

Top side was written by the prolific New Yorker Jeff Barry, a passed over song, picked up by EMI from a writer DEMO and presented as a possible single for The Sweet.

But the real treasure here, lies hidden on the flipside, and showcases as did some of The Sweet’s RCA flipsides, the groups skill for Psychedelic sessions. Forget the sight of Brian Francis Connolly and team prancing in stack-heel boots on Top Of The Pops. These guys were also highly-gifted musicians. As you have already discovered as the dreamy “Mr. McGallagher” drifts into your ears. Fabulous Prog!

Rare and other than the tiny rubber-stamp DJ i.d. on the A-side label this rare PROMO 45 is immaculate.

An historical beginning for an outrageous band who dominated the 70s

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The winning bid was £ 37.00

Kippington Lodge

Understand A Woman / Tell Me A Story

The highly sought after, seldom seen Parlophone R-5717 but as the uniquely eye-catching September 1968 UK Parlophone Test Press.

A British 4 man team featuring a young Nick Lowe and the highly regarded Brinsley Schwarz. This perhaps unique liberated Radio station escapee offers two flawless vinyls and two white test press labels that tell a story of a journey to Singapore and back.

Top side offers that 1968 totally in vogue easy-flowing “Flower-power Sound” “Tell Me a Story” dominated by smooth, tight harmonies with a lush imaginative arrangement decorated with relentless whirling Hammond work and ratting drum-rolls.

Producer Mike Collier gives the same treatment to the flipside, crafting a not dissimilar sound again completely capturing the mood of 1968.

Beautiful condition an unlikely to ever be seen on the market again.


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The winning bid was £ 39.00

Ron "trammy" Wilson & The Floor Mechanics

Red Oak / Hogs Eye

A totally enchanting 1972 Instrumental showcasing consummate trombone blows. Floating over a relentless easy-goimng dance arrangement. Instantly uplifting tune drawing heavily from his earlier 60’s recordings with King Edwards. 60s SKA riffs pepper the session, delivered to the highest level of musicianship.

Listen to this guy caressing the instrument making it talk.. personally I could listen to this all day… a man right at the top of his game. Flawless Trombone-ship..

The disc is a neat copy mild writing on both labels (see scans) vinyls as you can hear plays beautifully. Visually only a few very mild surface blemishes none of which affect play in any way.

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The winning bid was £ 14.00

Tyrannosaurus Rex

One Inch Rock / Salamanda Palaganda

Although this 45 was discovered encased in an original British Regal Zonophone wavy-top sleeve. This utterly MINT Marc Bolan rarity is dressed with a different design label to the “Blue & Silver” norm. There is no indication on the label of country of origin, and carries as you can see more than one label characteristic that the UK counterpart is dressed with.

We suspect, this is a 1968 Scandinavian release, but would be very happy to be corrected by a “Bolan” Buff.

Two undeniable facts remain, it is seriously obscure and the condition coul not be finer..

Bolan aficionados this is one very tactile offering, eye-candy for the T-Rex collector, and yes please do tell us more about it’s place of birth. 

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The winning bid was £ 27.00


Dancing Shoes / Don't Look Back

1966 Wailer session of so collectable for obvious reasons.

An inspiring 1966 Studio One session saturated in the Feel-good effect. Seamless harmonies caress the SKA production, as the title suggests it’s a session to put your dancing shoes on to. Fabulous instrumental breaks, then those sweet vocals are back uplifting your exquisite example of how fluid and in-sync Jamaican group vocals were at their best.

Flip it over, for my fave side as the gathering throw themselves into The Temptations Motown classic, giving it a new identity with the Reggae rhythms complementing those classic lyrics, with the added decoration of icey falsetto vocals join in the choruses.

Mild surface marks as you can hear both sides play completely clean - light writing on label as the 60’s DJ agrees with the majority by writing “B” on the a-side as “Don’t Look Back” takes priority.

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The winning bid was £ 40.00

Zeddie Bailey

Babylon Gone / Speak On Evil

So NEW there’s still a paper chard, hanging from the centerpiece spindle hole, there since birth.

Collecting British release Reggae does not come any more perfect than this..

It is so frustrating for us all, whilst trying to acquire this genre that all too frequently the disc suffers from “Partying” or “ownership and comments scribbling” on labels or even labels torn completely off, vinyl shot-to-pieces from over use, Dansett stacking and a usually a lifetime without the original paper sleeve, that has long since been used for some purpose it was not manufactured for.

