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Carry, Go, Bring, Come / Hill And Gully

Classic SKA on the highly coveted UK Red & White Island label in just unbelievably flawless condition!

Current bid: £ 55.00

Time remaining: Approx. 3 weeks

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
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£ 5.00
Minimum Bid
£ 60.00
Current Bid
£ 55.00

Bid on Carry, Go, Bring, Come / Hill And Gully

Prince Buster

7 Wonders Of The World / Drunkard Psalm ( Wise Man )

One of the least seen, most-wanted 45 it is possible to dream for on this iconic label ..

Current bid: £ 7.00

Time remaining: Approx. 3 weeks

Starting Bid
£ 1.00
Bid Increment
£ 6.00
Minimum Bid
£ 13.00
Current Bid
£ 7.00

Bid on 7 Wonders Of The World / Drunkard Psalm ( Wise Man )

David Essex

That Takes Me Back / Lost Without Linda

A flawless 1969 UK press for a man could not have dreamed of the effect he was about to have on the ladies of Britain, with his handsome face, stage presence & cheeky boyish persona.

But even with all his good-looks David Essex was certainly no overnight success he had previously spent 8 years in touring clubs and recording studios before his life-changing million seller “Rock On” shot him to stardom.

This listing is aimed at the many of you who seek early non-hit recordings by artists who went on to be “Stars”. This 1969 Decca release even as a 21 year old underlines David Essex’s obvious talent for the stage - as he so fluently serves us with two “show” tunes. The early stages in the development of a household name during the 70s..

This example we repeat is utterly flawless & still inside it’s birth-sleeve

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 24.00

Derrick Morgan

Hold You Jack / One Morning In May

All too often with British SKA 45s, that much loved Red & White Island labels are scared by over-enthusiastic owners, children and party-life. Before you today is an unblemished example of this fine label, and in this case a important release.

The intro to this 1968 will be all too familiar, as Max Romeo had a massive “banned” from airplay chart and club hit with “Wet Dream” as Romeo wrote his controversial lyrics his bedroom roof that leaked…to the backing track.

Derrick Morgan’s rendition is a more authentic - less commercial and less contentious take on an impressive dance rhythm. In this standard of condition it is hard to ignore such a memorable tune.

Check out those labels and rest assure the vinyl surfaces only reveals the very lightest of storage sleeve contact blemishes.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 133.00

Delroy Wilson

Dancing Mood / More And More

Really nice clean 1966 UK press

Seldom experienced with two totally flaw-free labels and two vinyls in fine play condition.

Another essential Red & White Island 45 offering up classic style SKA

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 90.00

Johnny Dankworth

Jazz Roots

Original 1960 British press of this seriously Rare and totally iconic album with classic car-pose of “Dankworth in MOD attire”.

I could rave about this pioneering MOD cover for paragraphs; the sky blue Renault Dauphin, a design that evokes visions Bouffont hair cuts..and the Modernist Jazz culture’s penchant for everything French… SLEEVE-ART at it’s best!

There’s Johnny 33 years of age, composer, Saxophonist extraordinaire, 2 years after marrying Cleo Laine looking so very cool, relaxed and a world of British Jazz ahead of him, plus a Knighthood for his services..

Check out the “Swing” Jazz sound clips of this uplifting sought after LP.. Vinyl is flawless, we can only detect the merest of blemishes under strong light, plays beautifully throughout. Both labels are perfect, cover is free of any flaws bottom right corner has a light “bump” back cover is free of writing, stains, tears or any other collecting annoyance.

I must say again though - I just adore that album cover - fully deserving of pride of place in any “Music” home and framing..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 64.00

The Who

My Generation / Shout And Shimmy

Pure coincidence of course but this astonishing condition 45 auction ends the very day THE WHO headline Glastonbury.. so ponder.

Where exactly, in 2015 are you ever gonna find this iconic MOD anthem in as near perfect condition as you could even dream owning.

The groups last of three 45s they released in the golden MOD year of 1965 and arguably The Who’s most effective recording. They we still be playing the “My Generation” scene from “Quadrophenia”, long after we have all gone to Scooter Heaven.

The very nature of the song determines the condition is very unlikely to be even VG at any encounter. But this offering is MINT and that is a grade we rarely use. But we have forensically inspected the labels and the playing surfaces and can not even find a sleeve contact blemish..

