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Clockwork Oranges

Ready Steady / After Tonight

An obscure Five man “Beach Boys” influenced gathering, christening themselves after the groundbreaking writings of Anthony Burgess. A Clockwork Orange based of a British subculture of teen violence and crime.

The cult movie version by Stanley Kubrick in 1971 sparked a fashion and an attitude in the UK among the Teens of the day. With Kubrick’s refusal of a video release, the movie took on cult-status, But these boys were recording this fine piece of surf/rock 5 years earlier, when upon release it sold virtually nothing.

Today with all the mystic of the movie and the book being considered a masterpiece of it’s genre, this 45 has grown massively in importance and rarity.

Before you today is the 1966 with flawless vinyls, sitting inside it’s birth-sleeve with only a minuscule name on the a-side label (see scan), to undo it’s perfectness.

Click the soundfile to enjoy a cocktail of surf/garage/beat driven by seamless harmonies and violent guitars..

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Faithe Robinson

My Birthday Wish

Extremely RARE girl vocal harmony Doo-Wop cradled by a rich male-vocal-group.

A sweet, sweet sister lead vocal is supported by a slick male-bass vocal, assisted by more seamlessly smooth manly harmonies. Soulful in the extreme but falling under the Doo-Wop banner as the the “uncredited” male-group are so dominant.

This listing presents the chance to own a real-deal rarity at an affordable price. As the insignificant flipside playing surface is marked and can only be descibed as “fair”. Whilst the the “important” side is in much better condition, revealing light surface marks which hardly effect play, check on the soundfile lifted directly off this impressive disc.

But considering the quality and the rarity of this sought after disc, we think it’s a worthy “auction” candidate.

Listen and prepare to be impressed by it’s glossy harmonies..

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The winning bid was £ 129.00

B. Gabbidon And The Busters Group

Warpaint Baby / I Was Wrong

Rare 1961 UK Blue Beat press, offering up pioneering SKA!.

From his humble beginnings on this 45 Basil Cabbidon’s talents took him on to become a founder member of the highly regarded “Steel Pulse” gathering. On this classic-style SKA offering Basil is backed up with an uplifting cocktail of instruments, blown with huge imagination by an inspired “Busters Group” just shimmering with ingenuity.

Crafting a street-level recording that completely encapsulates everything that was happening in Jamaica at the start of the “Swinging Sixties”

This copy has multiple mild surface marks, but as you can hear both sides plays clean and true, with little or no effect. Both labels are flaw-free (see scans)

Mood changing SKA at it’s most exhilarating…

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The winning bid was £ 22.00

High Numbers

Zoot Suit / I'm The Face

A once in a lifetime opportunity to become the owner of an almost mythical record, carrying hugely important historical Rock fact of being “THE WHO’S” springboard inauguration 1964 single, for what turned out to be the start of a wondrous Rock career.

This bewildering find, from a Reading car boot sale and in eye-popping flawless condition.

“Zoot Suit” b/w “I’m the Face” was the first single of the legendary British rock band “The Who”, who recorded these two songs under the name “The High Numbers” a blatant ploy to appeal to the MODS.

The Who’s manager at the time Peter Meaden wrote this iconic song borrowing heavily from the Dynamics - UK London release “Misery” from the previous year, with the titling and the lyrics and unashamedly aimed directly a the burgeoning MOD scene. Which Meaden repeated on the flipside coining a well used MOD phrase “I’m The Face” this time using Slim Harpo’s 1957 recording on Excello “I Got Love If You Want It” for inspiration.

The result was two MOD anthems were born, it sold nothing upon release and fell into total obscurity only to rise again to become THE single most important MOD 7”.

We are not exaggerating one jot, when we shout this in probably THE finest copy alive today, and we doubt we will be able to offer any record collrector with a more positive investment window than to own this copy.

Note both labels are close to perfect “Wikkipedia’s” label scan appears to have seen life over the decades. This copy is stunning in ever respect, forensic vinyl scrutiny reveals only the merest, mildest sleeve contact blemish. And is a strong Mint minus on both sides.

When will this chance present itself again, well it has took over 50 years for this jewel to come our way.. I’m pretty sure another 50 will pass without us encountering a comparable copy.

Essential Record Collecting, noting the condition is breathtaking..

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The winning bid was £ 1,375.00


Propagandist / The Giant March

A fabulous copy - fine clean vinyls only reveals the mildest of surface blemishes, for a play perfect offering. Labels as you can see are DJ scar free.

From his own Robert Livingstone Thompson gives us a feel-good stroller arranged with a complex array of instruments, as Dandy skips on a lush carpet of piano, twangy guitar, cowbells molded in an infectious dance-rhythm.

Flip it over for a novelty dominated by impressive trumpet Dandy raps his way through a fabulous “march” you’ll find yourself having to hear again, another uniquely concocted dance sessions.