When MINT 45s come our way, the beauty of the label-art and the clarity of the sound is so very refreshing.. this disc is as perfect as you could ever hope of owning..

We’ll let “La-Fud-Del’s” productions speak for themselves ..

click the double soundfile and prepare to be impressed..

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The winning bid was £ 11.00


I Believe In Love

in 2016 to find a flawless copy of the 43 year old album in this condition is so pleasing.


First press 1973 album with the grainy texture surface labels - both mint. cover free of all possible flaws, as clean as a whistle. Vinyl you will need to really patient and squint hard to find even the merest sleeve contact freckle.

This really is a beauty - and so hard to find in near unplayed or unsullied with the condition eye-poppingly fine!

The front cover-art we find, stunning as are the 12 tracks housed inside it’s birth inner-sleeve..

No enjoy on of Jamaica’s superior Reggae gatherings..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 27.00

Sex Pistols

Holudays In The Sun / Satelite

Condition, Condition, Condition !!!

This 1977 UK press was an uplayed file only copy until we lifted the double soundfile, leaving it still totally Mint!

Near 50 years old and flawless, it is quite unbelievable that Johnny Rotten could be shackled for so long!

Condition don’t get no finer than this act acccordingly.

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The winning bid was £ 25.00


You Don't Know / Darling Try Me One More Time

RIO 52 THE British 1964 PROMO ONLY UK TEST PRESS of the Jamaican Giant release.

UNISSUED in the UK on this #, with Rio 52 later being occupied by the preferred Shenley & Lunan - Sometyhing On My Mind - release.

An instantly catchy example of vocalist & keyboard Lloyd Charmers early work, this one enriched by a magnificent display of trumpeting throughout this infectious SKA groove.

Check out the soundfile, like me you’ll be hooked into it’s infectious characteristics. Flowing vocals, the relentless SKA rhythms but oh that trumpeter sings so beautifully.

Flip it over and you’re treated to more of that irresistible SKA dance rhythms, tantalizing trumpeting and solid tight vocals.

Two fundamental tunes for the collection.

Mild surface marks but as you can hear both sides play clean and true, on that high-quality ‘64 British thick vinyl. $ prong push out center has been removed, white test-press label have light title I.D. markings for the DJ. (see scan)

Then listen to that captivating soundfile..on this TEST PRESS.

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The winning bid was £ 43.00

Girl Satchmo

Rhythm Of The New Beat / Blue Beat Chariott

The Lady could not have been christen more aptly, what a ear-rollicking vocal. Sounding smoke and whisky torn as it bounces in the relentless SKA rhythm, enriched with a wild sax-break, complimenting “Satcho’s” delivery.

The is Blue Beat Dance at it’s most convincing as R&B influence drive the session.

Flip it over and the Saxophonist is blowing just as hard, as Girl Satchmo takes on a “Nursery Rhyme” persona with that Saxophone delivery saving the recording from the playground “Clapping Song” fate.

Condition of the play clean vinyl is close to Excellent a few very mild blemishes. A-side label is flawless, flip label has a white i.d. circle on the centerpiece (see scan)

One of the series tougher 45’s to acquire especially in collectible condition

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The winning bid was £ 21.00

Kentrick Patrick

Son't Stay Out Late Forever And Ever

Nice clean copy of this seldom seen 1962 SKA stroller, decorated by Mr. Patrick’s consummate vocal style carefully knitted into an exquisite brass backdrop..

Uplifting piece of neighborhood SKA showcasing perfectly the sounds embryonic stage, the flipside is even more joyous as the components lift the pace but losing none of the feelgood factor.

Noting the two unblemished white labels, apparently so tempting to write upon, judging by the number of “destroyed” Island labels we have encountered over the years.

Likewise the play-flawless vinyl only reveal the mildest of tiny blemishes..

Nice clean copy - of this elusive 45.

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The winning bid was £ 21.00

3rd & 4th Generation

Rudies Medley / Rude Boy Version

A flawless copy except for the XXX on the centerpiece on the preferred side.

A dancefloor delight as snippets of Reggae Classics cut into a fabulous dance arrangement with the lyrics delivered by searing vocals. The crossover from one song to another is seamless, keeping the session tight and convincing.

Flip it over and your treated to another total-dance session benefiting from slick vocals and uplifting musicianship again ma\king the whole thing consistently coherent.

Condition of the vinyl is superb - the labels you can see are pretty darn acceptable too.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 5.00

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