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Jack Sparrow C/w Roland Alphonso

Ice Water / Ska-culation

It matters not which side you drop the needle on whilst handling this “Studio On”e creation, both sides give up quintessential SKA dance. Two classic-styled sessions that would later spawn a sequel, 22 Doctor Bird releases later entitled “More Ice Water” b/w “Miss Ska-Culation”

Doctor Bird lead with Jack Sparrow’s quirky “Ice Water” fully supported by a full vocal-group chorus whilst a perfectly-relentless SKA rhythm pumps away behind, then the most impressive of Trumpet solso takes to the air…So fabulous, listening to this has jetted me off to “Montego Bay” on it’s distilled feel-good factor.

Flip it over for a side, the serious collectors & Dj’s covert so highly… just click the soundfile; no words from me could ever elevate the experience of witnessing Roland Alphonso’s Saxophone expertise any higher than listening to this recording. WOW this man can play, not only the notes but also play in a manner that pushes the recording further, harder and higher; as his enthusiasm expands.

Utterly brilliant tune - I’ll wait until the office empties… and I’m having a dance!

Vinyl on both sides has light surface hairlines, but has you can hear nothing interferes with the potency of either of these recordings. B-side label has ROB written on it (see scan)

Irresistible SKA!

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The winning bid was £ 103.00

Prince Buster

7 Wonders Of The World / Drunkard Psalm ( Wise Man )

One of the least seen, most-wanted 45’s it is possible to dream for on this iconic label … hardcore collectors label.

Killer instrumental that underlines Cecil Campbell’s extreme genius yet again. A dark brooding slow-drag into a musical abyss; that in less than 3 minutes showcases some of the most-accomplished use of instruments ever to hit a 7” 45. A mesmerizing snake-charming instrumental with few if any comparables…

Years later the “Seven Wonders Of The World” the intro inspired “Specials” when they recorded their “Two Tone” anthem “Ghost Town”. But replicated none of this recordings darkness or mystery; evoking visions of untold dangers or maybe delights that await you in those dimly lit streets of Ciaro or Casablanca…

Well that’s where it took me to… no doubt it’ll effect you differently.. but one this is for sure ..


Brilliance and this copy is in fine clean condition.

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The winning bid was £ 392.00

Fleetwood Mac

The Green Manalishi (with The Two Prong Crown)

An highly desirable 1970 British press PROMO copy - housed in the rarely seen Picture sleeve.

Ever since Peter Green formed this mucurial gathering the band even with numerous team changes have grown to become one of Britain’s most-important, most collectable Rock/Blues bands.

“Albatross” in 1968 took the whole of England’s Rock scene by surprise and became a monster hit, and a 60s anthem of huge reputation.

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The winning bid was £ 35.00

Night People

The Shadow Is My Soul / They Don't See You

Just like they did with the Fabulous Jades, REE Productions throw the kitchen-sink into ensuring this session is again, worthy of their high standard for potent earth moving music.

Unlike the Jades this session only gives an occasional brief nod to the Northern Soul sound but screams a massive hello to the sought after USA Garage sound. Especially after the minute in the vocals pause and a mighty “Fuzz” interlude breaks surface. Welding the session into one take-notice recording.

Flip it over for a Fuzz-Fest!! LSD induced 60s West Coast Psychedelia at it’s most impressive with relentless Fuzz Guitar wailing away at every opportunity. Strong soaring harmony vocals - but the guitarist is the star of the sessions I bet by the end of the recording the rest of the group were wishing he’s missed his lift to the studio… Totally DOMINATING FUZZ GUITAR EXCELLENCE!!

Condition is near flawless - a couple of very brief needle blemishes, one each side, neither affecting play!

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The winning bid was £ 37.00

Six Teens

Oh It's Crazy / Baby - O

Original 1957 mixed group Doo-Wop ballad and this 3 men 3 girl team’s hardest to acquire 45 on the renowned Flip label.

Condition is very pleasing, check out those two perfectly clean labels. Then listen to this gathering deliver silky smooth vocal-harmony featuring the delicate young vocal of Trudy Williams, a really effective teen vocalist, with an easy-talent for adding extra emotion into every word..coming from near perfect vinyl.

This is Top-Drawer ballad singing, seamlessly moving , a premier example of the genre.. in the condition the rather particular vinyl critic could not pick fault with..