Listening to Dandy does elevate the spirits… almost as much as handing this genre of 45 in unblemished condition.

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The winning bid was £ 16.00

Syndicate Of Sound

Little Girl

A seriously RARE 1966 UK press of one of the most-highly-regarded mid-60s USA Garage sessions.

Five Californians guys with real edge, attitude and rebellion, delivered with style. This album serves you with 12 tracks with lead vocalist Hawaiian Don Baskin complimenting the angry arrangements with a snarling defiance in his voice.

“Little Girl” of course cemented this group into the heats of the British MOD but this album is far more than just that one stand out track, that became their best known single. Check out the random soundfile we lifted from this rarity, every one a winner, and all the other tracks every note as impressive.

Surely a “Garage” masterpiece that completely fell through the tracks on it’s brief release in the UK. Today it is ridiculously RARE and so very pleasing to find in this impressive near flawless condition..

Rare British album collecting does not get much more challenging than this.. listen and prepare to be impressed.

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The winning bid was £ 77.00

Clyde Mcphatter

Clyde Mcphatter

One of the ultimate London EP’s to capture, a trophy-piece drenched in everything that made this voice of 50s such a collectible icon.

Condition of everything is beautifully clean - tough to find, but in this pleasing condition a real-trophy!

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The winning bid was £ 195.00

May Blitz

May Blitz

Classic and elusive Prog Rock genuine UK first press.

Original 1970 “Swirl” label inside gatefold first press retaining the original poly-lined “Swirl” inner sleeve.

VINYL is totally immaculate, not even a sleeve contact blemish to be found, as good as it gets.

LABELS only mild flaw is a tiny name on the B-side label above the MAY BLITZ credit (see scan)

GATEFOLD COVER is a beauty, absolutely Free of any tears, stains, writing or splits. Just very mild expected signs of storage and handling on the very opening of the album housing.

In 2015, 45 years after it’s birth, in this fine state, it is a copy to be considered a real trophy of the British Prog-Rock.

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The winning bid was £ 199.00

Lloyd "matador" Campbell

Nyah Festival / What Am I Living For

Rare Jamaican “blank” offering up a different flipside title to the UK release. THe British press has “Brixton Serenade” on the flip. This “blank” carries “What Am I Living For”

Labels carry a mix of crediting and we presume former ownership I.D. see scan provided. Vinyl has multiple light surface marks, check out the double sound file lifted directly off this disc.

You will hear the “The Matador” performing clean and true.

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The winning bid was £ 5.00

Robert Smith

Prophecy Of Love / Gotta Run

Very Rare California Teen recording offering two ends of the genre. We lead with the dreamy sweet-stroller, then flip it for the Teen-Rocker with some really cool guitar work.

Both sides from the desk of the singer Robert L. Smith supported by the imaginatively named “Bailey’s Nervous Kats” who live up to their name with the warbling vocalist impressively supported by seamless harmony on the lead side…. and in contrast on the 2nd. side with potent twangy guitar rhythms, as the team go into “Rockabilly” mood, delivering a compelling Rock N’ Roll with Robert Smith upping his game from quixotic Teen idol to delinquent rocker.

Two strong sides on a disc that seldom comes to market.

Some very mild hairline surface scuff, but as you can clearly hear it plays without flaw, clean, clear & true. Both of the obscure labels are perfection.

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The winning bid was £ 16.00


Soul Huntin'

Utterly obscure Nashville 60s garage that crosses the boundaries from Garage into MOD, brushing shoulders with Psychedelia along the way.

Persistently hard hitting, uncompromising session with a relentless drum rolling rhythm, peppered with wild guitar interludes, with the a mystical lead vocal whining away in a drug-induced visions of a “demon” hunting for his “soul” throughout.

A finely crafted example of 60s teenage weirdness, which makes all “Garage” sessions so very appealing. Driven by a potent arrangement which the haunting vocal uses to the full.

Strong, RARE and utter compelling.. “Garage”

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The winning bid was £ 45.00


Don't Press Your Luck / Hey, Little Girl

Rare and sought after 1967 New Haven, Connecticut Garage/MOD recorded at Syncron Studios with Myron Fame on lead vocal, who’s chauvinistic whining injects the “edge” into this MOD dance groove featuring bad-attitude driven guitars and thumping drum rolls.

A killer fuzz guitar break gives pause for the vocal to come back in, at an even more demanding level…Good stuff this is, as the vocals climax with squealing requirements .

Flip it over and the boys are up and running again with a another vibrant but not as hard-edged as the previous cut. But still featuring fabulous guitar work, totally killer solo break and and intrusive harmonica pumping away in the background. Beatle-esque featuring skilled musicianship.

Two stand-out sides on The Shags elusive penultimate disc.