I could not wish to locate a better copy, it has been on the VPI cleaning machine, so decades of specks have been carefully removed, revealing perfection..

act accordingly..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 54.00


Tell Me Why / Moonlight Rock

Very RARE Connecticut Vocal Group Doo-Wop on a label controlled by the enterprising Clarence Drumm, who at one stage was simultaneously running 8 different labels from his house in New Haven County.

This is the one and only record release for the Walcoes on Mr. Drumm’s label which boasted such colourful group names as The Five Chestnuts, Elquins, Jimmy Mack & The Watts etc. etc.

This seldom seen 45, gives up gloriously tight harmonies with an awesome high pitched cooing vocal enriching the whole session, from the background…splendid in it’s primitiveness and obscurity, underlined by a sparse instrumental flipside in place of another group vocal recording by this obviously accomplish male gathering.

Sorry, at this moment I can find no extra info on The Walcoes, line up, other recordings or otherwise..

Absolutely OBSCURE and totally beautiful..

Vinyl has some light surface marks but as you can hear it plays beautifully clean, the eye-catching labels are as you can see are flawless.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 36.00

Small Faces, Hollies, Paul Jones Etc.

1966 British Tour Program

Genuine 1966 Hasting press tour program, that will be of particular interest to “Faces” fans as the scans reveal it including some essential black & white shots.

This 16 page program also includes pictures of Paul & Barry Ryan, The Hollies & Paul Jones, Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers, The Nashville Teens and compare for the evening Ray Cameron, which opened with Rob Storme & The Whispers (no photo) ..peaking with The Hollies; and the Small Faces doing there ting just before the interval.

Neat clean condition no writing or stains, only minuscule flaw is a light “pinching” very top left corner, not visible up you open the program up. Insignificant and not distracting from it’s rarity and it’s framing candidacy 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 22.00

Bobby Darin

Silly Willy / Dealer In Dreams

Bobby’s best Rocker “Silly Willy” is hurtling towards 60 years of age.

This example still resides in it’s original birth-sleeve; labels & vinyl in just superb condition, playing surface only reveals paper-contact storage hairlines under close inspection and strong light, both labels are flawless.

Fabulous example of late 50s Rock & Roll from Bobby’s fruitless time at Decca where he achieved little or no success. This 45 is his last of 5 non-hits furthered his career with Atco & Atlantic to far greater effect.

“Silly Willy” is an uncompromising Doo-Wop influenced Rocker written with school buddy Don Kirshner. Truly inventive lyrics from a pair that went on to highly successful careers.

Bobby of course is considered today, as one of the greatest talents of the last century.. Acting, Singing, writing and politics Bobby excelled at all… and here with his most compelling rocker “Silly Willy” - he excels yet again..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 13.00


When You Gonna Stop / Stop Ranking Dub

Late 70s British press DUB

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 10.00

Billy Fury

Why Are You Leaving? / Old Sweet Roll (hi-de-ho)

You are viewing perhaps this truly great British Rock icons of the 60’s, hardest 45 to acquire. An offering that is not only a very attractive 1970 Green & White DEMO but also damn elusive even as the stock release.

Condition is beautiful, vinyl is a strong clean Mint - both sides. The two labels are both free of tears, sticker blemishes, writing or any other annoying flaw. But do scrutinize just below the Parlophone R 5845 release number; the white of the “A” has a minuscule area of light “age” browning. You may not be able to see it, but on a 45 of this importance every finite point of condition requires to be mentioned.

The only two Promo copies we have seen for sale in memory, both had annoying flaws and were not up this impeccable standard - of still sitting in its original birth-sleeve, revealing vinyl that is totally flawless, both sides!

We doubt a finer example will ever come to market - act accordingly.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 37.00

King Horror

Dracula Prince Of Darkness / Honky

Quintessential late 60s Skinhead Reggae on the seldom encountered “JOE” label; giving up not one but two killer examples of this historical era..

Top side kicks off with “Crypt” effects before stepping up to a dance-arrangement as label owner Joe Mansano takes inspiration from Lee “Scratch” Perry & the like - capturing the time and the “in” sound perfectly.

Flip it over for a superior instrumental showcasing quality trombone blowing supported by a whirling organ delivered rhythm. Inventive and beautifully constructed instrumental, you will find staying with you long after the record finishes.. utterly infectious.