Rare and highly regarded Doo Wop..

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The winning bid was £ 8.00


Carry, Go, Bring, Come / Hill And Gully

Fabulously tight vocal-group mover.

The Charms aka, Justin Hinds and the Dominoes on a Duke Reid session is Rocksteady at it’s very best, guaranteed to get anyone skanking!

But what stands out about this particular disc is the stand-out condition, it’s so very rare too find a copy in VG+ but the on is an eye-popping or mint minus!

Definitely one to get the party started, with the equally classic flip side” Hill and Gully rider”. Decidedly classic SKA on the highly coveted UK Red & White Island label in just unbelievably flawless condition!

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The winning bid was £ 75.00

Soul Bros. C/w Marcia Griffiths

T. N. T. / Mr. Everything

Rare # on this highly sought after series. Rio - is just one of those labels that demand your immediate attention… so much good stuff lay hidden in its catalog.

Top side is a classic-style Coxone conceived 1967 SKA instrumental seamlessly blending the Hammond organ and skilfully blown Sax & horns. Pedestrian start but soon kicking into gear as the keyboardist Jackie Mitto gets into and surpasses “Booker T. Jones” mode, punching Jazzy riffs into the arrangement. Slow burn, but suddenly igniting into a smouldering dance-groove whilst Roland Alphonso attacks with his sax & Johnny Dizzy Moore explodes on the Trumpet.

Flip it over for a side that enjoys quite a “cult” following with the Rare Soul fraternity; As Jamaica’s Reggae Queen delivers a Sweet teenager “Soul” stroller comparable to the silky young-girl vocals of the mysterious Nella Dodds… little wonder this disc is also considered a British Soul collectors trophy. Distilled Island Soul.. from this great lady of the “Love” Song..

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The winning bid was £ 41.00


Poor Rameses / In Orbit

A convincing Leslie Kong production right from very hottest time of Skinhead culture, 1969 the pinnacle of the fashion and it’s chosen music.

Both sides give up very essence of the period, both sides fabulous dancehall grooves.

This copy is totally flawless 1969 UK press complete with the highly coveted, seldom seen “HOT SHOT” titled cover; so often discarded upon purchase and now near impossible to match up with the 45 in this standard of condition.

Unlikely to come to market in its entirety, in this unblemished status any time soon. Do not pass by..

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The winning bid was £ 27.00


You Need Me / You Think You've Got Me

Insane foot-to-the-floor Northern California Garage Stomper with all the ingredients to be a MOD Monster!

A relentless runaway truck dance rhythm, driven by a pounding Bass guitar..interrupted by an insane Fuzz break. From the small University Town of Chico, Cal., these students of Pysche just let it all rip, delivering potent defiant mid-60s garage brilliance.

This VINYL press, has some light surface marks, but as you can hear nothing that shows on the needle or interferes with the records utterly outrageous recording. Tiny X on labels..

Flip it over and the guys perform a record their Mums would have been proud of totally conforming Rock/Slush - utterly weak in comparison to the insane side we lead with..

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The winning bid was £ 147.00


Skinhead Moonstomp

What about these slick guys..

with the seldom seen for sale, iconic image of British street-fashion circa 1969. Offering up SKINHEAD Reggae at it’s most evocative!


Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 26.00


Da Do Ron Ron - 4 Track Ep

The most-important 7” British release girl-group creation of the 60s.. The Spector-Sound captured on 4 tracks on this 1962 EP sheaved within one of the most conspicuous covers ever made.

A Fabulous item.

Spectacular group shot - unparalleled music - and seldom seen for sale.

This is not a listing that requires much sales talk - a brief look and listen is more than enough to convince ownership is crucial.

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The winning bid was £ 96.00

Nervous Norvus

Ape Call / Wild Dog Of Kentnucky

The lure of the “Gold” text gets all the more powerful when you encounter perfect labels and flawless vinyl.

CONDITION, CONDITION, CONDITION!! …it could hardly be finer.

Bay Area artist “Singing Jimmy Drake” christened himself the colourful name of “Nervous Norvous”. He may have had a had a USA hit with his novelty song “Transfusion” in 1956. But this, his only UK 45 instantly sunk without trace in Britain.