Vinyl inspection reveals a few mild hairline surface blemishes, but as you can hear both sides play clean and true. Both labels are clean and flaw free.

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The winning bid was £ 117.00


I Love You / Stay By Her Side

60s Garage PUNK Grail - let’s get serious!

Insanely RARE and saturated in crazed attitude from the first note to the last, the A-side offers the finest enraged teen session you could ever wish to collide with.

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The winning bid was £ 444.00

Brenda Lee

The Versatile

1965 British press of “Little Miss Dynamite’s” rare album is astonishing condition.

Check out the scans of this 50 year old platter.

FRONT COVER looks shop fresh! Perfect.

BACK COVER reveals the expected handling-aging to the white area. But is totally free of any flaws.

BOTH LABELS are perfect housed inside the original poly-lined inner!

VINYL A-side vinyl reveals only the mildest of sleeve brush blemishes, a clean Mint minus. B-Side vinyl has a faint needle skate marks NOT affecting play, other-all Excellent.

Brenda I’ve never seen you looking for adorable.. a cherished 1965 UK copy you’ll be hard pushed to find a finer example

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The winning bid was £ 16.00

Robert Marley

Judge Not / Do You Still Love Me

Let’s get serious … Bob Marley’s legendary February 1962 recording presented here as his 1st UK solo 45 for UK Island records 1963.

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The winning bid was £ 84.00

Blue Beats

Baby What You Done Me Wrong / Go Pretty Baby, Go

High gloss unmarked vinyl and two perfect labels on this seldom seen # Blue Beat BB20 a survivor from 1961, with only a few gentle blemishes on the play perfect vinyl.

Laurel Aitken & Bobby Muir deliver a blending of Jamaican SKA & R&B, crafting an infectious dance session that the pairing replicate on the flipside, with an almost identical style. Both sides will leave you dropping the needle more than once on the R&B/SKA hybrid shimmering with all those highly skilled instrumental moments we’ve grown to expect from the island.

The most pleasing aspect of this 45 is the condition, that so often frustrates whilst trying to collect this important series. 4 prong die-cut small hole center is intact & solid. Both labels, we repeat are flawless. Vinyl as you can hear has crisp fidelity with those few mild blemishes unaffecting play.

Nice, neat example of an elusive one in the Blue Beat label run.

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The winning bid was £ 11.00


My Boy Lollipop + 3

Millie Small the 60’s darling of Jamaica presented her on her seldom seen 1964 British 4 track EP.

Vinyls are neat and clean and only reveal the mildest of sleeve-brush blemishes, plays perfectly. The fully laminated cover is near flawless on the front date on back cover, and a Radio Station stamped “CATALOGUED” on the reverse. Labels are again neast & tidy except for an easily removed “Radio Singapore” “CATALOGUED” sticker which some of you may prefer to stay in place for “provenance”

For tracks the perfectly showcase this lady’s unique singing style that took her version of “My Boy Lollipop” as a single to the #2 slot in the British chart. A huge hit, which has stayed with her as a “signature tune” for Millie’s whole career.

AS an EP though it is incredibly elusive, especially in this fine clean condition.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 25.00

Congo Kid

Trinidad Swing / Slap Happy

The movement for collecting totally obscure Exotica instrumentals in on the march… Here’s rare potent “Tittyshaker” that fits those primitive desires for the rare and te inspiring, just perfectly..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 17.00

Roy Shirley

Dance Arena / Musical Train


this 1968 UK press could hardly be finer, with two near perfect labels and vinyl that before the soundfiles were lifted, may have been unplayed. Only the merest sleeve brush blemishes reveal themselves under strong light.

Two strong but seamless Rock Steady grooves seldom if ever encountered in such collectable condition. This is a 45 for the Jamaican music gatherer who seeks his vinyl and labels as flawless as is humanly possible to acquire…and we all know how tough that it.

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The winning bid was £ 14.00


Soccer Song

Ungoogleable!! until we realized the change in title from this Pye Studios acetate from the “Soccer Song” to “Give Us A Goal”

When a Far East radio station threw all it’s vinyl in the skip, this was rescued from certain death. but remained in flawless condition.

Noddy Holder’s plea for “The Wolves” to score a goal has now fell on deaf ears since 1978 when he wrote this song… his passion for “The Wanderers” screams from the grooves whilst the screeching guitar destroys all background..

Hard Rock with the immortal line so often heard on The Molineux terraces “You’re Playing With Two Left Feet”

Released in 1978 on BARN records on the horrid poor quality brittle vinyl notorious for cracking and replicating “Tinny” sound.

This is the “Direct Cut” Pye Studios 7” acetate, for any serious Slade collector it will be an opportunity not to pass on.. or for a Wolves Fan they maybe just wanna forget the last 37 years..?

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The winning bid was £ 15.00

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