This 1969 UK press, has near flawless vinyl with two very brief mild surface bushes..neither effecting play. Label has an Ex-MOD ladies discreet initials on it “VIV” - see scans of both labels.. hardly noticeable against the dark background of the JOE label.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 85.00

Larry Marshall

Come On Baby / Version

Highly regarded - original Jamaican press - writing on label - vinyl has a few light surface marks but nothing that shows up on the stylus

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 11.00


Ain't Too Proud To Beg / Love And Devotion

Fabulous vocal-group-harmony take on The Temptations anthem, which vocally pays the Motown classic a compliment with the care to serve up tightly harmonized vocals.

Whilst the a-side gives up, familiar and well known lyrics; the flipside in contrast is perhaps the better of the two recordings, as the gathering tackle a Lloyd Charmers song and nail it!

“Love and Devotion” is such a seamless example of Jamaican harmony Reggae..silky smooth choruses enrich the already velvety lead vocal as they weave in and out of the dance arrangement. What an exquisite example of the Island’s vocal-group offerings…we assume relegated to a b-side for the sake of commercialism..

Personally this side is now one of my fave tunes… STAND OUT!

Condition as you can see, “Len” did not want anyone going home from the party with his 45. His name adorns both labels..vinyl surfaces have light marks but play well..check out both full soundfiles lifted directly off this impressive disc.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 15.00

Brother Dan All Stars

Another Saturday Night / Bees Knees

1968 Dandy Livingstone project under his pseudonym “Brother Dan” on the coveted ORANGE Trojan label.

Dandy gives us a rather primitive take on Sam Cooke’s timeless classic, with the flipside “Bees Knees” an equally sparse instrumental. Typical examples of the stepping-stone to Reggae period when naivety of the cover version was part and parcel of the “Jamaican” sound.

The selling point on this record may as much lie in the label as the sound. Early Trojan releases are so collectable and seldom encountered in acceptable condition.

The example has neat clean vinyl, as you can hear plays clean & true. some minuscule blemishes but nothing that affects the sound. Listen to two play perfect recordings.

Label; The a-side labels has the tiniest name above the TROJAN logo “Julie” so small you hardly see it. Flipside label is flawless. Four prong die-cut center has a light professional affixing to one prong-tip

Nice clean copy - on a label where every release is so very wanted…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 18.00

Jim Lowe With Bob Davie

I Feel The Beat

Astonishing condition GOLD text, Tri-Center 1956 UK London press still inside birth-sleeve.

“Astonishing” because this 45 was bought from new and hardly or maybe not even played. You will never meet a finer example! Other than minuscule sleeve contact blemishes NOT affecting play this 45 is flawless.

Click the soundfile to set free Mid-50s DOT feelgood recording that lay hidden on a “silly” tinkling “Happy-Go-Lucky” piece of rubbish. But the obscure flipside is a totally different prospect. A most-unusual arrangement bordering on “Popcorn” cum “Rock N’ Roll” with it’s relentless thumping piano and long drawn out notes…. certainly a contrasting style that becomes addictive.

But obviously the most attractive aspect about this listing is the “dream” condition of the labels, the vinyl and the birth-sleeve. Nearly 60 years of age… you may never see a finer example!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 21.00

Small Faces

Small Faces

RARE original mono FIRST PRESS with publishers “boxed” logo’s all in a line right hand side middle of the label. BIEM NCB MCPS all in exactly the position on the label that counts (check scans). Housed inside and immaculate Decca RED mono poly-lined inner sleeve.

DEADWAX machine cut matrix A-side reads: XARL-7217-5A
DEADWAX machine cut matrix B-side reads: XARL-7218-3A
both sides carry the KT deadwax stamp SU A in the a-side run out C K 21 flip run out displays D K 1

Front laminated cover is as you see it, little or no laminate veins only mild insignificant creasing.. back cover is as yo see it - free from writing, tears, sticker marks etc. check out very bottom right for light age-browning area the size of your little fingernail.

All in all this is a worthy copy of a record that is so very hard to acquire in an acceptable grade. Noting the vinyl surface have some very light surface blemishes but as you can hear it plays clean and true. No clicks or crackle. Housed inside and immaculate Decca RED mono poly-lined inner sleeve.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 119.00

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