“Ape Call” his follow up to “Transfusion” achieved national release Dot 15485 one of 3 45 releases “Nervous” had for the Tennessee based company, but again only registered meagre sales.

Interestingly, “Nervous Norvus” was an Oakland Kid and this work was with famous local record producer & label owner Dick Vance. A man with a huge reputation for working with local talent, which he carried on to producing some of the world’s most-sought Soul 45’s with Stanley Lippitt etc during the 60s.

This 45 is collectable not only for it’s unquestionable rarity but also for it’s lifetime “filed” status. This disc appears to maybe have had a cursory spin or two, but nothing else… The tell-tale GOLD is still sitting bright and clear around the perimeter of the punched center spindle-hole. This is a phenomena only experienced with London GOLD’S that have been cherished and hardly ever handled in their lifetime.

You will not encounter a finer copy - act accordingly!

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The winning bid was £ 30.00

Prince Buster

I Feel The Spirit

Take time to hear a genius at work.. 1968 UK press and still no easy find with clean laminated cover. Neat flawless labels. Vinyls have some light surface marks but as you can hear from the impressive soundfile, it plays clean and true.

and full to the brim of stand-out tunes from the Boss man of the sound!

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The winning bid was £ 173.00

The Upsetters

A Live Injection / Everything For Fun

Just like last month Pioneers listing this “Upsetters” classic comes in flawless condition still sheathed inside its original mail-out “HOT SHOT” Trojan very desirable for the discerning Reggae collector.

Current bid: £ 25.00

Time remaining: Approx. 4 weeks

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Little Boy Blue

Dark End Of The Street / Apple Blossoms

A Jamaican revamp of the Memphis Deep Soul anthem made classic by James Carr, is perhaps the very last song you’d expect anyone to inject dance-rhythms into.

Adding an infectious dance rhythm, may have been a brave thing to attempt but it works so well. Bunny Lee pulls it off to great effect; Retaining all the Soulfulness writers Chips Moman and Dan Penn originally intended…

Little Boy Blue certainly captures the mood, his silky seamless vocal style “crackin’” at all right moments.. anguished but uplifting at the same time. One of Jamaica’s very best cover versions of a Soul classic IMHO.

Condition could hardly be finer - two perfect labels - ad two vinyl surfaces that has you searching to find ever the merest blemish..

A beauty in more ways than one…

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The winning bid was £ 20.00

John Holt C/w Agrovators

Don't Give Up The Fight / A Moogie Version

Fine clean original Jamaican press of this impressive horn crammed dance tune..benefiting from John Holt’s silky seamless vocal style and an outrageously polished trumpet exhibition.

The combination is utterly mesmerizing, creamy, lush stuff from this iconic artist.

Condition of the labels is clean just “BOSS” discreetly written on each label.. BOSS indeed, you can’t argue with that validation. Vinyls are neat and clean, mild light surfaces blemishes but as you can hear it plays flawless!!!

And that top-drawer trumpteering enjoys the clarity it so deserves..

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The winning bid was £ 30.00

Eve Boswell

Rock Bobbin' Boats / Tra La La

The beauty of the 50s Pop-Art.

Check out that precise Parlophone cover, Gold adorned clean-crisp “Plum” shaded label; to me it’s a thing of beauty; This 1957 born 45 is in just immaculate condition, one light stylus “skate” blemish is it’s only flaw, with a spindle-hole that looks perfect. This is a disc that has received only minimal play.

It’s music like this, that will take us back to childhood, pre-school when Dad was at work. Mum had every one of her friends round for coffee, radio would blast out music like this, “Doris Day” styled crooner or the in-vogue “Cha-Cha” shakers like the flip side, that may trigger an impromptu shimmy-shake across the kitchen floor from the sink to the table…coffee-pot in hand.

The 50s - a time of new freedoms and a time of great design & art; little wonder 7” 45s with Gold Text, birth-sleeve and immaculate vinyl are so collectable today (for more reasons than one)

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The winning bid was £ 5.00

John Holt & Prince Buster All Stars

My Love / Version

One Jamaican music commander is joined by another. Prince Buster & John Holt amalgamate their genius to craft one very soulful mid-tempo.

Beseeching vocals seep from the intricate Buster All Stars arrangement on this Cornelius Campbell composition.

Current bid: £ 1.00

Time remaining: Approx. 4 weeks

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